The Filmmaker (2016) Walkthrough

by CBSection31

This is a walkthrough for the text adventure, The Filmmaker, which is a remake of the 2010 point and click adventure by Unimatrix Productions.

Please note that this walkthrough will get you through the game and tell you how to unlock all the achievements, but it will not give you a perfect score. You will have to figure that out on your own!

Six months ago...

Watch a gruesome murder.

Act I:  Lights, Camera, Action

Get to know our protagonist, Brianna.  She seems like a nice young woman.

Theater Exterior

Once the game begins, talk to Gerard.  Reply however you want.  After he leaves, view the tutorial or not--your choice.  Either way, make sure to take a look at your inventory and journal, just to get a feel for the interface.  It's not hard to use.  Don't forget to read the journal entries!

Examine the fire hydrant and look at all the posters.  You'll be getting very acquainted with these movies.

Head north.

Theater Entrance

Before opening the doors, read the sign and examine the ticket booth.  Then try the doors.

Head northwest into the theater.


Talk to the weird filmmaker.  Respond however you'd like.  Give him the ticket from your inventory.  He tasks you with finding five prism shards.  Oookay...

Before doing anything else, read the update in Brianna's journal.  After that, look at the box and examine the east door.  It's locked.

Lots of places to go now!  If you get lost at any point, just check your map.

First, if you try going southeast, Brianna won't let you leave the theater.  All right, let's explore inside then.

Go north to the arcade.


Examine everything here.  In particular, you'll find a crane crab game, a fortune teller machine, and a handheld game below the pinball machine.  These will all come into play later.  Try to play the handheld game twice for an achievement.

We can't do much else here without getting some coins to use on the arcade machines, so head back south to the lobby and south again into the men's restroom.

Men's Restroom

Examine the toilet and try flushing it.  A shard is inside the toilet tank!  We can't open it yet, though, because the lid is glued shut.

Head back north into the lobby and go southwest.

Women's Restroom

We're now inside the women's restroom.  Whoa, blood!

Look inside the garbage bin and take the tweezers.

Head back northeast into the lobby again.  Now go west to the concession stand.

Concession Stand

Examine the register on the front counter.  Read the note to learn that a prism shard is inside the register...but first, we have to find out the combination to open it.  According to the note, the combination is <the number of toilet stalls>, <the number of fortune teller cups>, and <the number of dressing rooms>.  We already know that there are 3 toilet stalls (2 in the women's restroom and 1 in the men's) and 3 fortune teller cups.  We'll come back when we know how many dressing rooms there are.

Also on the front counter is a scale that is missing its dial.  Examine the scale to discover that there is a compartment inside, which you can't open.

While you are examining the front counter, take a bag of candy.

Examine the contents of the back counter.  There are 12-ounce cups here.  Let's remember this for later.

Go up the stairs to the projector booth.

Projector Booth

Examine the projector.  There's a locked panel on it.

Look at the cabinet and take the glue inside.

Examine the table and make a phone call.  Brianna speaks with her mom.  Search the trashcan to find a note on how to solve the fortune teller puzzle.

Inspect the equipment and look at the CD case.  It's a voiceover portfolio for Eric Salvis, and the case (NOT the CD itself) is blue.  We'll need to remember that color.

Go back down the stairs to the concession stand, then head west into the auditorium.


Search the seats.  Crud, nothing.  Look at the stage.

Head west to the stage.


Examine the podium.  Take the pamphlet, hear a scream, and take the flashlight.  Don't forget to read the pamphlet.

Search the stage to find a trapdoor.  You can't open it from this end.

Go west to the backstage area.

Backstage Center

Read the whiteboard to learn that Jeremy has both black and green shoes.  We'll need to know this soon.

Examine the office door to find that it is locked.

Go up the ladder.


Take the glue remover.

Go back down to the backstage area, and then go south.

Backstage South

Search the barrels and take the scissors.

Look at the fire extinguisher.  This will come into play late in the game, so remember its location.

Examine the shoe rack to find a pair of black dress shoes belonging to Jeremy Rebus.

Don't go down the stairs yet--they lead into the basement, but we're not done exploring up here!

Instead, go west.

Women's Dressing Room

Look at the vanity and examine the lipsticks.  Discover that the orange shade of lipstick was used more than the others.  Try the perfume and examine the necklace.

Now that we're done with the vanity, look at the letters.  They're love letters.  Read them in your journal.

Examine the clothes rack to find several dresses.  We'll need these later.

Go back east into the backstage area, and then go north twice.

Backstage North

Examine the chest.  Ferucil says that a shard is inside, but we need the combination to open it.

Look at the backdrop.  Behind it is a loose-leaf page.  Take it and read it in your journal.  It contains instructions on figuring out the combination to the chest.  We need to know the color of Lucy's favorite lipstick, Paul's CD case, and Jeremy's sneakers.  We can surmise from our exploration that Lucy's favorite lipstick is orange, since it was used more than the others.  And we found out that Jeremy has two pairs of shoes--black and green.  Since we found black dress shoes on the rack, his sneakers must be green.  We found a CD case belonging to Eric Salvis but not Paul.  Once we figure this out, we'll be set!

Examine the workbench.  Once we find all the shards, this might be a good place to mend the prism.

Go west.

Men's Dressing Room

Look at the vanity.  Examine the journal, take the key inside, and read the journal in your inventory. Paul Williamson IS Eric Salvis.  That means we can open the chest!

Before that, however, let's finish looking around here.  On the vanity, look at the comb and photos.

Examine the mannequins to discover some wigs.  We'll need these later.

Read the newspaper article.

Go east to the backstage area.

Backstage North

Let's open the chest.  According to the Loose Leaf Paper in our journal, we need to know the colors of Lucy's favorite lipstick (orange), Paul's CD case (blue), and Jeremy's sneakers (green).  Following the code on the page, this equates to 2-5-4.  Try this on the chest to open it.

We have our first shard!  Brianna opens up about her father.

Descend the stairs into the basement.

Basement North

Look inside the crate and find a prop sword.  Let's remember its location for later.

Examine the eastern door.  It's locked, but we have a cheap key.  Use the key to unlock the door and go east into the storeroom.


Take the sponge and matches.

Go back west into the basement and head south.

Basement Center

Take the crowbar.

Climb the ladder.  We're under the stage!  The trapdoor won't open on this end, either.  Three small holes are embedded in it.

Go back down the ladder and head south.

Basement South

Search the barrels to find a wooden peg.  This will probably open the trapdoor, but we still need two more.

Examine the eastern door.  Brianna feels sick from it, and Ferucil won't allow us inside.

We've now examined the whole theater, so let's get those remaining shards!

Go back up the stairs and head north.  Then head east twice.


See a gruesome vision.

Head east to the concession stand.

Concession Stand

We found two dressing rooms, so we now know the combination to the cash register.  To recap, there are 3 toilet stalls, 3 fortune teller cups, and 2 dressing rooms.  Put in the combination 3-3-2 to open the cash register.  Take the prism shard and quarters, and Brianna opens up about herself.

Head east and south.

Men's Restroom

We can now open the toilet lid.  Use the glue remover on the lid.  Use the sponge on the sink to wet it, then use the wet sponge on the toilet lid.  Wow, it still won't open.  Okay, use the crowbar to force it.  There we go!  Take the shard, and Brianna will talk about her brother Gerard.

Three shards down, two to go!

Go north twice.


Hear a crash.

Now that we have quarters, we can play these games!  Let's start with the crane grab.  Insert a quarter.  Move the joystick right twice and down once, then press the button.  The crane will grab the stitched up bear.

In your inventory, use the scissors on the bear to open it up.  Inside is a lion medallion.

Next, put a quarter into the fortune teller machine.  The solution to this puzzle is random every time.  To solve it, per the instructions on the paper we found in the projector booth, keep track of the position of the yellow ball.  When the curtain raises up, presume that the yellow ball does not move.  When it's time to choose the right color, do one of the following:

·         If the yellow ball is where you tracked it, choose "yellow."

·         If the blue ball is where the yellow ball should be, choose "green."

·         If the green ball is where the yellow ball should be, choose "blue."

If you guess incorrectly, you can always try again.  When you guess right, you get a small key.  You can play the game several more times, if you wish.  If you win three times in a row, you get an achievement.

Head south and west four times.

Backstage Center

Use the small key to unlock the office.

Go west.


Lots to look at here!

First, examine the desk and turn on the computer.  Read the profiles on all the theater's employees.  Turn off the computer.

Look at the binder and then read the letters.  Two things will be added to your journal.  The first is a letter that states the concession stand scale's compartment opens when its contents weigh exactly 8 ounces.  The second letter was written by Ferucil.

Now that we're done with the desk, look at the bookshelf.  Take the wooden peg.  (We now have two--one to go!)  Examine the box and place the medallion from our inventory on it.  Take the shard inside.  Ferucil will tell you a little about himself.  Ask whatever you'd like.

We now have one shard left to find.  Before we leave, look at both the painting and photo on the wall.

Go east four times to return to the concession stand.

Concession Stand

It's time to unlock the scale compartment.  First, we need to open our bag of candy, so use the scissors on it in your inventory.  If you try to pour all the candy on the scale on the front counter, it will be too heavy...and without a dial, there's no way to know how much is 8 ounces.

Remember the cups?  Examine the back counter's soda machine.  The candy we have in our inventory is 20 ounces, and the cups are 12 ounces.  20-12=8.  Use the candy on the cups.  We now have exactly 8 ounces of candy.

Examine the front counter and the scale.  Use the 8 ounces of candy to open the scale and take the last shard.  Brianna will discuss her mother.

Now that we have all the shards, let's mend them.  Go west three times and north once.

Backstage North

Examine the workbench.  Place the glue on the workbench, then place the shards.  Ferucil will ask you if you trust him.  Say no if you want an achievement.  First, glue the pieces.  Then assemble them by using the tweezers in your inventory.  Last, place the pieces on the clamp.

While the glue dries, talk to Ferucil.  Choose whatever you'd like.

Watch what happens.

Act II:  Saving Souls

Backstage North

Wake up.  The theater looks different.  Talk to the ghostly figure.  Ask whatever you'd like.  The ghost asks you to meet him in the office.  Read Brianna's updated journal before proceeding.

Go south and west into the office.


Talk to the man, Todd Wickerman, and prepare yourself for a long conversation.  Say whatever you want during it, and make sure to pay attention, because Todd tells you about what really happened here in the theater.  Learn that Todd cared more about money than anything else in his life.  Choose all of the dialog branches before saying goodbye.

So we have to save the souls of the theater's employees and stop Claude Ferucil.  No small task.  Now that the theater looks different, maybe we can find some new stuff inside.  We should look around.

First, read over Brianna's updated journal.

Then, inspect the desk.  The computer no longer works, but there's a new letter, which looks scorched by fire.  Read it in your journal.

Look at the photo on the wall.  When you do, you'll experience a flashback.  In the flashback, Todd pulls back the money painting to reveal a safe!

Examine the money painting.  You can now open it.  There's a safe behind it, but you can't open it without knowing the combination, which consists of a series of colors.

Talk to Todd again and ask him about the safe.  He says that the combination is 4-2-3-1, but he doesn't remember which color represents which number.  According to Todd, a document on his desk holds the key.

Look again at the scorched letter, and write down the colors that are listed in it in order:  red, blue, black, green.  Thus, 1 = red, 2 = blue, 3 = black, and 4 = green.  Since Todd said the combination was 4-2-3-1, the order of colors must be green, blue, black, and red.  Enter this combination to open the safe.  Inside are a stack of money, a thin key, and a scrap of paper.  Take everything and read the paper in your journal, which indicates that something is hidden behind a loose brick under the stage.  We'll get to that in a bit.

Head east and climb up the ladder.


Talk to Eric Salvis, aka Paul Williamson.  Learn that Todd was obsessed with his wife's perfume.  Exhaust all dialog options before saying goodbye.

Go back down and head east.


Talk to the girl, Heather Wickerman.  Learn that Heather was in love with a boy named Jeremy Rebus.  As with the others, exhaust all dialog before saying goodbye.

Head east.


We already searched the seats once and found nothing; but the theater looks different now, so let's try again.  Search the seats to find a pair of 3D glasses.

Head east twice and north once to enter the arcade.


Talk to the boy, Jeremy Rebus.  Learn that he is obsessed with video games.  Exhaust all dialog and say goodbye.

Look at the pinball machine and take the Game Buddy system underneath.  You can try to give it to Jeremy if you want, but he doesn't want it anymore.

Head south and southwest.

Women's Restroom

Talk to Melanie Gustonson, aka Lucy Williamson.  Learn that she was obsessed with her husband's hair.  Exhaust all dialog, blah blah blah.

If you've followed this walkthrough closely, you'll have just finished talking to all the ghosts.  You'll get an achievement for it, so feel proud.

When you're done congratulating yourself, head northeast.


Use the thin key here to unlock the ticket booth to the east. 

You may experience a flashback in the lobby either now or at some point soon.  Watch it.

Go east into the ticket booth.

Ticket Booth

Read the newspaper, including in your journal.

Take the crank.

Examine the tome.  This is the single most important journal entry in the entire game, and it definitely sets up some exciting stuff for future games in the series.  That all translates to, "READ THIS CAREFULLY!"

If you followed the tome, you'll learn that, in order to free the souls of the theater's employees, you'll need to a) get an object that symbolizes what meant most to them in life; and b) enter into the "spirit realm," whatever that is, to find their soul and use it with the object.

That's certainly a lot to take in.  Take your time re-reading the entry if you need.  When you're ready to proceed, head west five times, north once, and west again.

Men's Dressing Room

On the vanity, take the comb.

While you're here, take a wig.  You aren't supposed to know which color to take yet; but to save you time, take the brunette one.

Go east, south twice, and west.

Women's Dressing Room

On the vanity, take the perfume and necklace.

While you're here, take a dress.  As with the wig, you aren't supposed to know which one to take yet; but to save time, take the red one.

Also, take a look at the love letters again and take one.

Head east and descend the stairs.

Basement South

Examine the eastern door and try to open it.  Okay, that...was odd.  We'll come back here later.  Much later.

Head north.

Basement Center

Climb up the ladder and search for a loose brick.  When you find one, take the diamond behind it.

Climb back down and head north.

Basement North

Take the prop sword from inside the crate.

Go east.


View a flashback.

Go west, up the stairs, south, east three times, and up the stairs to the projector booth.

Projector Booth

Look at the table and search the trash bin.  Read the torn scripts in your journal to see some of the madness that can be found in Claude Ferucil's films.

Open the cabinet and take the film reels inside.

Next, inspect the equipment and turn on the system.

Now, let's tackle the projector.  Examine it.  Use the crank from your inventory to open the locked panel.

Time for a puzzle.  Select "flip a switch."  Flip the "toggle" switch so it is set to 1.  Flip the "motor" switch on.  Flip the "toggle" switch so it is set to 2.  Flip the "lamp" switch on.  Now select "something else..." and adjust the dial.  Voila!  The projector is ready to go.

Use the film reels from your inventory on the projector.

This is it...the moment of truth.  It's time to go INSIDE Claude Ferucil's movies!  When you are ready, choose to load the projector and select "A Detective Story."

Look out the window and use the 3D glasses from your inventory.


Watch the cutscene and find yourself inside the detective film.  After Ferucil disappears, don't forget to read Brianna's updated journal.

Examine the desk.  Open the folder and read the contents in your journal.  Make specific note of the symbol there.

Head east.

Detective's Office

Talk to Detective Rome.  Brianna gets the bright idea of fooling the detective into thinking someone is behind his office door.

Inspect the desk.  Examine the bottles and radio, if you wish.  Search the drawers and open the container inside.

The container is locked, and there are five buttons that can be pressed on or off in order to open it.  To solve this puzzle, look back at the "Guidelines for the Office of Dick Rome" in your journal.  The symbol there has the same star as the container.  If you look closely, you'll see that inside the star (in your journal) are the numbers 1 and 4.  For the container, press only buttons 1 and 4 to open it.  The container unlocks, and you take the audio reel that is inside.

Away from the desk, examine the cabinet.  Open the drawer and read the two journal entries on the detective's current case.

Examine the audio reel player and use the audio reel from your inventory on it to hear even more info on the case.  Read this in your journal.  Note that Rome's client, Tiffany, is a brunette who wears a red dress--hence the wig and dress we picked up.  She wore perfume, as well.  We'll need these details soon.

Next, examine the safe.  Once again, we need the combination.  Read over the "Sticky Note" in your journal again.  Note that the words "left" and "right" are used quite frequently in it.  Write them down in order to get:  left, right, right, left, right right.  Press the safe buttons in this order to unlock it.  Take the revolver inside.

Lastly, away from the filing cabinet, look at the door.  There, take the glove...and yes, take the coat rack, too!

Go back east.


Place the coat rack down here.  Brianna will position it in front of the door.

Time to start building our woman!  Inspect the coat rack and place the dress, wig, and perfume on it.

If you head east and look at the door, you'll see a silhouette that resembles a woman.  It looks convincing...but it's still missing something.  Go back west to reception again.

Remember what the "Guidelines for the Office of Dick Rome" in your journal says?  "Never trust a dame; she'll always SHOOT YOU IN THE BACK!"  Inspect the coat rack again and place the revolver on it.  There!  The design is complete.

Examine the desk and use the intercom.  Tell Detective Rome that he has a visitor.  Remember her name?  It's Tiffany.

If you built the coat rack woman right, then Detective Rome will spot the figure, and a cutscene will ensue.  If not...well, you can always try again!

Watch the cutscene, and you will find yourself face-to-face with the soul of Eric Salvis, aka Paul Williamson.

First, take the toothpick on the ground.  Then, think:  what mattered most to him in life?  Clearly, his wife.  What does he remember most about her?  Her perfume.  Use the perfume bottle to infuse Eric's soul.

One film done, four to go!

Projector Booth

After a short-but-disturbing cutscene, examine the projector and load the next film:  "The Count."  Look out the window and use the 3D glasses.


Watch the cutscene.  Once Ferucil disappears, inspect the three runes.

Head north.


You can go west or north here.  An eastern gate is sealed.

For now, head north.


Look into the basin.  It seems we will need a garlic, a necklace, the sun, and a wooden stake.

Head north again.


Try to talk to the maiden, but she won't respond.

Take the sapphire.

Head south twice and west.


Read the plaque and learn about Roman numerals in your journal.

Read the ancient text and learn about good vs. bad runes in your journal.

Inspect the columns, which are labeled I, II, and III.  Each has a compartment embedded in it.  We'll come back to this later after we've learned some more stuff.

For now, head east and south.


Look into the portal and step inside to go back to the theater.  We'll come back to this film later.

Projector Booth

Examine the projector and load the film:  "Aliens From Mars!"  Look out the window and use the 3D glasses.


Watch the cutscene.  After Ferucil disappears, examine the console to learn that main power is failing.  Look at the plaque if you want.

Head north.

Engineering Station

Examine the console.  Try to restore main power to learn that you need a "power crystal," whatever that is.

Head northwest.

Tactical Station

Examine the console.  If you try to activate shields or weapons, you'll learn that you have to restore main power first.

Head southwest.

Science Station

Examine the console and make all three searches.  You'll get journal entries for each.  Make sure to read them!

Cancel your search and head east.

Captain's Chair

Talk to the captain.  He asks you to restore main power.

There's nothing else we can do here at the moment, so head east and south, then look into the portal and step inside to return to the theater.

Projector Booth

Examine the projector and load the film:  "The Fuzzies."  Look out the window and use the 3D glasses.

Village Gate

Watch the cutscene.  After Ferucil disappears, talk to the fuzzie.  He wants a "shiny shiny."  Give him the diamond, and you will gain access to Fuzzieville.

Walk north.

Village Square

Inspect the fountain and talk to the fuzzie.  After the dialog ends, talk to him a second time.  He wants a "shiny shiny."  Give him the sapphire, and he'll tell you a riddle.  The solution is "e."  He'll give you an emerald.

Go west.

Village West

Inspect the garden and take some garlic.

Talk to Heather.  Ask her what she's holding when you are able to get a journal entry about the fuzzies.

Head north.

Village Northwest

Talk to the fuzzie and give him the emerald.  He tells you a riddle.  The answer is "echo."  He'll give you a pearl.

Walk east.

Village North

Talk to the fuzzie and give him the pearl.  He tells you a riddle.  The solution is "assassination."  He'll give you a ruby.

Walk east again.

Village Northeast

Talk to the fuzzie and give him the ruby.  He tells you a riddle.  This one's a bit harder.  The key is to use Roman numerals.  The solution is "DAVID."  He'll give you an opal as a reward.

Village East

Talk to the fuzzie and give him the opal.  He tells you a riddle.  To solve this one, you'll need to check the "Gemstones" entry in your journal.  The solution is "ambrosia."  He'll give you an odd-looking gem as a reward.

We're done here for now, so head east and south, then look inside the portal and enter it to return to the theater.

Projector Booth

Let's go back inside "Aliens From Mars!!"  Examine the projector and load the film, then look out the window and use the 3D glasses.  Once there, head north.

Engineering Station

Look at the slot and place the gem there.  Then look at the console and restore main power.

The Martians arrive!

Go northwest to man the tactical station.

Tactical Station

Examine the console and answer the hail to hear a message from the Martian captain.  It looks like we have to power up the shields in preparation for a fight!

Examine the console and try to activate shields to learn that we need a "hyperspanning omnitool."  If you go to the captain's chair and ask the captain about it, however, he says that anything small and thin will let's try a toothpick.  Insert the toothpick from your inventory into the device to activate the shields.

Examine the console again and target your weapons.

What follows is a turn-based battle between you and the Martian spaceship.  The actions of the Martians are random, making it impossible to provide a direct walkthrough.  Your best bet is to use all your torpedoes, one after the other, until you run out, and then charge your laers all the way to 100% before firing each time.  If you are in dire need of shields, you can convert weapons energy to shields energy...but only use this if you are desperate.  If you lose the battle, you can always try again!

Once you win the battle, congratulate yourself on your awesome victory and head south.

Captain's Chair

Where Captain Killem once sat is now an explosive device.  Take this, and Jeremy Rebus's soul appears.  What mattered most to Jeremy in life was video games, so use the Game Buddy handheld system to infuse his soul.  "Aliens From Mars!" is done.

Projector Booth

After another short-but-disturbing cutscene, examine the projector and load the "The Fuzzies" once more.  Look out the window and use the 3D glasses.  Once in the village, go north.

Village Square

Place the explosive device on the fountain and use the matches to light it.  Die, monsters!!!

Heather Wickerman's soul appears.  She loved Jeremy more than anything, so use the love letters on her.  "The Fuzzies" are no more!

Projector Booth

After watch the gruesome cutscene, examine the projector and load the last film, "Primal AtmosFear."  Look out the window and use the 3D glasses.

Forest Maze

Watch the cutscene.  After Ferucil disappears, choose to explore the forest.

Normally, this would be hard...but luckily, we have a topographical map in our journal!  It provides directions to getting to all the important landmarks in this film.  (If you did not previously find the topographical map in ”Aliens From Mars!" and that film is no longer accessible, then one will miraculously become available here.  Thanks, Claude!)

To start, head left.

Dead End

 That was easy enough.  Take the splintered wood, aka stake, and head northeast.

Forest Maze

Following the topographical map in your journal, head forward, left, left, forward, right, and forward to reach a cabin.

Cabin Entrance

Go west into the cabin.

Cabin Interior

Watch the unexpected cutscene.  Read Brianna's updated journal.

Examine the desk.  Listen to the radio for background on the film's story, and listen several more times for an achievement.   Then, read the journal on the desk and the resulting entry.

Walk east and southeast.

Forest Maze

Time to find the final location.  Choose to explore the forest and, following the topographical map, head right, forward, right, and forward.


Wow.  Poor Todd.

Head north.


Eep!  Nevermind.  Go south!  South!


There's nothing more we can do in this film, so let's go back to the theater.  Head west, look into the portal, and step inside.

Projector Booth

After watching the gruesome cutscene, examine the projector and re-load "The Count."  Look out the window and use the 3D glasses.


Remember that journal entry about good vs. evil runes?  Time to use it.  Examine the three runes here and follow the instructions in your journal to determine that Anima and Vitae are good, whereas Mortem is evil.

Head north and west to the dungeon.


Let's find a way to open the sealed gate in the corridor.  Examine the columns and inspect compartment I.  Turn the dial to "II."  Examine compartment II.  Turn the dial to "recludam," which, according to the journal entry, means "open."  Examine compartment I.  Turn the dial to "III."  Examine compartment III.  Turn the dial to "crypta," which means "crypt."  "Recludam crypta."  Get it?  "Open crypt."  Lastly, examine compartment I one last time and turn the dial back to "DOOR."

Head east.


The eastern door is now open!  Go east into the Count's chambers.


Examine the coffin but don't open it.

Look at the panel.  Press down only the good runes:  Anima and Vitae.  This opens a sunlight.

Now inspect and open the coffin.  Do not attempt to wake the count.  Instead, combine the garlic and necklace in your inventory, and place the resulting garlic necklace on the count.

The count is now weakened from the garlic, allowing you to use the stake in your inventory to stab him.  Do so!

Where the vampire once slept now lies a key.  Take it.

Examine the chest here.  Use the key from your inventory.  It fits the lock, but the chest still does not open.  Look at the panel again.  Carved into the bottom is "LiiRiii."  This translates to "left two, right three."  Rotate the key left twice and right three times to unlock the chest!  Inside is a book.  Make sure to read the resulting journal entry, which tells you how to defeat the creature from "Primal AtmosFear."

Go west, north, and north into the grotto.


Melanie Gustonson's soul is here.  In life, her husband mattered more to her than anything else, so use Eric's comb on the soul to infuse it.

Projector Booth

After watching another murder, examine the projector and re-load  the only film remaining:  "Primal AtmosFear."  Look out the window and use the 3D glasses.  Once there, head east and north.


You're timed here, so act quickly!  Grab the sword from your inventory and use it on the creature.

After the creature dies, head south.


Todd Wickerman's soul is here.  You COULD infuse it now...but you'd be missing out on saving Brianna's father (and an achievement).  So leave that soul right where it is and instead head west, northwest, and west to the cabin.

Cabin Interior

As you can see, Brianna's father's soul is here.  Bet you might have missed that, huh?  In any case, use the locket from your inventory to infuse his soul and get yourself an achievement as reward.  Don't forget to read Brianna's updated journal!

Now head east, southeast, and east back to the stream.


Now that you've saved Brianna's father, you can go about saving Todd Wickerman, too.  In life, money mattered more to him than his own daughter, so use the stack of bills in your inventory to infuse his soul.

Projector Booth

Another cutscene and another murder.  But now what?  We're out of films to go into, but there's one place in the theater we haven't explored yet:  the boiler room.

Go down the stairs, head west three times, then go south and down the stairs to get there.

Basement South

Examine the eastern door and use one of the infused souls on it.  (It doesn't matter which.)  The souls break the barrier on the door, allowing Brianna to enter inside!

Go east.

Boiler Room

It's dark in here, so use the flashlight to see.

First, look inside the bucket and take the last wooden peg.  We can now open the trapdoor under the stage!

Now, inspect the corpse and take the cane.

Equip the cane in your inventory.  Note that its description indicates that there is a blade at the end of it and something missing at its top.

Try to open the boiler door.  It's stuck shut, so use the cane.

Inside the boiler, take the reel with the welding glove.

Okay, we have to go inside one final film.  You ready for this?  I am.  Head west.

Basement South

...All right, so I might not be ready after all.  Head north!

Basement Center

Climb up the ladder and use the wooden pegs to open the trapdoor.  Go through it.


If you head east, there will be another fire, so instead head west and south.

Basement South

Grab the fire extinguisher.  (I told you we'd need it eventually!)  Use it to put out the fire here.

Head north twice.

Basement North

Put out the fire here, too.  (Okay, so you don't really HAVE to...but you get an achievement for putting out all the fires.)

Head south and east twice.


Put out the final fire here to earn your achievement.

With the passage clear, head east and up the stairs to the projector booth.

Projector Room

Examine the projector and use the last film reel on it to load the reel.  Then look at the window and put on the 3D glasses one last time.

Act III:  Into Fire


Watch the cutscene.  After Ferucil disappears, read Brianna's last journal entry and head north.


If you try to enter the tower, you will be told that--surprise--it is locked.

So take a look instead at the panel next to it.

The goal here is to move the lever around the pattern so that it goes along every path without passing the same path twice or crossing an already-traveled path.  In short, the solution is:  down, left, up, left, down, right, up, right, and down.

The door opens!  Travel north.


Read the plaque.

From here, you can travel in every direction but north, which is locked.  Each of the directions, minus south (which you came from) and southeast (which seems to lead nowhere), leads to a different seen from one of Ferucil's films, followed by a path back to this same room.  There must be a way out!

Read the plaque again.  It's a subtle clue that you need to walk through each of Ferucil's films in order.  That must be the key!  According to our journal entries, the order in which Ferucil made his films is:  A Detective Story, The Count, The Fuzzies, Aliens From Mars!, and Primal AtmosFear.  So, walk through the rooms in this order:  SW, E, NE, W, and NW.  The north door opens!

Travel north.

End of Path

Confront a giant demon.  When it smashes its massive hand down, walk north.

Skull Cave

Examine the door.  As expected, it's locked.

Inspect the loose stone and take the scroll.  Read it in your journal.  It's a basic logic puzzle.

Head south.


Examine the mound and take the skulls.

We now have five skulls, and there are five pedestals (3 here and 2 in the skull cave), each with a name on it.  We must determine which skull to place on which pedestal, based on the journal entry we just received.

The solution is to place the skulls as follows:

·         Red skull --> Sari

·         Blue skull --> Phera

·         Green skull --> Jenj

·         Yellow skull --> Biro

·         White skull --> Irina

Place the skulls on their proper pedestal, as outlined above.  Once you get it right, a skeletal hand will lower in front of the door in the skull cave.

Skull Cave

Take the key from the skeletal hand.  The hand raises up once more.

Use the key on the door to unlock it.

Travel north.


Okay, so now we are in a garden.

Once you regain control, head north.


This section is linear.  Read the text and walk north when you can.

Ritual Chamber

Once you regain control, talk to the demon.  You are limited in how many actions you can take before getting a "game over," so follow these instructions carefully!  (If you lose, you can always try again.)

Head east.

Back Chamber

Examine the fountain.

Use the cane from your inventory to place it into the fountain.  The fountain drains.

Examine the fountain again.  The prism is inside.  Take it.

Take the cane back.

Combine the cane and the prism in your inventory.

Go west.

Ritual Chamber

Use the cane on Ferucil to initiate a fight.  This works similarly to the spaceship battle.  My recommendation is to keep charging the prism until it reaches full, and then hit the demon with a full blast.

Once Ferucil is destroyed, you've beaten the game.  Well done!  If you followed everything closely, you should have earned enough points to unlock the score achievement.

Watch the ending.


If you unlocked all of the achievements, you can access a bonus scene at the main menu.  Don't forget to watch a preview of the next game, Stonewall Penitentiary, from the main menu, too!

Congratulations on beating the game! See you all next time!