Shady Brook (2016) Walkthrough

by pixie4916

This is a walkthrough for the text adventure, Shady Brook, which is a remake of the 2005 point and click adventure by Unimatrix Productions.

***Please note that this walkthrough will get you through the game, but it will not give you a perfect score. You will have to figure that out on your own! ***

Five weeks ago....

Read about Anthony Clave.

Day 1: Monday

Learn about the protagonist you will be playing as, Jake Torrent, who is an author moving to the small town of Shady Brook with his father, Wayne. He decided to move to Shady Brook after the death of his mother and will be moving into a house with Wayne.

Meet your new neighbor, Tim Richardson. Seems like a nice guy.

Select your difficulty. I will be playing the game on normal. Choose whether or not to have time notifications on or off. I always turn these on so that I know I won't miss anything. Lastly, choose whether or not to censor mature content.

Click to examine the fireplace. Pick up the picture frame. See two blonde twins.

Click to examine the small glint. It's a key that is glued on the underside of the mantle. We will come back to this later.

Click to look inside the fireplace. Try to remove the bed sheets from the flue, but you can't reach them. We will come back to this later.

Click to do something else. Look at your dad and then talk to him. We need to get him his medicine from the car.

But instead let's take a detour to the rest of the house.

Click on the compass to travel south. Examine the locked bedroom door.

Click to travel southeast to the kitchen and take the packing tape.

Travel northwest, southwest. See your father's room.

Travel northeast, north back to the living room.

Travel north and examine the sedan.

Try to open the trunk, but it's locked. Click on the 2nd icon from the top to access your inventory.

Click to equip the car keys. Click on the top icon again and then on "open the trunk" once more. Click on the 'car keys' tab and hear a very satisfying noise which means your ingenuity has paid off.

Click on the inventory again. Click on the suitcase key and then the suitcase to reveal the medicine. Click to equip the medicine.

Before we move on, let's look at some unread journal entries.

Click on the 4th icon from the top on the left side of the interface. It has an exclamation point because there are unread entries.

Read the excerpt from Jake's current novel-in-progress. Then read lots of newspaper articles! 7 pages worth.

Click back and then on the top icon to go back to the main window.

Go back to your dad.  Click to talk to him and then click on the "medication" icon to finally give the man his medicine.

Tell your dad that you are going to explore the town but will be back to make him dinner.

Travel north to leave the house, and then travel northeast.

Travel north to Danny's Front Door and examine the vehicle. Hmmm...

Travel south, northwest, and west. Try to take the fishing pole, but it's too flimsy to use for anything other than fishing. Fish for a while if it strikes your fancy. Travel west and south, but it is too dark to enter the cave. Travel east, east, and southeast. This will lead you back to the cul-de-sac.

Travel west to the Ekan's front door. Nothing to do here.  Next, travel east and south and look at Tim. Talk to him. Exhaust all dialogue. Pet the doggy. Squeak squeak!

Travel north and east. Time to explore the town!

Travel south and read the sign. Quaint.

Travel west to the gas station and examine the pumps.

Travel northwest to the public restrooms and exhaust all options.

Travel southeast, west to the register. Exhaust all options.

Travel east, southwest to the garage. Examine the car lift.

Travel northeast, east to leave the gas station.

Travel north from the south edge of town to the southern road. Travel north again (west leads you back to the cul-de-sac).

Look at the sign for the Lucky Motel. Travel east to the parking lot.

Travel northeast to the motel office and exhaust all options.

Travel southwest and east to the Room 1 Entrance. Meet Sue Ann. Oh, how to describe Sue Ann...I have no words.

Notice that Room 1 is locked. Exhaust all dialogue with Sue Ann.

Travel south to the Room 2 entrance. Try to open the door but it's locked as well.

Travel northwest to the parking lot and west to get back to the middle road.

Travel north to the northern road and east to the sheriff's office.

Exhaust all options and meet the sheriff. Grumpy guy...exhaust all dialogue....not that there's much of it with this dude.

Travel west back to the northern road and then north to the northern edge of town.

Travel east to the lobby and meet Tanya. She seems nice. Exhaust all dialogue and exploration options.

Try to travel east to the mayor's office. He is busy at the moment.

Travel west back to the northern edge of town.

Travel south and west to get to Rusty's saloon entrance. Travel south and explore the saloon. It's too early for people to be there. Travel south to the pool table. Read about 8 ball and grab the cue stick. Travel west, northeast, east to the stairs. Read the sign and try to go up the stairs. Travel west, north to leave. We'll come back after the sun sets. Make sure to read the 8-ball directions in your journal entry stash.

Travel west, north to the diner. Meet Nancy/Mom. Exhaust all dialogue. Travel west and east to thoroughly explore the diner.

Travel south, west, southwest to the Laundromat. Click on the vending machine and note the sundries that it carries. We'll come back to this later.

Travel northeast, south to the barbershop. Meet Danny. Examine the counter. Try to take the lighter and examine the notebook, but Danny's watching. Travel west and examine the magazines and the tissues. EW!

Travel east, north to the storefronts again. Then west to the general store. Travel north to the general store but the storeowner is gone at the moment. We'll try again later.

Travel west, northwest to the cemetery/Thompson memorial. Look at the stone coffin. It's missing a stone. Search the graves. Travel west to the well. Look at the well, try to open the grate.

Travel east, southeast, west to the church. Meet Ethan Morrow. Exhaust all dialogue.

Travel east, east, north back to the general store. Meet Kate and Gary. Learn about Kate's infant daughter, Amy. Her first birthday is in a few days. Exhaust all dialogue with Kate and Gary. Note that you will be meeting Kate at 6:00pm for dinner at her home.

Travel south back to the general store entrance, then east x 4 until you are back at the sheriff's office (northern road). Travel south, south, west, and then southwest to your home and south to go in.

Click to examine the fireplace, then in your inventory equip the cue stick we got in the saloon earlier. Click "look inside the fireplace" and then on the "cue stick" tab to remove the bed sheets from the flue.

Travel to the laundromat again and equip the wallet in your inventory.  Buy the hairspray in the vending machine.

Travel to the barber shop and talk to Danny again.  Take the lighter while Danny is on the phone. Jackpot! (For additional points, you can also choose to examine the notebook while he is on the phone instead.  If so, you will need to find another way to get the lighter, such as by getting a fly swatter from the gas station and giving it to Danny.)

Travel back home to your living room and combine the hairspray with the bed sheets in your inventory. Use the "wet sheets" on the fireplace. Next, equip the lighter in your inventory, click to examine the fireplace, click to use the lighter. The key melts and you pocket it. Yay!

Travel south, examine locked door, equip the key, and use it. You can now enter the master bedroom!

Click to travel west. If you receive a time notification, go ahead with it.

Inside the bedroom, exhaust all options. No tape for the tape recorder and no combo for the safe yet. Make sure you pick up the journal under the bed.

Read Anthony Clave's journal entries.  Poor guy.

Travel to your father's bedroom and talk to him.

Before we travel to Kate's home, let's look around the town. Travel to the gas station, talk to Tim, and exhaust all options. We can't take the flashlight now.

Travel to the Lucky Star motel and talk to Sue Ann.

The sheriff isn't around, and neither are Tanya and the mayor. The saloon is empty, too....okay...the diner is closed...the general store is closed...Danny clearly hates us for some reason...laundromat is empty...chapel is empty, too. So we can safely travel to dinner without missing anything.

Travel to the Ekans' house for supper. In the Ekans' bathroom, flush the toilet and then open the cabinet to drown out the noise. Find that Kate is taking antidepressants after reading about it in detail in your journal.

Travel east back to the dinner table and finish the scene.

Nick and Kate see you out. Time to explore the night life in town!

Travel to Tim's front door and learn about Chief. Remember that Chief was mentioned in Anthony Clave's journal.

I'll save you some time exploring...there's nothing to see at the gas station, the sheriff's office, the town hall, the diner, the barbershop, the chapel, or the general store.

Pay Nick a visit at the motel desk. Exhaust all dialogue. He seems like a nice guy. Sue Ann isn't there for once.

Travel to the saloon and meet Rusty. What a character! Travel west and talk to Lee in the saloon. Travel south and east to talk to Danny at the pool table.

Travel to the Laundromat and meet Curly and Cindy.

Travel home and go to bed.

Meet Chief.


Day 2: Tuesday

Read the note from Chief in your journal.

Travel either to the sheriff's office or straight to Chief's house in the mountains--your choice. If you go to the sheriff's office, it will lead you to Chief's house anyway.

On the way, stop at the gas station and snag the flashlight.

To get to Chief's cabin, examine the note that Chief left you. Note the capital letters. These are our directions.

From the cul-de-sac, travel northwest, northwest, west, south. Now we need to use the note directions: travel east, west, east, west, west.

Arrive at Chief's cabin. See Lee there and exhaust all dialogue. Examine the rocking chair and search the ashes.

Travel south into Chief's cabin. Search the couch and take the paperclip. Examine the chest. Look at the fire.

Travel east to the kitchen. Examine the noose. Look at the chair.

Look inside the cabinet...all sides. Left side is filled with pots and pans. Middle cabinet has a dull knife and other kitchen utensils. Right cabinet has tweezers and other first aid items.

Travel west and south to Chief's bedroom. Search the bed. Search the nightstand and get unread journal entries. Read them. (Oh yeah, and read Jake's unfinished novel as well, since he wrote more last night.) Look inside the closet and take the hanger. Now let's go back to the chest in the living room.

Based on Chief's journal entries, we need to open the chest to get the combination to Anthony Clave's safe, which holds mirrors.

Open the chest. Look at the moccasins and remove them. We need to place something into the pin hole. Try the paper clip but we need something else. Look at the moccasins again and take a shoelace. Combine the shoelace with the paperclip in the inventory to make a makeshift hook. Apply it to the pin hole. Voila!

Try to open the lockbox, but we need a key. Or a lockpick.

Travel to the fire and equip the hanger. We need to heat it to make it more malleable. Use the hanger on the fire. Then bring the hanger to the middle medicine cabinet and use the dull knife to cut it. Combine both wire pieces in your inventory to make a makeshift lockpick. Apply it to the keyhole.

Drat--a piece broke off! We need to remove that piece of wire. Travel to the right cabinet in the kitchen and take the tweezers. Go back to the lockbox and use the tweezers. Bingo! Pick the lock again with the lockpicks, and it opens. Read the new journal entry. Seems like a combo to me!

Travel north and look on the ground at the fertility idol on the ground. That's normal...

 Return to the cul-de-sac. Travel to the motel and talk to Sue Ann. Then talk to Nick at the hotel desk. He asks you to check on Kate when you get the chance.

Travel to the mayor's office, but he asks for five minutes.

Travel to the diner and talk to Mom, then travel west in the diner and talk to Tim and Gary. Talk to them a second time to get an achievement.

Travel to the general store and talk to Kate.

Travel to the cemetery and meet Aaron. Some teens have summer jobs bussing tables or mowing lawns. Aaron guards a cemetery.

Before traveling back to the mayor's office, stop home and talk to your dad.

Travel to the mayor's office. Time will advance from this. Meet the mayor. Jake will notice Whiteman's laptop and say we need to search his office when we get the chance.

Travel to the sheriff's office and exhaust all dialogue.

Travel to the general store and talk to Kate. She wants to meet at the Laundromat later.

Travel to the chapel and listen to the whispers.

Talk to Sue Ann and Nick at the motel.

Go to the restrooms at the gas station and listen in to the conversation.

Travel home to check on your dad and then talk to Tim in the cul-de-sac.

Now let's open the safe!

H-I-D-E translates to 8 9 4 5. (A1 is your clue.  A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.)  Click!

Inside the safe, take the three mirrors and a note that is blank except for the words: "The truth shall set you free."

Travel back to town hall and talk to Tanya. She suspects Whiteman is cheating on her. Now's your chance to snoop in Whiteman's office!

Access the laptop and click forgot password. Answer the questions based on your knowledge of town. The questions are random, and the answers can all be found somewhere in the mayor's office.  If you get one wrong you can always try again.

After accessing the laptop, look at the emails and then the password-protected folder. We can't access this yet. Click "do something else" tab.

Click to pick up the phone. Listen to the voicemail. Click to open the drawer but it's locked.

Search the bookshelf. Click on the encyclopedia and find an article written about lemon juice. Inside is a key! Click on the reference guides. Click on the memoir about Robert Thompson.

Click to open the drawer and equip the new key we found in the encyclopedia. Look at the portrait and the photos...yikes, Whiteman is, indeed, having an affair with another woman. He's not exactly discreet about it, is he? Examine the file folder and read Anthony Clave's file. Read that he has a brother in Trenton, and Jake will note the phone number.

Uh oh...Whiteman caught us snooping!

Back in the lobby, talk to Tanya.

Read all of the unread journal entries. Note that lemon juice can be used as invisible ink. It's later revealed through heat.

Travel to the saloon and then to the stairs in the saloon. Listen to the TV. Lifestream reference :)

Travel to the church and talk to Ethan.

Travel to the motel and talk to Nick. He has Amy for the night while Kate does her laundry.

Talk to Tim at his front door.

Time to go to the Laundromat to meet Kate. Examine her laundry like a creep and then examine the iron.

Talk to Kate. She asks for a soda. Travel to the gas station to get her one from the soda machine there. You can use either your own money or the money Kate gave you--your choice.

While at the gas station, overhear Curly and Cindy by the restrooms. Travel to the restrooms and take the crumpled note from the ground.

Travel back to the Laundromat to give Kate her soft drink. Now she wants our help with the laundry.

First, equip the wallet and put money into the machine. Now, read the instructions. We need 2 ounces of fabric softener and 4 ounces of laundry detergent.

Fabric softener: Add softener to large cup. Pour from large cup to small cup. Then add large cup to the machine.

Laundry detergent: Add detergent to a large cup. Pour from large to small cup. Empty small cup. Pour from large cup to small cup. Add to cup--large. Pour from cup--large to small. Add large cup to machine.

Press the button to start the laundry.

Talk to Kate. After the long conversation, she indicates that Clave used to write secret messages. Remember the lemon juice from earlier?  We need heat to activate it.

Equip the note and click to examine the iron. Use the note.  Sure enough, the heat from the iron reveals a hidden message!

Read the riddle in your journal. Remember that Chief's journal entry mentioned X marking certain spots to put mirrors in his journal entries? This riddle tells us where to put the mirrors we got from Clave's safe. We'll do this tomorrow during the day when there's sunlight.

Travel to the saloon and talk to Rusty. Travel to the pool table and talk to Cindy and Curly.

Travel to the motel and talk to Sue Ann.

Return to the cul-de-sac and then go home for the night. Watch the cutscene with Jake's father. You plan to spend a quiet evening at home with him tomorrow night, and he wants you to catch a fish to eat for dinner.


Day 3: Wednesday

Read the unread novel pages that are available in your journal.

Talk to your dad.

Travel to your kitchen and search through the boxes. Take the scissors.

Travel to the valley and search for the "X."

Equip the mirror and apply it.

Look at the mirror and face the mirror up. The idea is to get the sunlight to shine through the mirror. Once you pull back, you should see a glaring light on the screen.

Travel west.

Search for an X at the Brookside Bridge.

Apply a mirror, look at it, and then straighten the mirror. You should see more glaring light.

Travel west to the cave entrance. Search for an X. 

We need to place another mirror, but it's dirty. Remember the tissues in the barbershop? Yep...we're going there. But first...some pit stops.

Travel to the gas station. Talk to Tim and learn about the new couple in town, the Stantons. Look at the truck.

Travel to the restrooms and make a phone call. Apply Jake's wallet to pay for the call.

Call Anthony Clave's brother.

Travel to the Lucky Star motel and go to the front desk. Look at the gemstones and then listen to the voices.

Travel to the sheriff's office and talk to Lee.

Travel to town hall and talk to Tanya and then the mayor, who kicks you out as per usual.

Travel to the barbershop and grab the tissues. Don't even bother talking to know what he will say.

Travel to the chapel and search for statues. Find a creepy door.

In your inventory, combine the tissues with the dirty mirror to get a clean mirror.

Travel back to the cave entrance.

Apply the mirror to the cave entrance, look at the mirror, and face the mirror down so sunlight shines through it.

Examine the patch of earth. Find half of a pentagram-shaped amulet.

Travel to the diner.

Meet the Stantons. You offer to help fix their truck. Listen to their conversation.

Travel to the general store and talk to Kate, then buy some groceries.

After bringing the groceries home, let's go catch a fish for dad tonight.

Travel to the Brookside Bridge and go fishing! Fish until you find one suitable for supper. After catching a fish, go back to your father and show it to him for a few extra points.

Travel to the Lucky Star motel and talk to Sue Ann and Nick.

Travel to the Laundromat and talk to Cindy.

Travel to the cemetery and talk to Aaron. Play rock, paper, scissors with him. There is no solution to this since it is random. Just play it until you beat him. He wants us to get Nick's watch.

Travel to the chapel and talk to Father Morrow.

Travel to the gas station and talk to Tim. You can help him with the repairs now.

From the table, take the ratchet wrench, the lubricant, and the muffler.

Examine the truck. Remove the muffler, but it's bolted shut and rusted. Apply the lubricant, but it's empty.  Talk to Tim.  He says that we need oil and acetone to make more lubricant.

Travel to the barbershop and examine the desk.  Ask Danny if you can take the acetone nail polish remover. Equip your wallet and pay Danny for the acetone.

Now we need some oil.  Travel to the diner and ask Nancy for some oil.  We now have some makeshift lubricant!

Travel back to the garage. Look at the truck and apply the lubricant. Equip the wrench to remove the muffler. Equip the new muffler and use it to position it on the vehicle. Next, equip/use the bolts and then the wrench to secure the muffler in place. Congratulations, you just changed a muffler!

Travel to the Lucky Star Motel, Room 2. Knock on the door. Exhaust all dialogue with the Stantons.

Travel to the public restrooms and listen to the voice.

Travel home and to your father's bedroom. He says to come back in a little while.  If you've visited your father enough times, you should have unlocked the "Family Time" achievement by now.

Travel to the chapel and listen to the voices.

Time to go to the saloon!

Talk to Rusty and Gary. Wow Rusty really has it bad, doesn't he?

Talk to Kate by the stairs.

Talk to Tim and Gary by the corner table.

Talk to Nick by the pool table.

Play pool. We need to beat Nick to get his watch.

There is really no solution to this. Just play until you beat him. I like to take normal shots, but do whatever strikes your fancy! Sometimes risky shots are worth it, but safe ones work if you're down big.

Get the watch when you beat him. Oh great...look what the cat dragged in...

Time to fight Curly!

No real solution to this either. Just fight him 'til he drops (or runs away crying, same difference).  I tend to avoid the quick jabs, since they don't do much damage.

After the fight, Kate invites you over later, saying she wants to talk.

Talk to Rusty. Then talk to Tim and Danny again.

Travel to the laundromat and talk to Cindy.

Travel to the motel and talk to Sue Ann...yikes.

If you're feeling nosy, listen at the door to Room 2.

Travel to the gas station restrooms and hear Curly crying.

Travel to Nick and Kate's front door and knock.

Choose whether to kiss Kate or reject her advances--it's up to you! If you want to reject her properly, you will have to say no 3 times. If you kiss Kate, you will miss spending time with your father. If you reject her, your father will be happy, but Kate will be sad. The choice be yours!

The outcome of the game will not change based on this, but certain aspects of the story will.


Day 4: Thursday

Travel to Tim's house and talk to him.

Travel to the Lucky Star Motel. See Nick come out of Room 2 with cleaning supplies.

Go to the motel office and talk to Nick.

Go to the sheriff's office and talk to Lee. Take the scraps from the waste bin when he leaves. In your inventory, combine the scraps with the tape and read the note.

Travel to town hall and talk to Tanya. The friendly neighborhood mayor is busy as per usual.

Go to the diner and talk to Nancy. Go to the booth and talk to Gary. Go to the stools and talk to Lee.

Go to the barbershop after seeing Cindy walk in. Listen into the conversation.

Go to the chapel and listen to the voices.

Go to the cemetery and talk to Aaron. Equip the watch and give it to him.

Learn about a town meeting tonight in the Church at midnight.

Time to go back home to dad.

Well that's sad. :(

Look at the rocking chair.

Travel to Tim's front door and steal the ball.

Travel to the gas station and talk to Tim at the counter.

Travel to the motel and talk to Nick at the front desk.

We need to find a way to get into the Stanton's room since Nick won't allow us entrance.

Go to Room 2 and look at the window. Try to equip the ball to break the glass, but Jake says Nick will hear. We need to get him away from there. We'll come back to this after some pit stops.

Talk to Tanya at Town Hall. Learn that the mayor is out of town.

Talk to Nancy at the diner. Then talk to Gary at the booth.

Go to the church and talk to Ethan Morrow.

In your inventory, combine the scissors with the note we found in the bathroom earlier from Cindy.

Travel back to the motel and equip the cut note when you talk to Nick. Give the note to him. He leaves. Perfect! Okay let's go chuck the ball and break the window open!

Go to room 2 and look at the window.  Throw the ball at it.

Travel east into the creepy motel room.

Look at the bed. Inspect the champagne glasses. Read the note. Ooh, a secret password to the mayor's files!

Open the dresser.  Examine the safe. We need the combo. Look in your inventory at the note we found in the sheriff's garbage can earlier. That's our combination.

Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left!

Take the prescription pills.

Examine the garbage bin and take the champagne bottle for your collection.

Travel east to the bathroom. Turn the sink faucet, look in the mirror, use the toilet.

Examine the bathtub.

Look in your journal and read the invitation.

Go to Town Hall and talk to Tanya.

Travel to the gas station restrooms to witness the mess you willingly created.

Go talk to Sue Ann by the motel. She will distract Tanya for you...but not for free!

Go to town hall and to the mayor's office now that Tanya is distracted. Listen to them talk in the lobby first, though.

Access the laptop and click on password-protected folder. Equip the invitation from your inventory and apply it. Exhaust all those options and read the new journal entry.

Well that was....interesting.

Exit the town hall and go to Town Square.  Tim stops you. Follow him into the saloon. Exhaust all dialogue.

Travel to the cul-de-sac and knock on Kate's front door. Talk to Kate about the town meeting.

Go back home. Jake finally breaks down.

Alarm goes off at 12:02am. Let's stake out this thing!

Walk to Main Street and head north.

Spot Nick on the phone. He says he slipped some directions under Lee's door that lead to something hidden in the mountains.

Click on the sheriff's door. We need a piece of paper to get that note from under the door.

Travel back home and get some paper from the typewriter in your bedroom.

Go back to the sheriff's door and equip the typewriter paper. Voila!

Read the note in your journal now. Remember that Nick said to count the lines.

So let's solve this. 23 converted to a letter of the alphabet would be W (yes, I counted on my fingers), and there is 1 line. So W1 is our first coordinate. E1 is next. N3 is next. W2, and S1 is last.

Okie dokie, now let's head into the mountains. Follow the instructions:  west once, then east once, then north three times, west twice, and south once.

Looks like we found the missing stone block to the cemetery grave!

Travel to the church and hear chanting.

Go to the cemetery and run into Aaron.

Take the shovel at the cemetery and apply the stone block to the grave. Hear a sound.

Go to the well. We can now go inside. See an etching but we have nothing to trace it with.

Travel north into the tunnel. Examine the brazier. Too hot to touch.

 Go back up the ladder (south) and take some sand with the empty champagne bottle.

Go back north, examine the brazier, and apply the sand from the champagne bottle.

Apply typewriter paper to pick up the coals.

Travel south again, look at the well. Apply the paper and then the charcoal to get an etching.

Look in your journal at the etched map of the tunnels. Certain rooms are marked, implying we need to get to all of these rooms and pull some kind of lever.

Travel north back into the tunnels.

The easiest way to travel through the tunnels is to use your map (not the one you etched, but the regular map).You want to travel to every room (it will mark what rooms you have been to as you walk through them). The room you are currently standing in will flash. Your goal is to get to the rooms marked on the etched map in your journal and pull the different levers as listed. If you get lost, you can always click to go back to the entrance and start over.

Once you reach the rooms marked on your etched map, you will see options appear under "What do you want to do?"

Travel to the room at the top right corner of your regular map. Search the rubble and pull the lever. According to your etched map, this level should be positioned straight up, so click "middle position." While you're here, don't forget to collect a razor sharp stone.

Travel to the "dead end." This is the third room from the right on the bottom row of your regular map. Look at the plant, search the debris, then pull the lever to the left according to your etched map.

Travel to the gate. 2nd row from the top, 4th room from the right. When all the levers are pulled correctly, this gate will open.

Go to the statue. 3rd row from the top, 4th square from the left. Search the statue. Equip the sharp stone and break the statue to get the left amulet.

Travel to the tomb. Bottom row, 2nd square from left. Look at the tomb. Pull the lever to the left. Hear sound of grinding gears if you pulled all the levers correctly. Search the statue and read the plaque.  Dare to read the family tree in your journal.

Travel back to the gate and travel north.

Go up the stairs to the chamber of ceremony....

WHAT THE !#@$@@$@$@$@$@#!$@#@$!$%$?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!@#$@@!

Phew, okay now that that's over, let's go call the cops.

Travel to the gas station restrooms and use the phone.

Uh oh--Lee Card monitors the line!

 Only we need to go and see what's in the cave now because we have this shovel. But first, we need batteries for the flashlight.

We have the 2 pieces to the amulet now, so combine them in your inventory, then proceed back to Jake's bedroom.

Examine the safe and use the amulet on it to get an audio cassette tape. Pick up the tape recorder and equip the audio tape in your inventory. Listen to it. You can read a transcript in your journal if you want to see it again.

(If you previously took the batteries out of the audio player and put them in the flashlight, you can put them back in the player by using the flashlight on it.)

Now that you've heard the tape, take the batteries from the tape recorder and put them in your flashlight.

Go to the caves and use the flashlight. Travel southeast and examine the mound.  Dig it up with the shovel to witness another disturbing moment.

Head out of the caves.

Uh-oh...they found us!

After a long scene, wake up in a jail cell with Sue Ann peering down at you.


Day 5: Friday

Exhaust all dialogue with Lee Card.

Write down the random alarm code that Lee Card punches into a security system before leaving.

Read the unread journal entry. It seems that Sue Ann wrote an addendum to your novel.

Let's get out of this jail cell to save Amy and Kate!

Search the bed. Take the gum.

Look under the bed and take a shard and the bucket.

Examine the toilet. The tank lid is stuck. Take the toilet paper. Look at the drain.

Reach for the key, but it's too far away.

Use the shard on the toilet tank. Take the pipe.

Combine the gum with the pipe to make a sticky pipe.

Equip the bucket, apply it to the toilet, and get a bucket filled with water. Yuck!

Try to reach for the key again and use the sticky pipe. Yikes, the key fell down the drain!

Use the shard on the drain cover to open it.

Apply the toilet paper to the open drain to clog it, then apply the filled bucket of water. We've got the key now!

Apply the key to the jail cell to get out.

Travel out of the cell. Exhaust all options. Take the stuff from the cabinet. Look at everything.

Read the faked suicide note in your journal. These people really mean business!

Don't leave yet--if you do, Lee will just catch you.  Instead, examine Lee's mug and apply the sleeping pills we found in the Stantons' room. Wait for Lee to reappear.  Once he falls asleep, travel to the alarm and enter the pass code. (If you don't remember it, guess.  If you're wrong, go and search Lee--he'll have the code on him.)


Before going to Kate's house, make a pit stop to the motel and go into Room 1. Find an unpleasant surprise after using your flashlight.

Now, high tail it over to Kate's and force down the door!

Watch as events unfold before your very eyes....

Fight Nick until he is very tired, then smash him over the head with the champagne bottle in your inventory. Choose to kill Nick if you want an achievement.

Watch the ending.

If you unlocked all of the achievements, you can access a bonus scene.

Congratulations on beating the game! See you all next time!