Lifestream (2016) Walkthrough

by pixie4916


Gameplay and brief overview: Lifestream is Unimatrix Productions's first game using the Storycentric Worlds engine. It is a remake of the 2004 original point and click adventure game in text form, with additional gameplay, story elements, and told in an innovative form. This is a text adventure game with a unique interface that is pleasant to navigate. It includes compass navigation, an inventory through which you can combine items, an archive of journal entries and other readable materials, and more.

***Please note that this walkthrough will get you through the game and help you unlock all the achievements, but it may not give you a perfect score. You will have to figure that out on your own. ;) ***

Prologue: Pathways

Read and click through the prologue and see an elderly man clad in priests' attire, writing at an oak desk. He seems distressed and anxious, as if he is too deeply invested in whatever he is writing about.

See a young man named John Holton waking from a dream in his bedroom. Learn that his father, Randolph, has been missing and he decides to search for him on his own. Learn that his father is a priest (the man from the earlier scene?), so he does not want to involve police, as priests are supposed to be sworn to celibacy.

Randolph's Front Yard

You are given the choice to play on easy or normal mode. For this walkthrough, I will play on normal mode. Easy mode offers hints and can walk you through any difficulties you may encounter, and also offers a tutorial and objective notifications. Objective notifications are optional for hard mode, but for seasoned gamers, I recommend against them for a challenge.

Playing as John, arrive to your father Randolph's home. Click on the grass. That's odd. Randolph's lawn is overgrown. Click on the iron gate. You can't leave until you find your father.

Go west, via the compass. See the pond. Click on the water. Optionally throw a pebble into the water so John can reminisce about his childhood. Pick up a stone. It is now in your inventory on the side tab. Examine something else. Click on the trees if you please. Learn that John is a loner. Click on the flowers. They are actually chamomile. We'll come back to this later.

Go east, via the compass. Go north. See the front door and click to examine it. Knock on the door. Randolph isn't home. Click to open the door, but the door is locked with a new lock. We have to find another way in. Examine something else. Click on the mailbox. It's locked and we need a small key to open it. The lock appears flimsy. Go to your inventory and click to equip the stone we took from the pond. Click "small stone" and the lock breaks open. Success! Take everything from the mailbox and it goes into your "journal entry" tab. Click on the tab to read the mail. Read a letter from a realtor which had a key inside of it (the key is now in your inventory), a letter from the mayor of Shady Brook (foreshadowing much? ;) ) and a letter from the Vatican from the month of September. Click back and then on the top tab icon to go back to the porch scene.

 Go south, then east. See a large cellar door that leads down to the basement. Click on the cellar door. Click to try and force it open. You are not strong enough to break the door open. Examine something else. Click on the gas meter. The shutoff valve is sealed. Click on the shed. Try to force open the shed door. Surprisingly resistant. Examine the padlock. Enter a combination. Six letters. Click to enter "Holton," the last name of John and Randolph, as referenced on your only inventory item. Pop! You can now travel east.

Travel east. Examine the contents of the shed. Click on the toolbox. Open the toolbox, but you can't since you need a small key to do so. Click on your inventory and equip the small key we got from the mailbox. The bolt releases. Inside are tools and plenty of nails. Take the broken hammer. Examine something else. Click on the pot. Odd...Randolph's favorite plant is wilted. Click on the duct tape and take it.

Go to your inventory. Combine the tape with the broken hammer by clicking on one, then the other. You now have a mended hammer.

Travel west. Equip the hammer and use it to force open the cellar door. A little vandalism never hurts! Examine the wood shards. Try to take the wooden plank but it is too cumbersome to carry around. Travel north. Click on the boxes. Was your father planning to move? Take the antique clock hand. Click on the bicycle. Click on the large table. Try to take the oil canister, but John says it is too slippery to carry around. Click on the wooden crate. Open the crate, but it is bolted firmly. Move the crate aside to reveal  a crawlspace that leads into darkness. Travel east but the tunnel is too dark to see.

Randolph's Living Room

From the basement, travel north. You are now in Randolph's living room. You are home.

Click on the bookshelf. Examine the left bookshelf. Examine the poetry book. Examine the true story of my life book. John says these books are of no use to him. Examine an unmarked notebook. Note that pages have been ripped out of it. John says it's his father's. Read the two journal entries in your stash. Learn that Randolph was feeling uneasy about something stirring in the parish and that he struggles with giving homilies. Learn that Father Grandl will be helping Randolph give better homilies.

Examine something else. Click to examine the right bookshelf. Examine the paperback book. Note that it's a novel written by Jake Torrent (alluding to Shady Brook). Examine the herbal mysticism book. It is a book that features spells that can be performed using common household objects. Pull out the odd-looking book, which opens the passageway to the basement. You can now travel south to the basement if you please. Receive bookworm achievement. You should feel special now ^_^

Examine something else. Click on the armchair and search the cushion, and find a crumpled sheet of paper that is now available in your stash. Open it and see that it is an article about the different moon phases and what months and days each phase will be present. Examine western door, but the door is locked.

Randolph's Study

Travel east to the study.  Examine the desk. Examine the desktop. Examine the quill (note that this is the quill Randolph was using in the prologue and the desk he was sitting at, as well). Examine the Bible. See a passage highlighted "5:30 I can of myself do nothing....."

Examine something else. Examine the drawers. Open the left drawer. Look at the framed photo of John and Randolph at the zoo. How sweet :)

Open the middle drawer. Read the letter inside that describes how Randolph acquired the house. It's available in your stash.

Open the right drawer. The right drawer is locked.

Examine the hutch. Examine the candle inside. John doesn't need the candle right now.

Examine the clock. It's missing a hand. Equip the clock hand in your inventory and set the clock to 5:30, remembering the Bible verse from earlier. Click! The right drawer is now opened. Take the journal entry from the drawer.

As John begins to read it, we switch to Randolph's perspective.

Chapter 1: House of Worship

Learn that Randolph loves children and is about to give a homily under the instructions of Father Grandl. Note in the instructions that Grandl says that someone is stealing church funds from the basket.

Examine the bed. Learn that Randolph lives a very honest, frugal lifestyle. Examine the drawers. Look at the necklace given to Randolph by Sister Camille, his favorite nun in the foster home where he grew up. Note that the necklace is worth a small fortune.

Open the top-left drawer. Take the robe. Randolph is now ready to give mass. Read the helpful homily notes from Father Grandl in your stash. Note what they say. This will be part of a puzzle.

Travel southwest. Examine the stoup. Bless yourself if it tickles your fancy. Examine the framed portrait. Randolph has a deep devotion to Christ. Examine the telephone. Randolph doesn't need to make a phone call at this time.

Travel north to Father Dan's room. Randolph says he doesn't need to visit him at this time.

Travel east to Father Grandl's room, but Randolph doesn't need to visit him either.

Northeast will bring you back to Randolph's room.

Travel southwest. Examine Randolph's car, but he doesn't need to go anywhere at this time.

Northeast will bring you back to the common area.

Travel northwest. Examine the statues. Examine the garden shears. Try to take the shears, but Randolph says they are too cumbersome to carry around.

Southeast brings you back to the rectory entrance where Randolph's car is.

Travel north into the church foyer. Randolph gives mass. Per Grandl's instructions, aim to give the perfect homily.


Start with a joke.

How can we welcome Jesus into our lives?

An average length--10 minutes

End on a positive note


Watch as Randolph gives the mass. Afterwards, an elderly woman named Anne Rose approaches you. Examine the church bulletin and take one for your inventory. We'll use this later.

Look at the elderly woman, then talk to her. Choose how you wish Randolph to interact with Anne...either a kind, loving priest, or a grumpy old codger ;) Learn that Anne has dropped her purse and wants to know if you have seen it anywhere. She asks for your help in locating it.

Travel northeast and play the piano if you wish.  Three times earns you an achievement.

Travel southwest to go back to the church foyer. Try to travel south and Randolph says he should help in locating the purse before he leaves.

Travel north to the church pews. Pray if you wish (doing so several times will yield an achievement), then search the pews for Anne's purse. You find Anne's purse in the pews. Beside the purse is a $50 dollar bill that must have fallen out of it. You can choose whether or not to take the is up to you whether or not Randolph Holton is a kleptomaniac ;) This will affect a decision made later in the game, so choose wisely.

Travel north to the church altar. Examine the Holy Bible. James 1:13-16, which is available in your inventory. It speaks of temptation. Hmmmm....

Examine the crucifix. Examine the tabernacle and take the chalice. Pick up the sheet of paper discussing how to administer confession and read it in your stash.

Travel south back to the Church pews. Travel south again and give Anne her purse back by equipping it in the inventory....depending on your decision earlier, the money will be given back to her or she will notice it's gone, which you learn was to give her grandnephew for his tenth birthday. You may or may not feel like a louse after this ;)

She says that she doesn't go to Church often from a bad leg and feels remorseful. You choose how to reply. Accept her dinner invitation (or reject it for an achievement) and agree to meet at 5:00pm. Her address is in your inventory now.

Time to administer confession!

Head north to the church pews and then west. Randolph says he has to go and put his liturgical vestments away first.

Travel south to the church entrance and meet Father Grandl for the first time. Yes, he looks like a creep.

He praises Randolph for the homily given, assuming you gave it correctly per his instructions. You choose how to reply as Randolph.

Travel southeast, northeast, northeast to Randolph's room and open the dresser, equipping the vestments, to put them away in the drawers.

Travel back to the confession booth.

Look at the plaque and see the Act of Contrition.

Press the green button and then the red, per the instructions in your stash.

Start with a blessing.

Learn that the man is the one who has been stealing the church funds from the basket.

You can choose how Randolph responds to this. He can either be a stickler for the rules or a rebel. If you want to receive all the achievements, make sure to follow the instructions properly.

Following the instructions, have the man read the Act of Contrition. He clearly lacks sincerity as he reads it. This makes sticking to the rules quite challenging....

If you are still adamant about following the instructions, absolve the man and he leaves.

See what happens if you choose other paths.

Press the green button and then the red again.

Anne Rose enters the booth. She feels guilty about not attending mass due to her bad leg.

You can choose how you want to proceed as Randolph, but per the instructions:

1) State a blessing

2) Ask her to read Act of Contrition

3) Absolve Anne

Press the green button and then the red again.

A shadowy figure stands in front of you saying he needs your help and he doesn't know who else he can trust.

The man gives you a small key (now available in your inventory) and tells you to go to the bank and open his safe-deposit box with it. Before he can finish, he runs off saying that some people are after him.

The man is gone.

Chapter 2: Meetings

You switch back to John. He has just finished reading the journal entry. He wonders what is inside of the safe-deposit box. Learn that John has a terrible headache.

John hears someone in the house.

In Randolph's study, examine the trash bin (the crumpled note goes into your stash). Learn that Randolph has been missing at the church. What could have made him do this?

Examine the coat rack and take the work gloves. Read all unread journal entries from stash.

Travel west and see Father Grandl in your father's living room.

Choose your dialogue branches and choose whether or not you want him to think you are Randolph's son or nephew.

Grandl says your father is sickly and was told not to leave his bed. It's as if he's losing his soul...

He says Randolph gave him a house key and that he is looking for a rosary that Randolph borrowed from him. He leaves to continue his search of the house.

Travel west to the foyer and see a young couple there, who seem completely oblivious to your presence, and who also appear to be buying the house. What was that?

Examine the compartment. Try to open it, but it's stuck.

Examine the patio door. You need a key to unlock it.

Examine the front door and unlock it. You can now travel south.

Travel west to the dining room. Examine the dining table. You don't need a candle right now.

Travel west and examine the cabinet. Take the matches. Take the wrench.

Try to take the pot but you don't need it right now. We'll come back to that later.

Examine the sink. Take the dull knife.

Examine the stove. Click on the oven, try to open it, but it is stuck from crusted food. Yuck!

Turn on the oven but it won't heat up.

Examine the cooktop. Turn on a burner, but it won't start.

Examine the wine hutch.

Travel east, east, northwest. Take the chisel and head back southeast.

Travel south, south, east, to the side lawn. Notice the gas meter again. Equip the wrench to turn on the gas to the house. Now the oven and cooktop should turn on.

Travel north, north, west, west, west to the kitchen. Turn on the oven, but it doesn't get hot enough to remove the substance. Click on the cooktop and John says he doesn't know why he would turn on a burner. Equip the chisel from the inventory and click on the cooktop again. Click! Did I mention how pleasant those sound effects are?

The chisel becomes hot to the touch. Click on the oven again. Equip the hot chisel and use it on the substance holding the oven closed. Success! Look inside the oven and equip the gloves in your inventory to take the hot pole.

Head east, east, east, east to Randolph's study. Click on the painting and use the pole from the oven to unlock the painting. Voila!...hold on, its hinges are rusted...

We need the oil can.

Head down to the basement (West, south). Equip the gloves and take the oil can. Head back to the study and use the oil can on the rusty hinges. Click to open the painting. Find a compartment of Randolph's journal entries. Why did he put so much effort into hiding these?

Note that John's headache is worsening. Take the entries.

Chapter 3: Dinner Guest

Switch back to Randolph's perspective. It's 4:00pm (1 hour before meeting Anne Rose for dinner), so Randolph decides to head to the bank to open the safe-deposit box first.

Head southwest, southwest. Try to get in the car but Randolph says that Father Dan borrowed his keys.

Head northeast, north and Randolph knocks on Dan's door. He's out, but Randolph decides to search for them.

Examine the bed and search for your keys. No luck.

Examine the dresser. Search for your keys. No luck. Read the newspaper article. Take the magnifying glass.

Examine the fireplace and search for your keys. Bingo! Try to take the keys, but Randolph is smart and doesn't want to roast his hand.

Head south. Examine the stoup and equip the chalice to pick water up into it. Head north, equip the filled chalice to put out the flames. Try to take the keys but they are too hot. Use the trusty church bulletin from earlier. Equip it and grab the keys. You still need a way to cool them off, though, so head south, examine the stoup and equip the keys to douse them in the cool holy water. Mission accomplished!

Head to the bank. Travel southwest and get in the car to go to the bank. Ring the bell. Look at the teller and note that her nametag says "S. Gropner." Then talk to her.

Randolph says he needs to see the safe-deposit box but doesn't remember the number. She asks to look up his account, but Randolph says it's for someone else. The teller says she unfortunately needs a written and signed letter of approval from the account owner before she can let Randolph check it.

Ask her to make an exception. She says there is nothing she can do. Notice that she seems distracted and nervous. Exhaust all of the question options, and ask the teller if she is okay. Learn that she is distracted and scared since her 23-year old sister, Audrey, got into a car accident and she is waiting to hear from the hospital. Learn that Audrey's birthday is four days before her own.

Choose how to reply (kind or grumpy Randolph).

Look at the calendar. The month of July is shown with two birthdays: July 6: Happy Birthday, Liz! and July 16: Happy birthday, Sally! Remember that the teller's nametag shows that her first initial is the letter S. Put two and two together that the teller is Sally, and that Audrey's birthday is four days before hers, which would be July 12.

Leave the bank and head back to the church.

Head northeast to the common area. Click on the telephone and call the local hospital. The nurse asks for some information. Give the following information: Audrey Gropner, July 12, 1971. (You deduce her birth year, since Sally says her sister is 23 and the current year, according to the character page and previous cutscenes, is 1994. Subtract 23 from 1994 to get 1971. Hooray!)

Talk to Audrey and find out how she is doing. Find out that while she was okay from the car accident, the doctors found a congenital heart problem from the tests they ran :( Audrey says she needs an emergency operation but doesn't have the funds to do so. Poor Audrey. She asks Randolph to contact Sally right away to tell her.

Head southwest and drive back to the bank.

Ring the bell and Sally comes back. Talk to her and tell her about her sister. Sally says that while she and Audrey both do not have the money to fund it, they will figure something out.

Now depending on whether you took the money from Anne Rose's purse earlier in the game, you will do one of two different things here.

1) If you took the money, then give Sally the money by equipping it and the gesture warms her heart so much she decides to do you the favor with the deposit box.

2) If you didn't take the money, head back to Randolph's room in the church and grab Sister Camille's (or Camilla's, depending on the day) necklace to give to Sally to fund the procedure.

Sally agrees to help you but she needs the box number. Go to your inventory and combine the magnifying glass with the safe deposit key to get the box number. Go back to Sally and tell her the number is 018.

She hands you a heavy package. Head to Anne's house, equipping her address.

Enjoy your yummy dinner! :)

Anne asks if Randolph has children as the very last piece of conversation. Randolph looks up, startled. The scene cuts and we go back to John's perspective.

Chapter 4: The Well

John's headache is now in full swing. Anne seems oddly familiar, as if John was experiencing the journal entry as he read it. Read all unread journal entries in stash.

Head west, west and encounter Grandl again, coming in from outside. Awesome, he left the door unlocked! Head north to backyard.

Examine the well. It's missing a bucket and crank and is completely dry. John spots something at the base of the well, but is unable to reach it. John says we need to build a new crank.

Examine the pipes. You can adjust the left, middle, and right valves. We'll come back to this in a bit.

Head northeast to the gazebo. Click on the gazebo. Stare into the crystal ball....creepy. What could it mean? Stare into the ball a second time for another sequence. Look at belladonna plant. It's a toxic nightshade. Examine the male statue. Try to take the sword but it's too heavy and secured to the statue. Take the crowbar. Am I the only one who gets extremely excited when I find a crowbar?

Examine the female statue. Note that there are roses here.

Head southwest, south, west. Hear the couple speaking again.

Head east, click on the compartment, equip crowbar. Open sesame! Click! Thank you! :)

Take the bucket and rope. Awesome value, 2 for 1! ;)

Look at the printed manual. Read it in your stash. To activate water to the well, turn Pipe A all the way right, Pipe B in-between, and Pipe C all the way to the left.

Take the small coin.

Head north. Combine the bucket and rope in your inventory. Equip it and apply it to the well.

Okay now let's make a crank!

Head south, south, east, and take that trusty wooden plank from in front of the cellar door.

Head north, north, west, north to the well. Equip the wooden plank and apply it to the well. Oops, we need some nails to secure it.

Head back down to the shed and grab nails from the toolbox. Combine plank and nails in inventory and equip it. Head back to the well and apply the makeshift crank. We need to secure it.  Git Er Done! Hammer those nails in place and you are good to go :)

Turn those pipes now. Turn the left valve right until it can't turn anymore, then turn the right valve left until it can't turn anymore. Then turn the middle valve right once. Pleasant sound effect time!

Phew, almost there!

Click on the well and turn that crank and pull up the goodies. Some more journal entries in a plastic bag.

Before you can read them, the couple returns. They speak of sealing the well to John's confusion.

As you read the entries, you shift to Randolph's perspective.


Chapter 5: Conspiracy

Time to open the package! Feel like a kid on Christmas...or maybe that's just me.

Examine the bed. Take the gloves.  Click on the chest. The chest is locked. Click on the folder. It is sealed in thick twine.

Travel south, southwest, northwest. Remember the garden shears from earlier? See Grandl standing in front of the garden shears. He says that Father Dan is in his room. He also will not let you take the gardening shears.

Travel northeast, north to pay Father Dan a visit and talk to him. He gives feedback about your homily.

Examine the dresser and look at the letters about last rites. Randolph asks if he can perform last rites and Father Dan agrees. This will be a good diversion for Grandl.

Travel to Grandl again, equipping the letter in your inventory. Grandl leaves.

Take the gardening shears now that Grandl isn't acting sentry to them. Travel back to Randolph's room.

Equip the gardening shears and apply them to the folder. Success! Read the various documents, which will be in your stash. Learn about the Lifestream and the Almas Moquaddas, as well as a secret brotherhood called Singhaa.

Equip the key that you received from the folder and use it on the chest. See the Almas Moquaddas. Per the documents, you cannot touch it with bear hands. Equip the gloves in your inventory before picking it up.

Travel southwest, north to talk to Father Dan about all this. Exhaust all conversation with him about the Lifestream. Father Dan asks for proof. Equip the Almas Moquaddas.

Father Dan leaves with the gem to seek information. Switch back to John's perspective.

Chapter 6: Making Contact

After reading the journal entries, John believes Randolph is trapped inside of the Lifestream and wants to find a way to get him out. John suspects that the couple he's been seeing are also trapped inside of the Lifestream and decides to try and make contact with them. Read all unread journal entries in your stash.

Travel south, east to the living room. Click on the right bookshelf and close the secret passageway. Examine "Herbal Mysticism" book. Look at the spell of revealing. Read details about the spell in your stash of entries. Sounds like a good spell to use to make contact with the couple.

We need: chamomile, nightshade, rose petals, a knife, a mortar and pestle, a pot of water and a burner, and we need to know the current moon phase. I think we can manage this.

Travel west, south, south, west, and pick the chamomile by the pond.

Travel east, north, north, north northeast to the gazebo. Click on the female statue and pick a rose petal.

Click on the gazebo and click on the belladonna plant, which is a nightshade, equipping the gloves in your inventory first before picking it since it is toxic.

We have a knife in our inventory that we picked up in the dining room earlier. Now we need a mortar and pestle and a pot of water. We will use the burner in the kitchen, since we turned the gas on earlier.

Travel southwest, south, west, west to the kitchen. Click on the cabinet to take the pot. Travel east, east, northwest. Jump from Grandl's ominous presence. This guy really needs to learn social etiquette...but at least he unlocked some doors upstairs for us.

Travel west and see the couple again. Examine the bed and search it. Look under the bed and take the chalice. Click on the left nightstand. Open the drawer and take the coin. Click on the right nightstand. Open the drawer and take the key head.

Click on the dresser and examine the music box. You need the full key to wind it up. Search the dresser drawers.

Travel east, northwest to the bathroom. Examine everything. Flush the toilet if it pleases you.

Okay, we can fill the pot with water from the sink, but we need to turn the water on to the house, since we turned it on to the well only earlier.

Travel southeast, southeast, north to the pipes. Per the manual in your stash, see which directions the valves need to be turned to turn on water to the house.

Turn Pipe A all the way to the left, Pipe C all the way to the right, and Pipe B in-between. Click on the pipes. Adjust the left valve all left, left, left until it can't turn anymore. Click on the right valve and turn it right, right until it can't turn anymore. The middle one needs no adjustment. Water should now be directed to the house.

Travel south, northwest, northwest to the bathroom. Equip the pot and click on the sink. Water fills the pot.

Okay now we need a mortar and pestle and we need to know the current moon phase. Travel southeast, southeast, south, south, west to the pond. Click on the water to pick up another stone. In your inventory, combine the rock with the chalice to create a makeshift mortar and pestle.

Now, the moon phase. We know that the month is September from the mail we found in the mailbox earlier. We need to know the date though.

Travel east, east, north to the cellar. Hello Grandl. For some reason, our presence annoys him even though he is the intruder...

Use him for information. He says that today is Sunday the 7th. So we know the date is September 7th. From your stash, look at the moon phase sheet that we found in the armchair earlier. It would be a waxing moon.

Now lastly, we need a candle and a large basin. Travel west, north, north, west to the dining room. Click on the dining table and take a candle. We have matches in our inventory. Combine them with the candle to make a lit candle. Lastly, a large basin can be a bathtub.

Okay we have everything we need!

Travel west to the kitchen. Click on the stove and then the cooktop. Equip the full pot and apply it to the cooktop. Okie dokie. Now pull out your handy dandy spell of revealing. So we are going to follow the directions for a waxing moon.

Mash the belladonna by applying it to the makeshift mortar and pestle in your inventory. Add the mashed belladonna to the pot by equipping it and applying it. Stir once. Combine the chamomile with the knife in your inventory. Then apply it to the pot. Stir twice and turn up the heat and boil for 2 minutes. Lastly, add the rose petals. Take the pot with the gloves and go to the tub in the bathroom.

****if you mess up at any point, use the gloves and take the pot, then to the kitchen sink to empty it. Re-collect the ingredients you lost, add water to the pot again, and start over.  Try to do it on the first try, though, because you'll get an achievement!****

Empty the contents of the pot into the bath tub by equipping it in your inventory.

Equip the lit candle and apply it to the tub. Speak the incantation "Phasma Evigilo."

It works! See the woman and try to make contact.

Click on the tub and try talking to the woman but to no avail.

Try flushing the toilet but to no avail.

Click on the sink and write a message on the mirror. Bingo!

Choose to write "Can you see this?"

To your surprise, she sees the message on the mirror. The woman calls out that she can read it, but gets no response. She writes "yes" on the mirror in response.

John writes "You're trapped inside the Lifestream!" The woman has no idea what the Lifestream is, but the spell ends before any more words can be exchanged. John feels defeated.

Switch back to Randolph.

Chapter 7: The Search

Experience Randolph's dream sequence. He wonders if it was a dream or a vision.

Travel southwest, north to see if Father Dan has any new information for you about the Lifestream.

Search Dan's room.

Search the bed, dresser, fireplace, and curtains. Nothing.

Search under the bed. Jump out of your skin.

Father Dan is dead, stabbed through the heart.

Examine the knife. It looks ritualistic in nature.

Examine the eyes. They are swollen and bruised, implying that he was beaten beforehand.

Examine the neck. Strangulation marks. Did someone come up from behind Dan and strangle him before stabbing him?

Notice that Dan wrote the words "G-R-A-N" in his blood....Grandl? No surprise there. That guy seriously wigs me out.

Run to call the police.

Search for clues while you wait for the police to arrive.

Search Grandl's room.

Search the bed.

Examine the wooden chest but it is locked.

Search the dresser. Find a music book that has the words "Forsake the Devil and Embrace our Cherished God" written in it. Examine it in your stash.

Examine the painting of Jesus's crucifixation. Was there a member of the brotherhood of Singhaa there? And what is Grandl's connection to the brotherhood?  Use the magnifying glass on the painting for an achievement.

Travel to the piano (west, southwest, northwest, north, northeast). Play the notes: F, D, E, C, G (the capital letters from the page in Grandl's room). Get the key.

Travel back to Grandl's room and use the key to open the wooden chest. Click!

Read the letters. They are available in your stash. Learn that Grandl was accused of betraying the brotherhood of Singhaa and stealing the Almas Moquaddas.

Click on the Bible. Read the passage in your stash. Written in blood. Yeah, this isn't exactly convincing me of his innocence.

Examine Grandl's collar last. Notice a symbol of the brotherhood of Singhaa inscribed on it.

Suddenly Grandl comes back and confronts you.

Choose wisely--any choice will do.
The police arrive.

In the coming weeks, they arrest a homeless man named Grant Stork for the murder. Hmmm...but I thought for sure it was Grandl!

Randolph takes it upon himself to research the Lifestream until it consumes him.

Chapter 8: Remembrance

Switch to John. His headache is worsening.

Travel southeast, north. Grandl is mumbling to himself...hmmm that's normal.

Search the guest room.

Search the miniature bed. Get a red coin.

Examine the chest but it's locked.

Examine the rocking horse. John reminisces.

Examine the ball. No pun intended.

Equip the 3 coins in your inventory and click on the chest. Apply them to unlock it. Inside are child's toys and more journal entries. Take the journal entries and read them in your stash. Learn that Randolph took a sabbatical after Father Dan's murder and returned home, to the house John is currently in. Learn that Randolph desperately wants to open the Lifestream and it has become an obsession. He says to look under the bathroom rug. Hope is despair. Life is meaningless. Paradox is truth.

John further worries that Randolph is trapped inside of the Lifestream.

Travel south, northwest and click to look under the rug. See a rosary. Is this what Grandl has been searching for? Hear a loud crash. Travel southeast, southeast, west. See the table has been overturned in the dining room. Grandl sneaks up behind you and knocks you out. You fall to the ground, unconscious...

Chapter 9: Trial & Truth

Switch back to Randolph.

His research has led him to an ancient library. Randolph hopes to find information on the Lifestream here.

Randolph feels as if he's been transported through time when he enters.

Meet the librarian and talk to him. Exhaust all dialogue. Proceed forward to your destiny...

Travel north and end up in a cavern.

Examine north cavern wall.

Pick up the walkie talkie. Varne! Varne, come in!

Take the sledgehammer.

Equip the sledgehammer and examine the north cavern wall. Apply sledgehammer to the wall.

Examine debris. Notice that there are sharp rocks here.

Travel north. Notice the double portcullis. The gate from your dreams....

See the librarian again.

Search the passage. On the ground are 2 niches and a dirty rag. Take the rag.

Look at the west niche. Try stepping on the niche and the closer of the 2 gates raises! However, when you take your foot off of the niche, it closes again.

Look at the east niche. Step on it and the farther of the 2 gates raises. It closes again when you take your foot off of it.

Examine the portcullis. You need to raise both gates to traverse it. Both gates are closed.

Talk the to the librarian and exhaust all dialogue. Not a very good conversationalist, is he? Your trial awaits...

Okay we need to find a way to raise both portcullis gates at once. We can't possibly step on both at the same time.

Travel south and take a boulder.

Travel north and look at the passage floor.

Click on the west niche and place down the boulder by equipping it. We just raised the closer of 2 gates.

Click examine something else twice, then click to examine the portcullis.

Look at the close gate.

Equip the sledgehammer and place it under the first gate.

Examine something else.

Look at the passage floor.

Look at the west niche and pick up the boulder. Note that the sledgehammer keeps the first gate open. Awesome!

Examine something else and look at the east niche. Equip the boulder and place it on the east niche. Voila! Both gates should now be open!  Feel accomplished.

It appears you may now proceed...

Travel north to the endless corridors. Hear whispers. This way... Note that the voices all sound distinct...a male, a child, and a woman.

Go to your stash and click on the ancient note. It says that women are the left hand of God, men right, and children the path forward to freedom.

Travel forward first after hearing the child's voice.

Hear a male's voice. Right.



Hear a woman's voice. Left.


Enter the ancient monastery. See the two skeletons from your dream.

Look at the serpent statue. It has gemstones for eyes.

Look at the remains. The men appear to have been burned.

Look at the gem. The Almas Moquaddas is in one of the skeleton's hands. You can't take the gem with bare hands.

Talk to the librarian. Exhaust all dialogue...not that there's much of it.

Equip the rag and try to take the gem. The serpent's eyes shoot flames at you when you try.

We need to find a way to get the gem without the serpent detecting us.

Go back south, south, south, and apply the rag to the sharp boulder in the debris pile to rip it in 2.

Travel north, north, north.

Click on the serpent and apply the large rag to place it over the eyes.

Then equip the torn patch and pick up the gem.

Exhaust all dialogue options with the librarian.

Watch what happens after this.

Randolph wakes from the dream in his bed. But it felt so real...

On the back of Randolph's hand is a symbol of the brotherhood of Singhaa etched into the flesh. It worked...

Get out of bed at a sudden knocking at the door.

Travel east and southeast.  Insistent, isn't he?  Open the front door.

Hello again Grandl. Oh look he has a gun.

Choose how you wish to reply. Listen to Grandl's revelation.

Chapter 10: Gateway to the Realm

Switch back to John.

Wake from a dream and see a sneering greaseball hovering over you. Oh it's just Grandl. What a lovely way to wake up.

You are unable to move. He takes the rosary back. Grandl leaves and you find you are able to move again.

Pick up the other half of the key that Grandl must have dropped.

Examine the table and the broken dishes.

Travel east.  Look at the front door.  Oh look, Grandl boarded us in.  That's normal.

Travel northwest and north to the guest room. See the couple again. Learn that the house was foreclosed.

Pick up the business card and read it in your stash.

Combine the 2 key pieces into one in your inventory.

Travel south, west.

Click on the dresser and the music box. Equip and apply the key to it.  Listen to the melody a few more times for an achievement.

Remove the ballerina' head and take the parchment.

Read it in your stash. It's a note from your father. Look to your roots...

Travel east, southeast, east to the bookshelves. Remove the book and open the passageway. Travel south, south, west, west, to the tree. Search the roots and find a symbol consisting of an arrow. Directions? I think so!

Travel east, east, north, east. We need a light to see.

Open the wooden crate with the crowbar to get a flashlight. Read the obituary in your stash. We need batteries for the flashlight.

Travel north, west, northwest, north, and open the toy chest. Examine the electric monkey and take the batteries. Combine them with the flashlight in your inventory.

Travel back to the basement through the passageway and equip the flashlight. Travel east. See that you are in a sewer system.

Per the picture on the tree trunk, travel south, west, south, east, southwest, east.

Look around the side chamber.

Click on the sarcophagus. Read what is etched on it.  Open it with the crowbar equipped.

Read the journal entries in your stash. Examine the prayer book. Pick up the rosary. It looks just like the one you found under the bathroom rug.

Examine the photo...hmmm....

Travel west, west, north, west, west, west to kitchen.

Click on the wine hutch. Move the wine bottles and examine the key hole. It looks like it needs a cross-shaped key.

Equip the rosary and apply it to the keyhole. A passageway opens up.

See Grandl chanting in Latin. We have to stop him.

From this point forward, you get a special achievement if you die in every possible way, so be a masochist and make a lot of wrong choices before doing the right thing. It's fun!

You can try out all of the options if you please (doing so leads to certain death), but you just need to equip the prayer book in your inventory and apply it to Grandl.

Examine everything.

Jump into the gateway for certain death.

Touch the gem with your bare hands for a more painful certain death.

And then get out all that aggression over dying by grabbing a femur and smashing the gem with it.

Once you're ready to actually proceed, pick up the Almas Moquaddas with the gloves and apply it to the gateway to throw it.

Enjoy the ending! :) Don't forget to watch the unlocked bonus scene if you got all the achievements. Happy playing! ^_^