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“Father Randolph Holton was dead.  Not literally, of course.  But in his heart, he knew he could not live on...not after everything he had learned.  Sitting at his dark oak desk in the corner of the dimly lit, cozy study, the white-haired, frail Catholic priest--even frailer of late--dipped an old quill into a container of jet-black ink and began to write...”

So begins Lifestream, a haunting text adventure by Unimatrix Productions in which you take on the role of both Randolph and his son, John, in their search for an enigmatic realm known only as “the Lifestream.”


Length:  8+ hours; 65,000+ words
Genre:  Supernatural mystery
Difficulty:  Medium
Focus:  Exploration/puzzles
Rating:  Appropriate for ages 13 and up.  Contains some violence and adult themes.


Lifestream Preview by Eric Arevalo

Lifestream Demo Review by Hanon Ondricek

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