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Last updated:  October 29, 2018

General Questions

Q:  What exactly is Storycentric Worlds?

A:  Storycentric Worlds is an ongoing series of narrative gamebooks and adventure games that takes place in the same fictitious universe.

Q:  Who develops of Storycentric Worlds?

A:  Storycentric Worlds is developed by Unimatrix Productions, a couple-run independent game studio.

Q:  What should I do if my question isn’t listed here?

A:  Contact us!

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Game Questions

Q:  What types of games do you make?

A:  We make both adventure games and gamebooks in a variety of genres.  Everything from science fiction to comedy to drama to fantasy to mystery to romance–and everything else in-between–will be covered.  Some games feature exploration, whereas others focus more on puzzle solving.  Certain games may contain a large cast of characters, whereas others are solitary.  Our only requirement is that our games all feature quality storytelling.  Beyond that, the sky’s the limit!

Q:  How often are new games released?

A:  The development period of each game differs depending on its content; but, in general, we try to release at least one game per year.

Q:  Where can I purchase your games?

A:  Our games are available on our website and several popular third-party markets, including iTunes, Google Play, and, and Steam.

Q:  On what platform(s) can I play your games?

A:  Our adventure games are currently only available on the PC.  Our gamebooks are currently compatible with the following platforms:  PC, iOS, and Android.

Q:  Do you plan to make your adventure games available on iOS and Android?

A:  Not at this time, due to software and hardware limitations.  This may change in the future, however.

Q:  If I buy a game on one platform, will I own it on any others?

A:  Unfortunately, you are only able to play a game on the particular platform through which you purchased it.  So, for example, if you buy an iOS copy of a game, it will be available on any Apple device you own.  If you buy the PC version, it will only be playable on the PC.

Q:  If I buy a game on, can I get a Steam key?

A:  Of course!  Anyone who buys one of our games on will also receive a complimentary Steam key.

Q:  I heard that you remade all of existing Unimatrix Productions games.  Can you tell me more about this?  Which version of these games is the definitive one?

A:  We have, indeed, remade all three original Unimatrix Productions titles, including Lifestream, Shady Brook, and The Filmmaker.  Each remake features a revised and expanded storyline, along with new gameplay elements.  All games also feature connections to one another, which hint at a larger storyline to come.  Because of this, these new text adventures are considered the official “canon” versions of each game.

Q:  Are the plots of your games connected or standalone?

A:  All our games take place in the same fictitious universe and reference one another, contain overarching elements, cross over, and foreshadow future events to come.

Q:  Do I have to play every game to follow the story?

A:  While every game is part of a much larger universe, each can be enjoyed as a standalone adventure without the prerequisite need to play any others.

Q:  How long is each game?

A:  While the length of each game varies, you can expect a minimum of 6 hours of gameplay, presuming you do not struggle with any of the puzzles.

Q:  Do your games contain content ratings?

A:  We rate all our games for content and include a short description of why we chose that rating.

Q:  Are your games available in any language besides English?

A:  Unfortunately, our games are currently only available in English.  We plan to look into localization in the future.

Q:  What should I do if I found a bug?

A:  Please report it to us immediately!  We strive to ensure that all our games are bug free.  If you encounter a bug, we will do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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