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Last updated:  April 10, 2017

General Questions

Q:  What exactly is Storycentric Worlds?

A:  Storycentric Worlds is a website dedicated to the creation of modern narrative-focused text adventure games, commonly referred to as “interactive fiction.”  Our games combine elements of classic interactive fiction, gamebooks, visual novels, and adventure games.

Q:  Who developed of Storycentric Worlds?

A:  Storycentric Worlds was developed by Unimatrix Productions, a couple-run independent game studio.

Q:  Why make interactive fiction?

A:  In some ways, we believe that interactive fiction is the perfect genre for today’s mobile world.  Text games have a low learning curve, they are easy to play in short blocks of time, and–much like a novel–they immerse the player in a complex world with detailed characters and an intriguing plot.  Unfortunately, traditional interactive fiction also features elements that are unconducive to the mobile environment, such as the inclusion of a text parser.  Our goal is to revitalize the genre and produce quality story-centric titles.

Q:  What should I do if my question isn’t listed here?

A:  Contact us!

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Game Questions

Q:  What types of games do you make?

A:  We make games in a variety of genres.  Everything from science fiction to comedy to drama to fantasy to mystery to romance–and everything else in-between–will be covered.  Some games feature exploration, whereas others focus more on puzzle solving.  Certain games may contain a large cast of characters, whereas others are solitary.  Our only requirement is that our games all feature quality storytelling.  Beyond that, the sky’s the limit!

Q:  What makes your games different from other forms of interactive fiction?

A:  Our games combine the best elements of classic text adventures with a graphic user interface, beautiful artwork, and cinematic music.  We removed the text parser mechanic and replaced it with a context-specific multiple choice menu.  A compass allows players to travel from room to room, and separate inventory, map, journal, and character screens are available at the push of a button.  The result is a game that plays like interactive fiction but without the need to type a single command, thus removing the learning curve for those new to the genre.

Q:  How often are new games released?

A:  The development period of each game differs depending on its content; but, in general, we try to release a few games per year.

Q:  Where can I purchase your games?

A:  Our games are available on our website and several popular third-party markets, including iTunes, Google Play, and itch.io, and Steam.

Q:  On what platform(s) can I play your games?

A:  Our games are currently compatible with the following platforms:  PC, iOS, and Android.  We plan to explore the potential of an HTML5 release in the future, which would allow Mac and Linux users to play our games.  If this is something that would interest you, please let us know.

Q:  If I buy a game on one platform, will I own it on any others?

A:  Unfortunately, you are only able to play a game on the particular platform through which you purchased it.  So, for example, if you buy an iOS copy of a game, it will be available on any Apple device you own.  If you buy the PC version, it will only be playable on the PC.

Q:  If I bought a game on itch.io, can I get a Steam key?

A:  Of course!  Anyone who buys one of our games on itch.io will receive a complimentary Steam key upon the game’s release on that platform.

Q:  I heard that you are remade all of existing Unimatrix Productions games.  Can you tell me more about this?  Which version of these games is the definitive one?

A:  We have, indeed, remade all existing Unimatrix Productions titles, including Lifestream, Shady Brook, and The Filmmaker.  Each remake features a revised and expanded storyline, along with new gameplay elements.  All games also feature connections to one another, which hint at a larger storyline to come.  Because of this, these new text adventures are considered the official “canon” versions of each game.

Q:  Are the plots of your games connected or standalone?

A:  All our games take place in the same fictitious universe and reference one another, contain overarching elements, cross over, and foreshadow future events to come.

Q:  Do I have to play every game to follow the story?

A:  While every game is part of a much larger universe, each can be enjoyed as a standalone adventure without the prerequisite need to play any others.

Q:  How long is each game?

A:  While the length of each game varies, you can expect a minimum of 5 hours of gameplay, along with at least 50,000 words (including scripting), which is the equivalent length of a novel.  Most of our games far exceed this amount.

Q:  Do your games contain content ratings?

A:  We rate all our games for content and include a short description of why we chose that rating.

Q:  Are your games available in any language besides English?

A:  Unfortunately, our games are currently only available in English.  We plan to look into localization in the future.

Q:  What should I do if I found a bug?

A:  Please report it to us immediately!  We strive to ensure that all our games are bug free.  If you encounter a bug, we will do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible.

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