Todd Wickerman

Todd Wickerman was the greedy manager of the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater.


Todd Wickerman was born in January 1974.  He grew up poor and, as a young teen, vowed to turn things around for himself upon adulthood.  Money became his obsession.  At the age of sixteen, Todd got a part-time job as a dishwasher at a local restaurant, and he quickly got promoted to server.  He learned the value of hard work and paid his way through college, where he earned a degree in business management.  While there, he fell in love with fellow student Belle Aston, and the two quickly married in 1994.

With his savings, Todd purchased the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater.  Work became the focus of Todd's life, so much so that he did not show up at the hospital when his wife gave birth to their daughter, Heather.  Belle grew increasingly distant with her husband as a result of his work, and this culminated in the two divorcing when Heather turned three.  Despite his work-focused mindset, Todd was awarded custody of Heather, both because Todd's business at the theater provided stable income and because Belle had a drinking problem.

Todd's love for money came before anyone and anything in his life, including his own daughter, and Heather grew resentful toward her father as a result.  After she confronted him about this, Todd decided to give Heather a job at the theater when she turned fourteen.  Things turned from bad to worse, however, when Todd discovered that his daughter was secretly dating one of the theater's other employees, Jeremy Rebus.

The Filmmaker

In 2010, theater profits began to dwindle, and Todd Wickerman was forced to consider selling the theater.  When quirky filmmaker Claude Ferucil approached Todd in 2011 with a request to showcase his independent B-movies exclusively at the theater, Todd desperately jumped at the opportunity.  Ferucil promised that his films would draw in an audience, and he followed through with his word.

In May 2011, Todd's daughter Heather was found stabbed to death on the theater stage.  Todd accused Ferucil of murdering his daughter, and the two had a verbal fight; but Todd was a broken man, and Ferucil could not be stopped.  Todd began drinking then, just as his ex-wife had, out of a feeling of helplessness and regret.

A few weeks later, in June 2011, Todd himself was murdered by Claude Ferucil, burned to death in a fire while passed out drunk.  Ferucil infused Todd's soul inside the film Primal AtmosFear.  Todd remained there in a trapped state of remorse, no longer alive but unable to pass on.

In December, Todd, now a ghost, encountered Brianna Auberon in the Gateway Theater and tasked her with putting a stop to Ferucil's plans.  Todd was filled with remorse over his actions in life--focusing on money and ignoring his daughter.  Luckily for Todd, Brianna was successful in her mission.  She stopped Claude Ferucil and freed the souls of all the theater's employees, after which Todd was able to finally pass on.

Todd Wickerman

Name:  Todd Wickerman

Age:  34 (at time of death)

Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  The Filmmaker

Featured in:

Date of birth:  January 1974

Profession:  Owner of the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater

Known relations:

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