Sue Ann Whiteman

Sue Ann Whiteman is the daughter of Shady Brook residents Michael Whiteman and Tanya Whiteman.  She suffers from borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and possible psychosis.


Sue Ann Whiteman was born in 1982.  As a child, she was sexually abused by her father, Michael Whiteman, which led to Sue Ann's growing jealousy toward her mother, with whom Sue Ann felt as though she had to compete for her father's affections and attention.

Sue Ann learned at a young age to objectify herself, and she remains unable to tell the difference between love and obsession.  She judges potential mates based on physical appearance and sexuality alone and is incapable of having feelings for anyone other than herself.

Shady Brook

In 2005, when Jake Torrent moved to town, Sue Ann Whiteman immediately fell in love with him and wasn't shy about letting the author know it.  Upon learning of his imminent arrival in town, Sue Ann quickly read all of his novels in one evening, showcasing her tendency toward obsession.  She instantly became hooked on Jake's novels and now considers herself to be Jake's biggest fan.

One evening, Sue Ann's grandfather, Robert Thompson, ordered her to murder Jeffrey Stanton and kidnap his fiancĂ©e, Julie, as the couple were visiting town for the night.  Sue Ann followed her orders and shot Jeffrey in the couple's motel room.  Following this, she delivered Julie Stanton to her uncle, Rusty Johnson, who was smitten by the woman.

Seeing Sue Ann's interest in Jake, her father, Michael Whiteman, quickly picked the young author to be her mate.  After Jake discovered the town's worship of The Old Ones, he was knocked out and drugged.  While in a semi-conscious state, Sue Ann had her way with him in an effort to conceive a child so that she, too, could be immortal like the others in her family.

Sue Ann Whiteman

Name:  Sue Ann Whiteman

Age:  23 (at the end of Shady Brook)

Last Known Status:  Alive

First/last seen:  Shady Brook

Featured in:

Date of birth:  June 1982

Profession:  None

Known relations:

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