Sonny Peyton

Sonny Peyton is a serial killer with a warped view of justice.  His alternate persona, "The Judge," is responsible for the murders of 28 people.  Sonny is currently serving multiple life sentences in a newly-reopened Stonewall Penitentiary.


Sonny Peyton was born to Cassandra and Jimmy Peyton in September 1991 in Tunitia, Virginia.  When Sonny was still an infant, his father's work necessitated that the family move to Ontario, Canada.  Sonny's father was physically abusive and often beat Sonny with his belt if Sonny did as little as spill a milk on the floor or leave a piece of food on his plate uneaten.  Jimmy was a devoutly religious man--a trait inherited from his own father--and would make Sonny recite Bible verses for hours on end after dinner.  Cassandra tried to defend Sonny but was usually beaten herself for it, so began to keep her mouth shut to avoid making Jimmy worse.  To Sonny's relief, his father walked out the family shortly after his sister, Emma, was born.  Unable to continue to afford their home in Ontario, the family moved back to an apartment complex in Tunitia.

Sonny's mother worked hard and long hours as a waitress to support Sonny and Emma after his father's departure, and she came back exhausted and unable to give much attention to the children.  Sonny, as a result, often stayed by his friend Mark's, whose parents lived on the top floor of the same apartment complex in which Sonny's mother had moved after her husband's abandonment.  The two would play sneak onto the rooftop to play, throwing around a baseball or sometimes pretending they were fighter pilots.

One day in July 2003, as Sonny and Mark were playing on the roof, Mark tripped off the ledge and hung on the ledge for dear life.  Sonny was too petrified to do anything to save him, and Mark fell to his death as a result.  This scarred Sonny, and he became both solemn and devoutly religious after this, blaming himself for Mark's demise.

To make matters worse, Emma didn't come home on the bus from school on one particular Thursday two years later.  Sonny's mother called the police, and, a few days later, Emma's body was found in the woods a couple of miles from the school.  She was murdered brutally, and the culprit was never found--a fact that angered Sonny beyond words.  The injustice was too much for him to bear.  He blamed himself for Emma's death, as well, telling himself that if he had been there to protect her, she would still be alive.  Sonny took this out on himself, using a belt to flog himself nightly while reciting Bible verses in a hope to repent to God for his sins.

At the age of eighteen, Sonny started college online to became a web designer in order to support himself and his mother so that she didn't have to work anymore at the diner.  His mother was never the same after Emma's death and barely spoke to Sonny.  When she did, it was to call him vulgar names and accuse him of driving their father away and taking their sister from their lives.  Sonny knew that his mother wished he had died instead of Emma, which only added to his guilt.  His mother died of undiagnosed brain cancer only three months after Sonny started college, and Sonny dropped out of school.  He never allowed himself to mourn.

In the middle of the night after his mother's death, Sonny was lured to the attic by the voice of a little girl and discovered a tattered old journal in a box of his father's belongings. The journal belonged to Warden John Edward Duval, Sonny's great-great grandfather.  The writings inside spoke of harsh justice and the desire to cure the criminal mind.  This appealed to Sonny, who felt that he could continue his great-great grandfather's legacy.  Sonny believed that he had finally found his true life's purpose to redeem himself in the eyes of God.  After much planning, Sonny utilized his design skills to create the website, which was presented as a way for individuals to anonymously confess to crimes they had committed in order to alleviate their consciences.  Through tracking the IP addresses associated with the submissions, Sonny would find suitable victims for his upcoming, self-declared "acts of justice."

In June 2010, Sonny traveled across the United States, kidnapping victims who had posted confessions online and bringing them to his great-great-grandfather's now-abandoned prison, Stonewall Penitentiary.  There, Sonny set up events in such a way that the group woke up inside the prison in the late evening and, while trying to escape, was forced to face its collective crimes.  Sonny, who put on a mask, wore judge's robes, and called himself "The Judge," was ruthless and murdered each individual one by one over the course of the night.

Exhilarated by the experience, Sonny cleaned the prison's interior, buried the bodies in the prison yard, and vowed to carry out the same act again and again until he was finally caught or killed.  In Sonny's own words, "justice must be served."

Stonewall Penitentiary

In December 2011, Sonny Peyton began the fifth iteration of his ritual and kidnapped Becca Ronni, Gerard Auberon, Grayson Wilford, Jessie Bartlett, Louis Algar, and William Thane.  He brought them to Stonewall Penitentiary and posed as one of the victims.  Over the course of the night, Sonny murdered, in chronological order, Louis Algar, Becca Ronni, Gerard Auberon, and, through indirect means, Grayson Wilford.  William Thane and Jessie Bartlett, however, managed to survive and call the authorities, who promptly arrived at the prison and arrested Sonny.  Later that night, after combing through his social media and websites, police found a pre-recorded confession video hidden on

Summit of the Wolf

As of October 2012, Sonny Peyton is currently service his life sentence in a newly-reopened Stonewall Penitentiary.  His cellmate is Peter Kethagee.

Sonny Peyton

Name:  Sonny Peyton

Age:  21 (at the end of Summit of the Wolf)

Last Known Status:  Alive

First seen:  Stonewall Penitentiary

Last seen:  Summit of the Wolf

Featured in:

Date of birth:  September 1991

Profession:  Web Designer

Known relations:

  • Cassandra Peyton - mother (deceased)
  • Daniel Price - great-grandfather (deceased)
  • Emma Peyton - sister (deceased)
  • Jimmy Peyton - father
  • Joey Price - grandfather (deceased)
  • John Duval - great-great-grandfather (deceased)
  • Kathy Price - great-great-grandmother (deceased)
  • Mark Koffelton - friend (deceased)
  • Susan Wanefair - great-great-grandmother (deceased)

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