Shady Brook

Shady Brook is a small town located south of the larger city of Trenton in the US state of Oklahoma.


The town was founded in 1983 by Robert Thompson and several of his children.  According to Robert, the town was built over the buried remains of an ancient civilization that once worshiped the pagan gods known as The Old Ones.  Shady Brook was so-named because of its location near the mountains, which provide shade, and a sizable babbling brook.

Notable Landmarks

There are several noteworthy locations in town, including:

The Brook

A small nature path alongside a babbling brook, this serene, space is a stark juxtaposition to town.  Near the brook are a series of caves, inside which town members bury the remains of their victims.

The Church

The church--if it can be called one--is located at the edge of Town Square.  Inside is where the town residents worship The Old Ones and perform Dark Magick rituals.  Robert Thompson resides here.

Danny's Cuts

Danny's Cuts is a barbershop in Town Square run by Danny Holt.  The shop is filled with pornographic posters and magazines, making it one of the seedier establishments in town.

Discount Laundry

Discount Laundry is the local laundromat, located in Town Square next door to Danny's Cuts.  It is owned and operated by Cindy Partlow.

General Store

The General Store sells groceries and general household supplies.  It is located in Town Square and operated by Kate Ekan.

The Lucky Star Motel

The Lucky Star Motel is a bare-bones motel located along Main Street.  It typically has many rooms available, as visitors seldom lodge in Shady Brook.  Sue Ann Whiteman likes to spend a lot of her time here, as she enjoys the peace and quiet.  Nick Ekan owns the motel and works at its front desk.

Mom's Retro Diner

Mom's Retro Diner is a small restaurant styled to look like a 1950s diner located in Town Square.  It is technically owned by Gary Mann, but he lets his mother, Betsy Rose, run it.

Rusty's Saloon

Rusty's Saloon is a western-themed tavern located in Town Square.  It is owned and operated by Rusty Johnson, who lives in the saloon's upper floor.  The establishment is quite popular with residents, who frequent the locale in the evenings to drink and play pool.

Sheriff's Office

The sheriff's office, located along Main Street, is where Lee Card, the sheriff of Shady Brook, spends most of his time.

Tim's Gas Station

The gas station, owned and operated by mechanic Tim Richardson, is located along Main Street.  The public restrooms located here are a common meeting spot for adulterous residents who are involved in affairs--a piece of common knowledge to which Tim purposefully turns a blind eye.

Town Hall

The town hall is where Michael Whiteman, current mayor of Shady Brook, works alongside his wife, Tanya.  A small museum inside the town hall showcases a brief history of Shady Brook and its founder, Robert Thompson.  The town hall is located along Main Street.

Shady Brook

In 2005, author Jake Torrent moved to the town of Shady Brook alongside his blind father, Wayne.  Within days, Jake discovered the town's darkest secret:  its members' collective worship of the pagan gods known as The Old Ones.  Discovering that the town has covered up many ritualistic murders, several of them infants, Jake dedicated himself to exposing the town for what it truly is.

Unfortunately, Jake was murdered by resident Tim Richardson before he could act.  While his passing was unexpected, it was not in vain--for Jake provided a sizable distraction that allowed unwilling resident Kate Ekan to escape from town with her infant daughter, Amy.

Shady Brook

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