Sandra Auberon

Sandra Auberon is the grieving widow of the late Henry Auberon and mother to Brianna and Gerard.


Sandra Auberon was born in July 1963 in Detroit, Michigan.  She married her husband, Henry Auberon, with her parents' permission at the age of sixteen and never had any regrets.  Cooking and baking were her passions, and, after giving birth to two kids, Gerard and Brianna, Sandra spoiled her family by always having warm treats fresh out of the oven and a home-cooked Southern meal on the table every day.  She was taught to cook by her maternal relatives, and Sandra loved how Brianna helped her in the kitchen as a child.  Sandra loved her children and her husband more than anything.

In 1992, Sandra and her family were forced to move from Detroit, Michigan to Concord, New Hampshire as a result of her husband's job.

The Filmmaker

In 2011, when her husband Henry died of lung cancer, it was as though time stopped for Sandra.  She felt like she no longer had any more love in her heart for anything or anyone.  In a way, she died with her husband. She could no longer even get out of bed without her daughter Brianna's help.  Sandra attempted suicide on multiple occasions and was diagnosed with severe clinical depression, which is one of the reasons why Brianna lives with her.


Losing her son, Gerard, proved too much to bear, and Sandra Auberon died of natural causes on January 12, 2012.

Sandra Auberon

Name:  Sandra Auberon

Alias:  Sandra Milton

Age:  50 (at time of death)

Last Known Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  The Filmmaker

Featured in:

Date of birth:  July 1963

Profession:  Housewife

Known relations:

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