Sally Gropner

Sally Gropner is a bank teller who currently lives in Michigan with her adopted daughter, Ophelia.


In 1994, Sally lived in New Hampshire near St. Jude’s Hope Church.  There, she assisted Father Randolph Holton in recovering the contents of one of the bank’s safe-deposit boxes in exchange for helping her sister, Audrey, who was injured in a car accident.  While receiving care for the accident, doctors uncovered a congenital heart condition that needed immediate attention.

Summit of the Wolf

Though Randolph Holton assisted Sally as best as he could, her sister, Audrey, died during an operation in the hospital.  After her sister's death, Sally moved to Michigan and began to work as a teller for a local bank there.

In 2012, Sally adopted Ophelia Kethagee, because Ophelia is the spitting image of Sally's late sister.  Sally hopes that Ophelia will one day view her as a mother, but she is wise enough to know that it will take time.

Sally Gropner

Name:  Sally Gropner

Age:  44 (at the end of Summit of the Wolf)

Last Known Status:  Alive

First seen:  Lifestream

Last seen:  Summit of the Wolf

Featured in:

Date of birth:  July 1968

Profession:  Bank teller

Known relations:

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