Renea Characters

Many characters have been featured in the world of Renea, which are broken down below by species.

Bakar (see Renea Characters)


The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is a terrifying creature that lives in the Catacombs of the Damned.  No one knows its species, but one thing is certain:  it is recommended to avoid the catacombs altogether, lest one fall under his evil spell.



Grell is a woodworker in Khisiko Village.  He is friendly and shows no suspicion of strangers, which is a contrast to others of his kind.  It is said, however, that Grell has a dark past.  Whether true or not, this reputation keeps other cions away from Grell, who--for his part--enjoys the solitude.


Moedeer is the overly-aggressive Guard Supreme of Khisiko Village.  He wears the Chain of Lead Ore with pride and protects the village from its enemies.  When not in active combat, Moedeer guards the entrance to the Caves of the Forgotten alongside his partner, Reep.


Payne is a blacksmith in Khisiko Village.  Suspicious of outsiders, Payne is a clear xenophobe.  This may be, in part, to the betrayal he suffered from fellow cion Roluk, who attacked Payne because Payne tried to injure a young and defenseless pixie hunter during open combat.  Though Payne will always wear the scars from that encounter, it has not deterred his faith.  It could be argued, in fact, that Payne is the most spiritual of all the cions on Khisiko Village.


Reep is a slow-minded cion who guards the entrance to the Caves of the Forgotten, alongside his partner, Moedeer.  Reep wasn't always slow; in fact, he once showed potential to become Guard Supreme...until he was kicked in the head by a pixie hunter during one of their excursions into cion territory.  When not on duty, Reep can reliably be found in the local dining hall consuming his favorite meal, stew.


Roluk was a pariah.  Excommunicated from Khisiko Village as the result of an altercation he had with Payne the blacksmith, Roluk was forbidden from interacting with its people.  Before he was cast out, Roluk was once the Guard Supreme, despite mental handicap.  During that time, pixie hunters attacked the village.  At the tail end of the battle, only one hunter remained:  a young and defenseless pixie who was clearly terrified.  Payne went to attack the boy, but Roluk interceded and fought Payne.  As no cion had ever harmed another until this event, Roluk was banned from his people.  One day, Roluk met Ophelia Kethagee, and the two traveled together until Roluk's death in Scarwood Keep at the hands of the Great Dragon Faytte.


Xen is the elder in charge of Khisiko Village.  His wisdom is sought by all cions, and his decisions become law.  Xen is kind, caring, and wise.  He, like the elders before him, has the honor of carrying the Sacred Scepter.  Little do the other cions know, however, that the real scepter was actually stolen by the warlock Bakar; the one currently in Xen's possession is a fake.



Faytte was a Great Dragon--the largest, strongest, and most vicious of all dragons.  Filled with pride, Faytte demanded tribute to any lesser beings who encroached upon his territory.  Those who did not offer proper gratitude suffered his was the case of those unfortunate enough to live in Scarwood Keep during Faytte's attack.  Faytte was killed by Ophelia Kethagee during her ascent of Mount Veil on her way to the Summit of the Wolf.



Adena is a kind and nurturing goddess who uncannily resembles Ophelia Kethagee's mother, Deana.  Unlike her real-world counterpart, however, Adena is loving toward and honest with Ophelia...yet there is still something distant and hollow about her, as though Adena will only show love through words rather than actions.


Epha Ilo

Princess Epha Ilo was the daughter of the late King Ilo.  Like her father, Epha lived in Scarwood Keep during the attack of the Great Dragon Faytte.  Though Epha survived, unlike her father, she was filled with despair as a result of losing everyone she loved and hanged herself only hours after the attack.



Charlotte was a famous pixie warrior in the village of Summerway who was renowned for her sword-fighting abilities.  When the Great Dragon Faytte first attacked Scarwood Keep, Charlotte was called for aid, and so she left Summerway with her daughter, Ilea Poh.  Charlotte got separated with her daughter on the way to Scarwood Keep, but Charlotte continued on her journey, knowing the severity of the dragon's attack.  When she arrived at Scarwood Keep, Charlotte fought Faytte...and lost.  Charlotte died in the keeps' larder, only moments after reuniting with her daughter, Ilea.

Ilea Poh

Ilea was a pixie toddler who got separated from her mother, Charlotte, while the two were traveling from their home in Summerway to Scarwood Keep.  Kind, trusting, and innocent, Ilea was loving and sweet.  She met Ophelia Kethagee and Roluk in the Caves of the Forgotten and decided to travel with them in search of her mother.  Over the course of their journey, Ilea bonded with them both and began to see Ophelia as a mother figure and Roluk as her "big teddy bear."  When Ilea found her mother lying dead in the larder of Scarwood Keep, it took everything out of her.  Ilea died herself shortly thereafter at the hands of the Great Dragon Faytte.

Ophelia Kethagee

Ophelia, the Renea counterpart of the real-world Ophelia Kethagee, is a pixie of the Kethagee tribe.  She traveled across the land from the Garden of Eternity to Mount Veil, in search of the fabled Summit of the Wolf.  Along the way, she befriended Roluk and Ilea Poh but lost both during the Great Dragon Faytte's attack on Scarwood Keep.  Ophelia eventually defeated the dragon and ascended Mount Veil, where she reached her destination and drank the sacred waters of the Pond of Knowledge, thus completing her quest...but at heavy price.



Webb is a large, hyperactive spider with hundreds of siblings...none of whom want anything to do with him, because they deem him "annoying."  Webb talks quickly and focuses so much on what he is about to say next that he often does not listen to the responses of those with whom he engages.  Webb's favorite form of recreation is the game hurrat, which he likes to play to an obsessive degree.

Spring Eagles


Coeus is a mythical figure to the spring eagles.  He is said to have been the one to teach intelligence and unity to his people through the unveiling of his Five Pillars of Intelligence.  Though they claim to be athiestic, the spring eagles revere Coeus as a god and spread his teachings to anyone willing to listen.


Greywing is the Head of Ceremony for the spring eagles.  He is in charge of ensuring that his people remain content despite their incarceration in the ruins of Caza'pu'ch.  Greywing is curious by spring eagle standards and has learned to never judge a book by its cover.


Grimtail is the spring eagle Warden.  He protects his people from outsiders.  Any who attempt to breach the ruins of Caza'pu'ch are immediately captured by Grimtail and brought before the spring eagle Chieftain, Helios.


Helios is the spring eagle Chieftain.  In charge of his people, Helios is responsible for ensuring that they are fed.  As a result, Helios will capitalize on any opportunity to acquire food, and spring eagles will eat any living thing they deem to be of "lesser intelligence."


Pholus is the spring eagle Master of Coin.  He is in charge of the distribution of wealth among the spring eagles, and he ensures that all financial transaction between eagles is both fair and just.


Pontus was the spring eagle Head Priest.  In charge of ensuring the spring eagles' reference of Coeus, Pontus was a master of history.  His one wish was to see the night sky, despite the fact that moonlight is lethal to his people.  His dream was fulfilled seconds before his death, as Pontus chased Ophelia Kethagee, Roluk, and Ilea out of the Caves of the Forgotten.  When he reached the outdoors, Pontus turned his head to the night sky and saw beauty.  When he faded away, he did so with a smile on his beaked face.


Shadowclaw is an isolationist spring eagle.  He prefers the solitude of his catacombs to the crowded ruins above.  Shadowclaw is a master of language and prefers to only speak in rhyme--for no purpose other than to show his superior intellect, even among spring eagles.

Tree Spirits


Herb is a forgetful tree spirit that used to be a cleric in the village of Summerway.  Those who come upon his tree may think that his forgetfulness is a result of his infusion within the tree...but no, Herb was always like this.


Kent is a cynical tree spirit who used to be an accountant.  He spent his life stealing coins from his associates and now regrets those pointless actions, for the extra coin does him no good now.


Wanda is an elderly tree spirit with an insatiable libido--especially for young cion men.  She doesn't mind being a tree spirit and, as a result, looks forward to any new additions to her long as she can hide from them the fact that she has mites.



Bakar is an "evil" warlock who is unpredictable and borderline insane.  Though he likes solitude, Bakar gets lonely and acts rashly, often without any thought.  Though he is more annoying than dangerous, Bakar's power should never be underestimated, for he has access to a wide variety of deadly spells...many of which he has used, and many more whose full effects remain unknown, even to him.

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