Renea is the fantasy world that is depicted in the book The Little Pixie Who Freed the Sun.  It is home to a wide variety of peoples.

Notable Species

There are several noteworthy locations in Renea, including:


Burrowers are giant worms native to the underground.  Vicious and carnivorous, burrowers have an insatiable appetite and will feed upon anything that moves.  The largest of burrowers are said to grow larger than six meters in height.  A burrower's size is directly linked to its appetite--the hungrier it gets, the larger its body swells.  A burrower's thick hide makes it nearly impossible to kill with a blade, though the creature is susceptible to fire.


Cions are large, primitive bipedal creatures that live as one with the land.  Honorable and dignified, they are a peaceful people who are sometimes preyed upon by greedy pixie hunters that wish to sell their valuable antlers, making the cions suspicious of outsiders.  Cions are led by the Tribe Elder, the oldest cion in the village.  He makes decisions on behalf of all his people, though it is said that no cion has ever disagreed with its kinsfolk.


Dragons are large, terrifying beasts that are capable of slaughtering entire villages with ease.  They prefer to live in solitary environments and sleep for most of the day, unless disturbed.  Highly territorial, they will seek out and kill any intruders who enter their self-appointed domain.


Goddesses are divine beings of light that manifest themselves as mother figures in the corporeal world.  They have magical abilities and appear when a lesser being is in need of spiritual guidance.  Highly nurturing, goddesses provide both comfort and unconditional love.  Though they attempt to guide, they never direct or take action, and they have the tendency to speak in riddles.


Humans exist in Renea quite as they do in the real world.  They live in a feudalistic society and are peaceful with the majority of other races in the realm.  Northern Renea is home to the human capital and King Ilo.  His castle, Scarwood Keep, is said to be one of the most magnificent sights in the world.


Pixies exist in small tribes and live in harmony with nature.  Males are aggressive hunters and track down wild game for sport, whereas females are kind and gentle nurturers with an insatiable curiosity.


Spiderfolk are a species of large arachnids that live on a small island in Circlewood Forest.  Highly territorial, spiderfolk are suspicious of strangers.  They spend their days spinning their webs and awaiting prey daring or foolish enough to cross their borders.  While they wait, spiderfolk are fond of playing their favorite game, hurrat.

Spring Eagles

Spring eagles are a noble and highly intelligent race that suppresses all emotion.  Cold and xenophobic, they care only for their own kind and not the outside world.  Spring eagles do not speak but instead posses a form of telepathy, through which they communicate among themselves and to others.  Though not outrightly aggressive, they are highly territorial and will attack if provoked.

Tree Spirits

Tree Spirits are trees that have been infused with the spirits of other species.  Once infused in a tree, the spirit of that individual is able to communicate with the outside world but not move.  Over time, the individual's voice fades, until the tree spirit is indistinguishable from a normal tree.


Warlocks are humans who have studied the ancient, dark magicks of Renea and discovered a way to harness the energy of the planet to accomplish their will.  Warlocks tend to live solitary lives and prefer the comfort of rune books over the company of others.  Given that warlocks live unnaturally long lives, it is best not to cross them--especially one with a bad temperament.


Wolves are mystical guardians that appear to those who are lost and help guide them to the answers they seek.  Despite their reputation, wolves are generally aggressive and feast upon creatures of the land when starving.  A wolf's color can change based upon the mood of the person who views it; as the follower's emotions darken, so too does the wolf's coat.

Notable Locations

There are several noteworthy locations in Renea, including:

Catacombs of the Damned

The Catacombs of the Damned is the burial place of all the deceased humans who died protecting Scarwood Keep.  Dark and foreboding, the catacombs are home to a monstrous creature known only as The Gatekeeper.  Winding, twisting passages make up the catacombs, making it impossible for adventurers to traverse the environment without a guide.

Caves of the Forgotten

The Caves of the Forgotten are a seemingly endless series of dark, looping caverns.  Though it is said that the caves lead to the other side of the world, no one has ever successfully traversed them to find out whether this myth has any validity.  The Caves of the Forgotten are home to the spring eagles, and they lead out both to the Seska Flatlands and Echo Falls.

Circlewood Forest

Circlewood Forest is a mystical place filled with beautiful, large trees.  A variety of woodland creatures roam about the area in search for food.  Due to its many winding paths, it is easy to get lost in Circlewood Forest, and visitors are advised never to wander from the main path.  Inside the forest lies Khisiko Village, home of the cions.

Echo Falls

Echo Falls is the former home of the Spring Eagles.  It consists of a series of grand waterfalls that flow from the Caves of the Forgotten to a large lake at the entrance of Moonlit Marsh.  Here, amidst the cacophony of crashing water, wildlife gathers in peace every early morning to sip from the falls' heavenly waters.

Garden of Eternity

A mystical, Eden-like environment that is home to the goddesses, the Garden of Eternity is surrounded by a flowing white mist, giving the whole area a surreal, dreamlike feel.  The centerpiece of this garden is a large pond, known as the Pond of Youth.  Only the purist may enter into the Garden of Eternity, and those who do are instantly filled with feelings of peace and contentment.

Khisiko Village

Khisiko Village is the home of the cions, located in a valley deep within Circlewood Forest.  It is filled with Stonehenge-like stones and small tribal huts, all centered around a grand bonfire.  The cion people often can be found eating and dancing around the fire, where they live peacefully as one with the land.

Moonlit Marsh

Moonlit Marsh is a desolate swamp that, according to local legend, is said to be home to an evil warlock who makes the trees whisper.  Visitors stay far away from the marshes, both because of the rumored sorcerer that lives there and because the marshes are adjacent to the cursed Catacombs of the Damned, into which no sane person dares intrude.

Mount Veil

Mount Veil is large and features a winding path to its top, with several bridges along the way.  A dark cave lies on the mountainside and is said to be home to the Great Dragon Faytte.  At its peak lies the Summit of the Wolf, a mystical environment that is said to have never been visited before, for no mortal has ever made it to the top of the mountain.  The area is considered sacred by the goddesses, as it is told to hold the secrets to the world in its hazy waters.

Scarwood Keep

Scarwood Keep is home to King Ilo and the royal family.  Located in Northern Renea, the keep is the most fortified position in the human empire, making it a common stronghold during wartime.  North of Scarwood Keep are the Scarwood Mountains, the tallest of which is commonly referred to as Mount Veil.

Seska Flatlands

The Seska Flatlands are a large, open plain bordered by a series of rolling hills.  Aside from wildlife, they are largely unpopulated, though pixie hunters often wander about in search of wild game.  The flatlands are a peaceful, neutral land and are considered "unclaimed territory" by all established civilizations.  Warm and inviting, the flatlands serve as a central hub to the Garden of Eternity, Circlewood Forest, and the Caves of the Forgotten.

Spring Eagle Lair

The Spring Eagle Lair is located among the ruins of Caza'pu'ch, an ancient city deep in the Caves of the Forgotten.  A pit of bones lies on one edge of the lair, the remnants of the victims who were unfortunate enough to stumble upon the eagles.  While the spring eagles used to spend their days in Echo Falls, they are now forced to remain in this subterranean home so long as the moon remains visible throughout the day, for moonlight will turn the eagles to dust.

Summit of the Wolf

The Summit of the Wolf lies at the peak of Mount Veil.  It is said that no living being has ever reached the summit, but it is rumored that anyone who sits from the summit's mythical Pond of Knowledge will receive the answers to the meaning of life and their true purpose.

Summit of the Wolf

In July 2012, Ophelia Kethagee woke up in the world of Renea and went on a journey across the land in search of the fabled Summit of the Wolf.  Upon reaching her destination, Ophelia drank from the Pond of Knowledge and woke up in Tristan General Hospital.


First/last seen:  Summit of the Wolf

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