Randolph Holton

Randolph Holton is a Catholic priest who continually struggles with his faith. After discovering a mystical artifact called the Almas Moqaddas, he learned about a supernatural realm known as the Lifestream, in which one’s wishes can become reality.  He spent months researching the realm and grew obsessed, eventually questioning his belief in God.  Ultimately, Randolph was forced inside the Lifestream by fellow priest Grandl Issa.  He spent 20 years inside the realm before discovering a way to escape back to our world.  Now, Randolph is repentant over his lost time and yearns to make a connection with God once more.


Randolph was born in 1939 in the small town of Abbot, Maine.  His mother, Cassandra, was sixteen at the time.  After birthing Randolph, she promptly put him up for adoption, and he was immediately placed in a foster home run by Catholic nuns in the neighboring city of Atkinson. To this day, Randolph is unsure of the identity of his father and has not seen his mother since his infancy.  It is unknown whether or not Randolph has any blood siblings.

Randolph's first nine years of life were both wonderful and horrible. The nuns treated him well and instilled in him a devout love of God; but, since the number of children who needed care was far greater than the few nuns that ran the home, their hands were full, and the other children made fun of Randolph for his reverence and solemn demeanor. As a result, Randolph often found himself dirty and alone.

Randolph spent most of his time in a small chapel in the back of the home, sitting in seclusion and silence. He spoke to God throughout the day and built a friendship with Him to cure his loneliness. Randolph’s favorite nun, Sister Camille (Camilla to her friends), always said that Randolph was special and destined to do great things in God's name.  Upon her passing when Randolph was nine, Sister Camille left to him a beautiful golden necklace, her only heirloom of value.

At the age of ten, Randolph took on the responsibility of helping the nuns to care for the younger children. He always looked forward to sunset, when he would gather the children around the fireplace and read to them Bible stories in an effort to provide them with the same hope in the Lord that had helped him through his own loneliness. Randolph loved his peers so much that he was sad to leave the Atkinson home when he was chosen for adoption at the age of eleven. He vowed that he would have children of his own one day to love even more.

Randolph’s foster parents treated him well, never differentiating between him and their blood son, James. Randolph led a simple and uneventful life with his new family, who encouraged his spiritual growth. At the age of eighteen, Randolph moved out of his parents’ home and worked three jobs--paper boy, factory worker, and janitor--to support himself in a small, dingy apartment. He did not complain, however; he was simply thankful to have a roof over his head. Randolph read his Bible each night and prayed constantly, God his only constant.

In 1962, both of Randolph’s stepparents died within a span of four months. Having never found a will, everything was left to James. James felt bad for Randolph, and so he gave his step-brother his parents’ house, which he had inherited, as a parting gift before setting off to pursue his dreams.  Randolph never saw his stepbrother again, as he died one year later in Amity, Maine.

Randolph’s life changed one night as he walked home from work and noticed a homeless man on the side of the road asking for food and shelter. It was snowing and freezing outside, so Randolph walked over to the man and gave what little money he had made at work that day. Randolph then told the man to have hope in the Lord. After thanking Randolph, the man asked if he was a priest, and Randolph said no. The man then told Randolph that he had been praying to God for an angel to bring him money to find shelter for the night--and that Randolph was his angel. It warmed Randolph's heart against the cold winds of winter, because this was all the proof he needed that God answered prayers. His calling became very clear on that night.

After years of study, Randolph took his vows and became a priest in 1976, desperate to guide his brothers and sisters in service of the Lord. He was assigned to St. Jude’s Hope Church in his home state, under the guidance of pastor Dan Adlersflugel.  There, he struggled with introversion and suffered with panic attacks before giving his sermons; but he knew it was worth it to make a difference in the lives of others. Randolph now had a wonderful family of his own: the other clergy members. God had blessed him abundantly. The only thing that Randolph lacked in life was a child of his own. But, he thought, it was a small price to pay for the wonderful opportunity to serve God.


Slowly but surely, Randolph's faith in God began to ebb away one day in 1994 while administering confession when a mysterious figure who claimed to be in danger gave him the key to a nearby safe-deposit box.  Intrigued, Randolph retrieved the box that same day. Inside was the Almas Moqaddas, a mysterious gem that supposedly opens the gateway to another realm known only as the Lifestream, in which ones dreams become tangible reality. The Lifestream’s promise of wish fulfillment enthralled Randolph, who became determined to learn everything he could about it and find his way inside to unlock its many mysteries.

After months of investigation, Randolph became obsessed with his search for answers and began to lose faith in the Lord. His determination to uncover the Lifestream’s secrets took its toll and wreaked havoc upon him.

Once fellow priest and member of the Brotherhood of Singhaa Grandl Issa forced Randolph to enter the Lifestream, Randolph basked in joy the likes of which he never could have imagined. But soon, the constant happiness became a burden to Randolph. He began to feel heavy with depression and came to realize that true happiness needs to be countered with its opposite to sustain over time. Unfortunately, Randolph could not exit the Lifestream, for those who enter the realm cannot escape through their own means. And so Randolph felt trapped.

Cleverly, after nearly twenty years of torment inside the supernatural world, Randolph made one final wish...to father a son, the son he’d never had--one that loved him beyond all and would do anything for him…even get him out of this treacherous nightmare. And as Randolph willed it, the Lifestream made it so, and John Holton came into existence. John’s love for his father drove him to search for a way to save him, and John ultimately found a way to open the gateway back to the real world. Though it pained Randolph to leave his son, he knew that he would never forget him and always love him.


After escaping from the Lifestream in the year 2010, Randolph immediately made his way to the closest church, whereupon he knelt down and prayed to God for forgiveness, his faith seemingly restored.

Stonewall Penitentiary

In January 2012, Randolph Holton was inducted into the Brotherhood of Singhaa as its newest Holy Father.

Father Randolph Holton

Name:  Randolph Holton

Age:  72 (at the end of Stonewall Penitentiary)

Last Known Status:  Alive

First seen:  Lifestream

Last seen:  Stonewall Penitentiary

Featured in:

Date of birth:  February 1939

Profession:  Priest

Known relations:

  • Cassandra - mother (deceased)
  • James Holton - stepbrother (deceased)
  • John Holton - son (fictitious)

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