A red prism was demon Claude Ferucil's source of power in our world.  It was destroyed by Brianna Auberon in December 2011.

The Filmmaker

In 2011, Todd Wickerman, during a fight with demon Claude Ferucil, cracked the prism into five pieces and hid them throughout the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater, greatly reducing Ferucil's power.  But in December of that year, Ferucil lured an unwitting Brianna Auberon to the theater and convinced her to find and mend the prism.

After she did, Ferucil was restored to full power.  It did not last long, however, for after Brianna discovered the effects of her actions, she tracked down Ferucil and destroyed the prism, forever banishing the demon from our world.


First/last seen:  The Filmmaker

Featured in:

Function:  Demon Claude Ferucil's source of power in our world

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