Peter Kethagee

Peter Kethagee was once a prestigious grade school psychologist and recipient of the local "School Psychologist of the Year" award.  Now, he is an inmate in a newly-reopened Stonewall Penitentiary, having been convicted of multiple accounts of child sexual and emotional abuse, possession of child pornography, domestic violence, and possession of illegal drugs.


Peter Kethagee was born in 1980 and raised in Michigan by Arthur and Lila Kethagee. Growing up, Peter endured bullying from peers for growing up in poverty and going to school dirty due to neglect from both of his parents. Arthur Kethagee, Peter's father, was a drug dealer and often beat Peter with his belt to take out drug-induced anger on his son. Lila Kethagee, Peter's mother, was terrified of her husband and was often locked in the bedroom while suffering clinical depression.

Peter had to learn to fend for himself from a young age. He would try his best to take care of his mother and bear the brunt of his father's anger.  When Peter reached his teen years, he started using drugs himself to drown out his home life. One of Peter's teachers in high school, a psychology teacher, noticed that Peter was on a downward streak and decided to mentor him. He encouraged Peter to focus more on his future to better himself. He even helped Peter to improve his grades and assisted him in earning a scholarship to a local university.

When Peter entered college, he met Deana Murphy, a literature major and exchange student from Britain. They fell in love at first sight and married after dating for only a few months.  Their daughter, Ophelia, was born a year after the wedding, and Peter loved Ophelia with all his heart. However, as time went on, Peter began abusing drugs and alcohol again despite having a high-end job as a psychologist at a local school. Peter gave into his temptations and turned more and more towards darkness. Memories of his childhood haunted him on a daily basis, and he drank and abused drugs to drown them out. Peter's abuse of Deana grew to almost resemble his father, and he physically and emotionally abused her regularly--especially when under the influence.

Peter was drawn to the innocence of Ophelia, and began to sexually abuse her when under the influence one night. This continued along with emotional abuse for many years. The innocence of Ophelia started to fade more and more with Peter's heinous actions.  Peter felt no remorse.  In fact, his actions were justified after an unexpected meeting with a mysterious young girl named Eve in 2011.

Summit of the Wolf

On one fateful night in July 2012, Peter Kethagee lured his daughter Ophelia into the basement and sedated her in an attempt to sexually abuse her.  Ophelia, despite feeling woozy, stood up against her father and attempted to attack him in an effort to stave off the abuse.  She fell down from dizziness, however, and bumped her head hard on the furnace.  Peter, panicked, cradled Ophelia's unconscious form and called for an ambulance.  Ophelia was taken to Tristan General Hospital.

While his daughter was a coma, Peter rehearsed a cover story for what happened with his fearful wife, Deana.  They told Doctor Dryden Simms and nurse Brianna Auberon that Ophelia fell down the stairs in the middle of the night to get a glass of water.  While the hospital staff had suspicions that this story may not be true, Peter insisted to Deana that they could not prove otherwise.

When Ophelia woke from the coma, she proved to be Peter's downfall.  She confessed everything to Brianna, and the police got involved.  As Ophelia was taken by child protective services, police raided the Kethagee Home and found enough evidence to arrest both Peter and his wife.

Peter was convicted a month later and sentenced to serve 40 years in prison.  In October 2012, he was transferred to a newly-reopened Stonewall Penitentiary, where he currently serves as cellmate to Sonny Peyton.

Peter Kethagee

Name:  Peter Kethagee

Age:  32 (at the end of Summit of the Wolf)

Status:  Alive

First/last seen:  Summit of the Wolf

Featured in:

Date of birth:  June 1980

Profession:  Grade School Psychologist

Known relations:

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