The Old Ones

The Old Ones are, according to the words of representative Eve, the "true pagan gods of our world."  They are demon spirits.


Little is known about the origins of The Old Ones.  According to the elder demon Eve, The Old Ones are pagan gods that were once worshiped on our world long before recorded history.  The Old Ones posses seemingly-supernatural abilities and wish to, according to follower Robert Thompson, "de-shackle us from our self-imposed chains of morality and provide us with a life of true freedom, one of unending happiness and joy."  Whether or not this is the true motivation of The Old Ones remains unknown.

Shady Brook

Robert Thompson, under the influence of the elder demon Eve, founded the town of Shady Brook in 1983 and lives there to this day with his family.  All members of town take part in regular ritual tributes to The Old Ones and sacrifice their first-born children in exchange for immortality in an attempt to ever-grow their family.

The Filmmaker

Without the authorization of his kin, the demon known as Claude Ferucil continually possessed human hosts over a span of several lifetimes.  In 2011, Ferucil had possessed a young filmmaker, through whom he captured human souls and infused them into the films he created.  Ferucil then fed off the positive energy others experienced while watching these films.

This continued until December 2011, when Ferucil was stopped by Brianna Auberon, who destroyed his link to our world and sent him back to the demon realm.  As punishment for this and his earlier unauthorized actions, elder demon Eve banished Ferucil from ever returning to our world and trapped him inside one of his own films for all eternity.

Stonewall Penitentiary

Stonewall Penitentiary warden John Edward Duval was influenced by Eve to experiment upon the inmates.

Summit of the Wolf

Eve met with Peter Kethagee at the school in which he works in order to encourage him to continue sexually abusing children rather than feel guilt or remorse over his actions.

The Old Ones

First seen:  Shady Brook

Last seen:  The Filmmaker

Featured in:

Known representatives:

Known goals:

  • Feeding off positive energy
  • "Helping" humans to shed their "self-imposed chains of morality" regardless of moral or legal implications.
  • Possession

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