Nick Ekan

Nick Ekan owned the Lucky Star Motel in Shady Brook.  Warm and kind, Nick hid a deep temper that was terrifying to those unfortunate enough to witness it.


Nick Ekan was born in 1976 in Trenton, Oklahoma.  He was one of the many children of Robert Thompson and Betsy Rose.

In 2003, at the age of 27, Nick was assigned to marry Kate Rostel, a woman who was visiting Shady Brook and forcibly kidnapped.  Accustomed to his family's pagan worship of The Old Ones, Nick eagerly agreed.  Despite her protests, Nick quickly fell in love with Kate, and the two formally married and consummated their relationship one month later.  Kate became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Amy, who Nick planned to sacrifice to The Old Ones upon her first birthday so that Kate and he could achieve immortality.  Kate, aware of Nick's plans but defiant, was physically and emotionally beaten to submission by Nick any time she spoke out against the town's beliefs.

Nick and Kate were struggling financially, and so Nick borrowed money from fellow resident Curly Ford--money that Nick was never able to pay back, much to the discontent of Curly.

Shady Brook

In 2005, Nick befriended Jake Torrent when the young author moved to town.  Upon the orders of Robert Thompson, Nick murdered Jake's father, Wayne, a few days after Jake's arrival, to remove Jake's last connection to the outside world.

On the night of Amy's first birthday, Jake, who had recently learned of the town's plans to sacrifice Amy to The Old Ones, tried to intervene.  He got into a fistfight with Nick, which culminated in Jake smashing an empty champagne bottle over Nick's head.  Nick died as a result of the fight.

Nick Ekan

Name:  Nick Ekan

Age:  29 (at time of death)

Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  Shady Brook

Featured in:

Date of birth:  July 1976

Profession:  Motel Owner

Known relations:

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