Michael Whiteman

Michael Whiteman is the slick mayor of Shady Brook.  He is married to Tanya Whiteman and is father to Sue Ann Whiteman.  While he appears friendly, Michael is both superficial and "fake" to others as is typical of a seasoned politician.


Michael was born in 1951.  He is one of the many children of Robert Thompson and Betsy Rose.  He showed interest in politics at an early age and, in high school in Trenton, Oklahoma, showcased that interest by running for class president.

When Michael turned 18, he started to campaign for local offices.  During this time, he met Tanya Dovou, who would later become his wife.

Michael and Tanya quickly got married.  Michael grew up aware of Robert Thompson's pagan worship of The Old Ones, and Michael exposed his beliefs to Tanya at that time.  Tanya, enticed by the prospect of living forever, agreed to take part in the town's rituals.

Eight years later, their first child, Jaclyn Whiteman, was born, and she was eagerly sacrificed by the couple to The Old Ones the year after that.  As a result, both Michael and Tanya achieved immortality.  Following this, they birthed a second child, Sue Ann, in 1982.

Once Michael turned 47, Robert Thompson, posing as then-mayor Ethan Morrow, formally passed on the title of mayor of Shady Brook to him.

Shady Brook

In 2005, new Shady Brook resident Jake Torrent discovers evidence indicating that Michael Whiteman is cheating on his wife, Tanya, with Becca Ronni, a woman living in nearby Trenton.  While Tanya, after discovering this, is concerned over the fact that her marriage may be in jeopardy, Michael appears uncaring, and their daughter, Sue Ann, seems thrilled.

Michael Whiteman

Name:  Michael Whiteman

Age:  54 (at the end of Shady Brook)

Last Known Status:  Alive

First/last seen:  Shady Brook

Featured in:

Date of birth:  September 1951

Profession:  Mayor

Known relations:

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