Lucy Williamson

Lucy Williamson was an aspiring actor. She had a keen interest in the supernatural and considered herself an non-practicing Wiccan.


Lucy Cleartrophe was born in 1991. An only child, Lucy was heavily spoiled and grew used to being the center of attention. In high school and college, Lucy acted in several local plays. While auditioning for one particular stage production in her sophomore year of college, Lucy met her future husband, Paul Williamson.

The two married in July 2010, and soon after Lucy became pregnant.  As a result of her marriage, Lucy dropped out of school.


In July 2010, Lucy and Paul Williamson purchased their first home. With the help of Perplexity Realtors, Inc., they received the property at a heavy discount due to foreclosure, as its previous owner, Randolph Holton, disappeared without a trace.

The Filmmaker

In December 2010, Lucy and Paul Williamson got jobs at the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater, where they wrote and performed in a live-action stage play titled You Stole Him From Me under the pseudonyms Melanie Gustonson and Eric Salvis, respectively.

In April 2011, Lucy suffered a late-term miscarriage.  This devastated the couple and caused them to distance from one another as each grieved in their own way.

In May 2011, Paul was found dead, hanging by his neck from the catwalk above the theater stage.  It was believed that he had committed suicide over grief from Lucy's miscarriage, which caused her insurmountable remorse.

One month later, Lucy's head was smashed against the mirror in the women's restroom by Claude Ferucil, and her wrists were cut.  Ferucil subsequently infused her soul inside the film The Count.  Lucy remained there in a trapped state, no longer alive but unable to pass on, until she was rescued and freed by Brianna Auberon in December of that year, after which she was able to finally pass on.

Lucy Williamson

Name:  Lucy Williamson


  • Lucy Cleartrophe
  • Melanie Gustonson

Age:  20 (at time of death)

Status:  Deceased

First seen:  Lifestream

Last seen:  The Filmmaker

Featured in:

Date of birth:  February 1991

Profession:  Stage Actor

Known relations:

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