Louis Algar

Louis Algar was a ham-filled, D-list actor with a self-indulgent attitude and a morbid sense of humor.


Louis Algar was born to Clara and Duncan Algar in December 1979 in Los Angeles, California.  Ever since he was a child, Louis was a ham and wanted to become an actor.  He would often get into trouble at school for acting like a class clown and never taking assignments seriously--traits that would continue into Louis's adulthood.  Louis had a younger brother, Adam, who he would often mock and bully for the latter's shyness.  Louis's parents never disciplined Louis properly and instead laughed at and encouraged his behavior, often saying things like, "That's our Louis!"  Adam always felt overshadowed by Louis and suffered low-self-esteem as a result, a fact that Louis made sure to laugh at frequently.

Louis starred in a few school plays but never took the roles seriously enough, which earned him criticism from his drama coaches.  Louis, though, wouldn't listen to their advice and said that he had a unique acting style that nobody understood.  Louis was a womanizer throughout his school years, as well, and broke many girls' hearts--a fact that he was proud of and wore as a badge of honor.

When Louis turned 18, his parents paid for acting school, which resulted in Louis landing a few menial direct-to-video movie gigs, which he embellished as "big motion pictures."  Louis was often caught with women in his trailer when he should be on set, which got him fired from a fair share of jobs.

In 2009, Louis began sleeping with Becca Ronni, a married woman, during a particular shoot. One night, Louis was due on set for a stunt, but he was with Becca and so sent his stunt double to do the scene instead.  Something went wrong with the stunt, and the double was crushed to death as a result.  Louis laughed it off and felt no remorse for his role in the man's death.  One night years later, he came upon the website www.confessyourcrimes.com and decided to post an account of what happened as a joke.


To-date, Louis Algar is known to have starred in the following films:

  • Captain Belstrand and the Viper Raiders (1999)
  • The Cowboy and the Bear (2000)
  • Blood Rifle (2004)
  • Blood Rifle II:  The Bloodening (2005)
  • Blood Rifle Origins (2007)
  • Blood Rifle 4 (2009)

Stonewall Penitentiary

In December 2011, Louis Algar was kidnapped by Sonny Peyton and brought to the abandoned Stonewall Penitentiary, where events were he was pushed inside an open elevator shaft as the car made its way down, crushing him to death--much in the same way as the stunt double was crushed as a result of Louis's inactions.

Louis Algar

Name:  Louis Algar

Age:  32 (at time of death)

Last Known Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  Stonewall Penitentiary

Featured in:

Date of birth:  December 1979

Profession:  Actor

Known relations:

  • Adam Algar - brother
  • Becca Ronni - lover (deceased)
  • Clara Algar - mother
  • Duncan Algar - father

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