The Lifestream

The Lifestream is a mystical dimension in which one’s dreams and desires become tangible reality within its boundaries. Veiled references to the realm exist in a variety of holy texts, including the Catholic Bible.


To access the realm, one must first possess the Almas Moqaddas, a gem that is currently safeguarded by the Brotherhood of Singhaa.  With the gem in-hand, one must initiate a ritual involving one's dreams in order to be judged as "worthy" of entering the Lifestream by the Librarian.  If one passes the test, that individual will be marked with the brotherhood's sigil on the left hand.  After this, the Almas Moqaddas can be used to open a gateway to the Lifestream.  The exact details of the ritual and subsequent method to opening the gateway are currently unknown.


Inside the Lifestream, a person's wishes and desires can become real.  The Lifestream reacts to one's thoughts and creates a tangible reality based upon them.  In this way, individuals inside the Lifestream are theoretically able to live a life of eternal bliss.  They can never age, become multi-millionaires, or create the family they were never fortunate enough to have in our world.  There are no limitations to this power, so long as the individual remains inside the Lifestream.

While those inside the Lifestream continue to physically age at the same rate as those in our world, their appearance inside the Lifestream is relative since, as with all things inside, reality is shaped by the individual.  While individuals do age physically, they are safeguarded from all forms of illness and death and instead destined to live forever.

The Lifestream may sound like a paradise with its promise of continual wish fulfillment, but it is also a trap.  According to legend, those who enter the Lifestream are unable to leave through their own means.  Because of this, the Lifestream will, inevitably over time, become a sort of eternal prison that those inside can never escape through their own means.

The boundaries between the Lifestream and our own reality can sometimes overlap, causing those inside the realm to see glimpses of our world and vice versa. Though occupants of each reality may see one another, they are unable to directly interact. Most people in our world who have had the misfortune of witnessing a cross-over event dismiss the Lifestream’s occupants as “ghosts.”


History has shown that the temptations of the Lifestream are too great for most to resist.  Because of this, the Brotherhood of Singhaa has dedicated itself to safeguarding the Almas Moqaddas and keeping the existence of the Lifestream a secret from the outside world.  They believe that chaos would ensue if the Lifestream were to become public knowledge, for too many would give up their lives in pursuit of the Lifestream's false promise of endless joy.


In 1994, a priest named Randolph Holton was forced by Grandl Issa to enter the Lifestream. After nearly twenty years inside, Randolph managed to find a way to escape the realm by conjuring a son to assist him in the task.


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