John Holton

John Holton was the fictitious son of Randolph Holton. He had a kind, gentle heart and desperately loved his father beyond all else. When Randolph needed a way to get out of the Lifestream, he created John in his own image and likeness and named him after his favorite book in the Catholic Bible.

John faded from existence after opening the portal back to the real world for Randolph to escape.


John came into existence as a young 21-year-old man whose father went missing two weeks earlier.  Unaware of the fact that he was nothing but a figment of Randolph’s imagination brought to life through the power of the Lifestream, John spent his short life searching for his father in Randolph’s home.  As a result, he unwittingly opened a gateway that led back to the real world, freeing his father from nearly twenty years of captivity.

Upon Randolph’s exiting the Lifestream, John ceased to exist.

John Holton

Name:  John Holton

Age:  21 (at the end of existence)

Status:  Non-existent

First/last seen:  Lifestream

Featured in:

Date of birth:  n/a

Profession:  n/a

Known relations:

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