John Edward Duval

John Edward Duval was the former, disgraced warden of the now-closed Stonewall Penitentiary.


John Edward Duval was born in September 1901 to Barry and Rita Duval in Askov, Minnesota.  He was the eldest of four brothers, Matthew, Luke, and Mark, who all looked up to him as their superior, since he was a very stern and solemn boy.  Barry and Rita were both devoutly religious and made the boys recite Bible verses nightly and attend mass daily.  They looked down upon declared "sinners"--a title they bestowed upon anyone the family deemed to operate outside the bounds of the Lord's commandments.

At the age of eighteen, John attended college in Tunitia, Virginia, where he earned a degree in Criminal Justice.  From that point forward, John focused on career and quickly made his way up the ranks of the state's prison facilities.  During this time, he regularly hired prostitutes to satisfy the "sinful urges that whores swell up within all men."  One of these prostitutes, Susan Wanefair, became pregnant as a result and gave birth to a son in 1923.  The woman did not want a child, and so John reluctantly took the boy as his own, naming him Daniel.  John never saw Susan again.

Daniel turned out to be a free-spirited boy who was obstinate and challenged authority.  This angered John, and so he disciplined Daniel in the name of the Lord nearly nightly to "beat the devil out of him."

In 1940, John returned to education and earned a Masters Degree in Criminal Psychology.  Afterward, John, deeming Daniel old enough to take care of himself, traveled across the United States, dedicating his life to the pursuit of justice.  In 1956, John returned to Tunitia to take the position of warden of Stonewall Penitentiary, a state-run prison designed to house the "worst of the worst."

In his new role of warden, John became obsessed with the concept of justice and, through the influence of a mysterious young girl, Eve, decided that conducting illicit experiments on the prison's inmates would reveal the key to curing violent behaviors.  John's experiments were torturous and included psychological manipulation, the infliction of severe pain, and even the removal of various body parts.

In 1959, John's son Daniel was arrested for a series of murders and sent to Stonewall Penitentiary for life.  John did not hesitate to deem his son guilty of the crimes and refused to give him any special treatment.  John went so far as to remove Daniel's eye in a surgical procedure and deem the man "no son of his."  Daniel later escaped the prison, and John decided  to cover up the incident so as not to alarm the public.

In 1966, word of John's actions was made public, and the prison was shut down amidst the controversy.  Publicly, John denied all charges.  Privately, he was devastated that he could no longer conduct his experiments.

A few months later, John Duval committed suicide, so as not to live the remainder of his life in disgrace.

Warden John Edward Duval

Name:  John Edward Duval

Age:  66 (at time of death)

Last Known Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  Stonewall Penitentiary

Featured in:

Date of birth:  September 1901

Profession:  Prison warden (retired)

Known relations:

  • Barry Duval - father (deceased)
  • Daniel Price - son (deceased)
  • Emma Peyton - great-great-granddaughter (deceased)
  • Luke Duval - brother (deceased)
  • Jimmy Peyton - great-grandson
  • Joey Peyton - grandson (deceased)
  • Mark Duval - brother (deceased)
  • Matthew Duval - brother (deceased)
  • Rita Duval - mother (deceased)
  • Sonny Peyton - great-great-grandson

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