Jason Thane

Jason Thane was the son of Christine and William Thane.  He died of an untreated asthma attack at the age of eight.


Jason was born to Christine and William Thane in March 2002.  He was a conscientious and sweet boy who enjoyed drawing, painting, and playing basketball.  Jason was especially close to his mother and was always desperate for his father's love. While Will always treated Jason with kindness and respect, Jason sensed that it was forced, and Will always seemed quick to criticize Jason if he did poorly at a task or if Will disapproved of something Jason did.  The one way in which Jason connected with his father was with their mutual love for painting--a talent that Will, himself a painter, heavily encouraged.  This proved to be a source of bonding between the two.

In November 2010, Jason was diagnosed with asthma, a condition that would cause his untimely demise only one month later.  Jason had accidentally ruined one of Will's paintings while playing with his favorite basketball, and Will yelled at Jason with so much anger that it worked Jason into a fright.  The boy ran to his room and was so upset that he had an asthma attack.  Jason's prescription inhaler was empty and needed to be refilled.  With no medication to help, the asthma attack killed him.

Jason's death weighed heavily on Will's mind and caused him to struggle with clinical depression and alcoholism, both of which, coupled with Christine's intense anger toward him, led to his divorce.

Jason Thane

Name:  Jason Thane

Age:  8 (at time of death)

Last Known Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  Stonewall Penitentiary

Featured in:

Date of birth:  March 2002

Known relations:

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