Jake Torrent

Jake Torrent was an author from Trenton, Oklahoma who moved to the small town of Shady Brook with his father, Wayne.  There, Jake uncovered the town's dark secret and was subsequently murdered by one of its residents, Tim Richardson.


Jacob Joseph Torrent was born in September 1978 in Trenton, Oklahoma to his father Wayne, and mother, Brenda.  He was always close with his parents, and they lived together in a modest cottage in seclusion from the rest of the city.  Jake and his parents were introverts.  They were not the most sociable people and had few friends; but they had each other, and that was all that mattered.

In school, Jake excelled in the subjects of English and Literature, and he showed an early interest in writing, which his father cultivated with the purchase of a child's typewriter.  When Jake started college, he immediately chose to major in Creative Writing but dropped out in his junior year to help support his parents when his mother developed cancer and quit her job as a caterer.  Jake worked as a mechanic for several years to help pay for her treatments.  In his spare time, Jake began to write his first novel.  Nine months later, he submitted the novel Auburn Hair to a multitude of publishers, and one chose to publish it.  Thus began Jake's career.

Jake used a substantial portion of his earnings to help support his parents.  He quit his job as a mechanic and began to work as an author on a full-time basis.

Jake released a second novel, The Lone Stranger's Call, two years later, and a third novel, The Flowing Dress in the Wind, the year after that.  While Jake's novels were mildly successful, his earnings could barely afford to pay the bills.  Still, Jake did his best to support both himself and his parents.

Shortly after Jake began to write his fourth novel, The Sweater, his publisher went bankrupt.  Two months later, Jake's mother passed away.  No longer able to pay both the mortgage to his parents' home and his own apartment, Jake chose to move with his father to a small, budget-friendly home in the small town of Shady Brook.


The following is a chronological list of Jake's novels:

  • Auburn Hair
  • The Lone Stranger's Call
  • The Flowing Dress in the Wind
  • The Sweater (unreleased)

Shady Brook

Upon arriving in Shady Brook, Jake instantly felt at home among its inhabitants, but he soon discovered that there was something "off" about the town that he could not quite explain.

Only one day after Jake moved to town, one of its residents committed suicide, and Jake began to suspect foul play.  During his investigation, he fell in love with one of the town residents, Kate Ekan, who owned the general store and had an infant daughter named Amy. Though Kate was married, Jake could not seem to stay away from her or deny his growing feelings for the young woman.  When Kate revealed that her husband, Nick, abused her, Jake vowed to protect both her and her daughter.

A few days later, Jake's father Wayne passed away, and Jake learned of a secret town meeting at midnight.  Jake eavesdropped on the meeting and discovered the town's residents to be members of a dark, pagan cult.  Shortly thereafter, Jake uncovered evidence indicating that the townsfolk regularly take part in a series of ritual murders--and Kate's daughter, Amy, was to be the next victim.  Before Jake could get help, he was caught by town residents and knocked unconscious.

Jake, still unconscious, is drugged and thrown into the town's jail.  While still drugged, Jake is violated by resident Sue Ann Whiteman in an attempt to impregnate herself.

After Jake woke up, he managed to break out of his cell and race to stop the town from murdering Amy.  He arrived just in time and murdered resident Nick Ekan in his efforts to save the baby.  Unfortunately, Jake was then stabbed in the back by neighbor Tim Richardson.  While Jake failed to save his own life, he did cause a sizable distraction, which allowed Kate to rescue herself and her baby from the town's clutches.

Jake Torrent

Name:  Jacob Joseph Torrent

Age:  27 (at time of death)

Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  Shady Brook

Featured in:

Date of birth:  September 1978

Profession:  Author

Known Relations:

  • Brenda Torrent - mother (deceased)
  • Wayne Torrent - father (deceased)

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