Henry Auberon

Henry Auberon was a former coal miner and B-movie fan.


Henry Auberon was born in August 1959 in Detroit, Michigan.  His family was poor, and Henry, an only child, lived a frugal life as a result.  Despite this, Henry's father always found the time to watch B-movies with his son, and Henry grew to love the genre.  Henry's parents were permissive, and Henry spent most of his free time in the tough streets of Detroit.  He was never pushed academically, and, as a result, Henry dropped out of high school in his junior year after getting a job as a coal miner.

At the age of eighteen, Henry met his future wife, Sandra Milton, at a bar.  The two eloped two months later.

After the birth of their son Gerard in 1983, Henry struggled to support his family on his meager income.  Because of this, Henry grew to regret a lot of the choices he made in his youth, and he vowed to never allow his son to make those same mistakes.  Because of this, Henry unintentionally pushed Gerard too hard and became abusive.  Henry tried to introduce Gerard to B-movies, but Gerard took little interest, which--though Henry would never admit it--was disheartening.

Henry and Sandra gave birth to their second child, Brianna, in 1988.  Whereas Gerard showed little interest in B-movies, little Brianna embraced them, and she became Henry's favorite child as a result.  While he was hard on his son, he pampered and spoiled his daughter.  The two regularly attended B-movies together throughout Brianna's childhood, teen years, and early adult life.  They considered it bonding time, and this meant the world to Henry.

In 1992, Henry and his family were forced to move from Detroit, Michigan to Concord, New Hampshire as a result of his job.

Henry Auberon developed lung cancer in 2010 as a result of all the time he'd spent in the coal mines.  Knowing he had little time remaining, Henry began to contemplate the life he'd lived and started grieving over how hard he was on his son but never knew how to fix things and was too proud to apologize.  Henry could have told Gerard that he loved him at any time, but Henry could never bring himself to say the words.  Henry's abuse of his son pained him; but, even on his deathbed, Henry could not bring himself to make amends.  He just hoped deep down that Gerard knew he cared.

Henry Auberon died in June 2011.

The Filmmaker

Prior to his death in 2011, Henry took it upon himself to visit the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater, a spot that he and Brianna frequently visited, to meet and thank filmmaker Claude Ferucil for producing some of their favorite B-movies.  While speaking with the quirky filmmaker, Henry mentioned that his daughter was an artist and unwittingly gave Ferucil the idea of possessing her.

When Henry died in June, Claude Ferucil stole Henry's soul and infused it into one of his films, Primal AtmosFear.  Henry remained trapped there, no longer living but unable to pass on, until he was rescued by Brianna in December.  Brianna freed Henry from his prison, and, in exchange, Henry helped Brianna to learn to move on and make amends with her brother, Gerard.

Henry Auberon

Name:  Henry Auberon

Age:  52 (at time of death)

Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  The Filmmaker

Featured in:

Date of birth:  August 1959

Profession:  Coal Miner (retired)

Known relations:

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