Heather Wickerman

Heather Wickerman was a teen girl who worked at the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater with her father, Todd.


Heather Wickerman was born in July 1997 in Concord, New Hampshire.  Heather's parents divorced when she was only three, and her father, Todd, was awarded custody, as Heather's mother, Belle, had a drinking problem.  Todd was work-focused and seldom paid attention to his daughter, which Heather, an only child, grew to resent.  She lived a solitary childhood and was conditioned by her father's indirect actions--or lack-thereof--to hate money and everything it represented.

When Heather turned 12, Todd, rather than give her chores or an allowance, had her start working at his business, the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater, as a part-time concession stand employee after school and on weekends.  While Heather had feelings of resentment toward her father, she enjoyed the work at the theater, as well as the money it brought in.

At the theater, Heather became friends with another employee, a teenager named Jeremy Rebus, on whom Heather developed a crush.  Convinced she was in love, Heather began to date Jeremy behind her father's back, for she knew he would not approve.  But one day in early 2011, Todd caught Heather and Jeremy kissing in the theater's basement storeroom, and he was livid.  He forbade Heather from ever seeing Jeremy outside of work hours again, which only reinforced the ever-growing distance between Heather and her father.

The Filmmaker

In May 2011, Heather Wickerman was stabbed to death on the theater stage by Claude Ferucil, who subsequently infused her soul inside the film The Fuzzies.  Heather remained there in a trapped state, no longer alive but unable to pass on, until she was rescued and freed by Brianna Auberon in December of that year, after which she was able to finally pass on.

Heather Wickerman

Name:  Heather Wickerman

Age:  14 (at time of death)

Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  The Filmmaker

Featured in:

Date of birth:  July 1997

Profession:  Student; employee at the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater

Known relations:

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