Gerard Auberon

Gerard Auberon was a prison guard who worked at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men in Concord, New Hampshire.


Gerard was born in February 1983 to Sandra and Henry Auberon in Detroit, Michigan.  Gerard was always close to his family, especially after the birth of his younger sister, Brianna, with whom Gerard became overtly protective.

But Gerard always had a strained relationship with his father.  Ever since he was a child, Gerard felt as though his father was way too hard on him.  Henry rarely ever praised him for his accomplishments, even when he got a full college scholarship for his talent for basketball, and Gerard was secretly resentful of Brianna, because Henry was always affectionate and loving toward her--a stark contrast to the frigid treatment Gerard received.  Henry always told Gerard this was to "toughen [him] up," since Gerard was the "man of the house," but Gerard found this both unnecessary and cold.  Despite Gerard's feelings toward his father, Brianna was his sister, and he loved her, which is why he didn't move out of the house when he hit the age of eighteen.  Brianna needed him, and he would always be there to beat up the bullies that teased her in school and offer a shoulder for her to cry on.

Gerard enjoyed carpentry on the side when he wasn't playing basketball.  He liked to create things with his hands. and a hard day's work always felt good to him.  Most people admired Gerard for choosing an honest living, but his father only criticized him for not becoming a doctor or lawyer.  All Gerard ever wanted was his father's approval, but he knew he would never get it no matter what he did.  His mother was always kind, though, and made sure to show Gerard love and affection, which meant more to Gerard than she could ever knew.

At a young age, Gerard began to develop feelings for other men but realized that his father would never accept him for it, and so he confided in his sexuality only to his sister, who promised to keep the secret to avoid causing turmoil within the family.  In his teenage years, Gerard began to pretend to date women to appease his father, who was eager for him to become "a real man."  This took an emotional toll on Gerard.

In 1992, Gerard and his family were forced to move from Detroit, Michigan to Concord, New Hampshire as a result of his father's job.

After Henry's death in 2011, Gerard felt conflicting emotions.  On the one hand, he was tired of the heartache and pain that Henry had caused him; but on the other, Henry was Gerard's father, and Gerard missed him.  These mixed feelings caused Gerard to pull away from everyone and everything that ever provided him joy.  Even though it didn't make logical sense, Gerard somehow felt responsible for his father's death and cut himself off from the world as a way of punishing himself for it.  Gerard got an entry-level job as a corrections officer at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men and moved to a small apartment nearby.  He withdrew from his mother and sister, quit playing basketball, and gave up on his hobby of carpentry.  Gerard kept in touch with his mother and sister just enough to prevent worry but otherwise began to live a private life.

During morning shift one day at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men, Gerard was patrolling the showers when he came upon one prisoner, Ozzie Steward, beating another.  Gerard recognized the victim as Terry "Foot Long," a timid man known for his homosexuality.  This struck a chord in Gerard, who acted on instinct by charging at and attacking Steward.  Before Gerard realized what happened, he found that he was looking down upon the face of a dead man.  This troubled Gerard immensely.  He could not stop shaking; but his fellow guards took pity on him, for Steward had been known to be trouble.  The guards covered for Gerard, making the death look as though it had been caused by another inmate.  While Gerard never stepped forward, his guilt caused him to anonymously confess his crime on the website  As a result of his actions, Gerard pulled away from his family even more.

The Filmmaker

In December 2011, Gerard's sister, Brianna, invited him to join her in attending the grand reopening of the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater.  Gerard reluctantly agreed and met Brianna outside the theater the night of the event; but when Gerard tried to open the theater's front doors, he found them to be locked and deemed the tickets Brianna received to be a hoax or prank.  Gerard, still feeling an instinct to pull himself away from those he loved, left Brianna at the theater and went to see a movie of his own.

Post-The Filmmaker

Much later on the same evening as her adventure in the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater, Brianna drove over to Gerard's apartment to visit him, only to find Gerard missing from his apartment with signs of a struggle.

Stonewall Penitentiary

In December 2011, Gerard was kidnapped in his apartment by Sonny Peyton and taken to the abandoned Stonewall Penitentiary, where he was murdered in much the same way as Ozzie Steward:  beaten to death.  Before passing, Gerard--only semi-conscious--managed to write final words in his own blood:  "I'm sorry, Bree."

Gerard Auberon

Name:  Gerard Auberon

Age:  28 (at time of death)

Last Known Status:  Deceased

First seen:  The Filmmaker

Last seen:  Stonewall Penitentiary

Featured in:

Date of birth:  February 1983

Profession:  Prison Guard

Known relations:

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