Gary Mann

Gary Mann is a doctor who lives in Shady Brook.  He is the son of Betsy Rose and Robert Thompson.


Gary was born in 1947.  The second child of Betsy Rose and Robert Thompson, and the first to not be sacrificed to The Old Ones, Gary was pampered by both his parents and remains his mother's personal favorite to this day.

Loyal, cheerful, and kind, Gary decided to become a doctor at an early age.  While in medical school in the nearby city of Trenton, Oklahoma, Gary fell in love with a young woman named Stella Layne.  The two married shortly thereafter, and lived happily for many years.

In 1989, after Stella became pregnant and subsequently gave birth to twin sons, David and Aaron, Gary introduced her to his family's religion.  He indicated to his wife that one of their sons was to be sacrificed on his first birthday in exchange for immortality.  Stella refused to take part in the ritual, and so Gary murdered her out of "disobedience."

After Stella's death, Gary proceeded with the ritual and took the life of son David in exchange for immortality.  Following this, Gary moved back home to live with his mother and raise his son, Aaron, on his own.

Shady Brook

After Gary's son, Aaron, betrayed his father's wishes and indicated to new town resident Jake Torrent that a town meeting was to be held one day at midnight, Gary murdered his disobedient son.

Gary Mann

Name:  Gary Mann

Age:  58 (at the end of Shady Brook)

Last Known Status:  Alive

First/last seen:  Shady Brook

Featured in:

Date of birth:  August 1947

Profession:  Doctor

Known relations:

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