Eve is an elder demon spirit--one of The Old Ones, who she describes as the "true pagan gods of our world."

Shady Brook

Eve brought together both Robert Thompson and his future wife Betsy Rose and introduced the couple to The Old Ones.  She taught them black magick and directed them to found the town of Shady Brook.

The Filmmaker

After his unsanctioned actions in our world, Eve banished the lesser demon Claude Ferucil from ever returning to it and trapped him within a prison of his own making for all eternity.

Stonewall Penitentiary

In 1942, Eve met Stonewall Penitentiary warden John Duval and manipulated him into following the teachings of The Old Ones, which led to his off-the-books experimentations on prisoners.  Over half a century later, in 2009, Eve also lured Duval's great-great-grandson, Sonny, into the attic to find his great-great-grandfather's journal, setting him on the dark path of murder.

Summit of the Wolf

In 2011, Eve met with Peter Kethagee in his school office to assuage any feelings of guilt he may have felt over his acts of child sexual abuse.  This visit turned out to be unnecessary, however, as Peter felt no remorse and had no intention of stopping.


Name:  Eve

Age:  ???

Last Known Status:  Alive

First seen:  Shady Brook

Last seen:  Summit of the Wolf

Featured in:

Date of birth:  ???

Known relations:

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