Dryden Simms

Dryden Simms is an emotionally cold but skilled doctor who once worked in the ICU at Tristan General Hospital.  More concerned with his career than the lives of his patients, Dryden learned early on to distance himself from those he cares for in an effort to remain clearheaded and objective.  He currently works at a private facility on a small island off the coast of Florida.


Dryden Simms was born in 1964.  The child of authoritarian parents, Howard and Francene, Dryden learned early on that showing emotions was for the weak and chose to keep his own counsel over matters.  This suited Dryden's parents just fine.  Howard was more concerned with his career as Chief of Surgery at Tristan General Hospital than he was his son, and Francene never wanted to be a mother and neglected Dryden as a result.

One fateful night in 1978, the Simms household caught on fire overnight.  Dryden was the only one to make it out in time; both his parents died in the fire.  Firefighters later discovered the cause of the fire to be a cigarette, which originated in Dryden's parents' bedroom.  Though Dryden appeared to mourn for his parents in public, he felt nothing inside beyond a sense of karma.  To him, his parents got what they deserved.

Dryden vowed on that night to become a better doctor than his late father.  At the age of eighteen, he entered medical school and excelled, earning straight As.  He graduated with a near-perfect GPA and began to work his way up at Tristan General Hospital--the same hospital in which his father had worked until his death.

Summit of the Wolf

In July 2012, Dryden Simms worked in the ICU at Tristan General Hospital during the stays of patients Ophelia Kethagee and Kate Ekan.  During that time, he butted heads with a coworker, nurse Brianna Auberon, who did not like his uncaring nature.

In the case of Ophelia, Simms suspected that her parents, Peter and Deana, were hiding something but, despite Brianna's protests, was too concerned about losing his job to investigate the matter in any degree of detail.  In Kate Ekan's case, Simms determined her cause of death to be suicide, despite Brianna's insistence that Kate would not have done that.

Shortly after releasing Ophelia Kethagee from the ICU, Dryden Simms left Tristan General Hospital to work at a private facility on a small island off the coast of Florida.

Dryden Simms

Name:  Dryden Simms

Age:  48 (at the end of Summit of the Wolf)

Status:  Alive

First/last seen:  Summit of the Wolf

Featured in:

Date of birth:  January 1964

Profession:  Doctor

Known relations:

  • Francene Simms - mother (deceased)
  • Howard Simms - father (deceased)

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