Danny Holt

Danny Holt runs the only barbershop in Shady Brook.  He is piggish, sleazy, and obstinate, and he has an instinctive mistrust of strangers.  Danny's misogyny is apparent in his blatant objectification of women, which can be seen by simply stepping into his shop and seeing the numerous lewd posters scattered across its walls.


Danny Holt was born in 1971 to parents Robert Thompson and Betsy Rose.  Never one of his parents' faovorite children, Danny tended to act out to get attention.

As an adult, Danny chose to open a barbershop, though he never received any formal training.  In 2005, he married town resident Astor Clave, who became pregnant soon afterward.  Danny confided in Astor about the town's pagan worship of The Old Ones and his intention to sacrifice their child in exchange for immortality.  Astor agreed to this; but before she could give birth to the baby, her sister, Samantha, murdered Astor and then took her own life, much to the detriment of their father, Anthony.

Shady Brook

In 2005, Danny Holt was one of the few town residents to not welcome newcomer Jake Torrent after he moved to town.

Danny Holt

Name:  Danny Holt

Age:  34 (at the end of Shady Brook)

Last Known Status:  Alive

First/last seen:  Shady Brook

Featured in:

Date of birth:  October 1971

Profession:  Barber

Known relations:

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