Dan Adlersflugel

Father Dan Adlersflugel was the pastor of St. Jude’s Hope Church. He was superficial and enjoyed lavish things, though he took vows to live in austerity. Nevertheless, he always had a kind heart. Dan was crusty, outgoing, and jovial. He always misplaced things, much to the annoyance of those who allowed him to borrow their possessions.


Dan Adlersflugel was born in 1922 in Richmond, Virginia. He was an only child and enjoyed the attention of both of his parents greatly. His own father was a deacon and his mother was born into a wealthy family, so Dan was used to lavish meals and expensive tastes. His father instilled in him a devout love of God, and Dan took his vows when he reached adulthood. Though he regretted his vows on some days due to the fact that he could never marry like his father did, he considered it his price to pay for the role he played in the lives of others.

Dan worked as a priest in Virginia for many years before finally taking a position as pastor of St. Jude’s Hope Church in New Hampshire. It was hard for him to leave his elderly parents behind, but he knew that he would see them again when they visited.


In 1994, Dan was approached by fellow priest Randolph Holton and shown the Almas Moqaddas, a mysterious gem that supposedly opened the gateway to a mysterious realm known only as the Lifestream.  Ever the skeptic, Dan took it upon himself to debunk this myth firsthand by contacting a friend in the Vatican.

Unfortunately, before Dan could learn learn more, he was murdered by a homeless man named Grant Stork, who was under the orders of fellow priest Grandl Issa.

Father Dan Adlersflugel

Name:  Dan Adlersflugel

Age:  72 (at time of death)

Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  Lifestream

Featured in:

Date of birth:  September 1922

Profession:  Priest

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