Curly Ford

Curly Ford is a local of Shady Brook that is often considered to be the "town bully."  He has a red-hot temper and is notorious for his not-so-subtle threats to others.  Curly is very jealous over Cindy's flirtations with other townsmen, and he usually shows his distaste by beating up anyone that Cindy eyes.  Like most bullies, however, Curly is a coward deep down and is easy to scare off.  He is highly sensitive to criticism, as well--especially about his short stature.  He is engaged to fellow resident Cindy Partlow.


Curly Ford was born in April 1976 and raised in a single-parent home after his father was sent to prison for second-degree murder.  Curly was not a popular child in school, and--short for his age--was frequently the subject of ridicule by his fellow male classmates.  While his mother showed genuine compassion, she was at a loss over what to do, and she also had a drinking problem--which made liquor the focus of her life rather than her son.

When Curly was eight years old, his mother disappeared from home and was never found.  His great-grandmother, Clarice, who Curly seldom previously visited, was given custody of the boy as his only living relative.  Curly detested the woman, as she was verbally and physically abusive.

As a teenager, Curly began to showcase an innate sexual interest in men, which Clarice promptly attempted to "beat out of him."  After one particular evening of several lashes from his great-grandmother's belt, Curly could not take it anymore and pushed her to the ground.  Shocked but impressed by his aggressiveness, Clarice accepted Curly's false confession that he was, indeed, "a man" who was attracted to women, and stopped beating him.  Enjoying a taste of what it felt like to be in the position of power, Curly vowed to never be weak again and became fixated on exercise and weight lifting.

After a series of failed jobs, Curly, who lives off a large loan from his great-grandmother, found himself visiting the town of Shady Brook where he met Cindy Partlow.  The two quickly hit it off, and Curly, under pressure from Clarice, proposed to Cindy within a few months.  The two quickly moved in together, and Cindy, completely unaware of Curly's true sexual preferences, opened up to him about the town's secrets.  Curly was thrilled to learn about The Old Ones and eagerly agreed to take part in the town's ritual sacrifices so that he could achieve immortality.

Curly quickly began to feud with Cindy's brother, Nick Ekan, after Curly loaned him a sizable amount which was never paid back.

Shady Brook

In 2005, Curly Ford butted heads with new town resident Jake Torrent, and the two got into a fist fight after Jake defended Nick and Kate Ekan from Curly over the issue of Curly's loan to Nick.

Later, Curly and his fiancée, Cindy Partlow, took part in a town ritual orgy in an attempt to conceive a baby, that the couple planned to later sacrifice to The Old Ones in exchange for immortality.

Curly Ford

Name:  Curly Ford

Age:  29 (at the end of Shady Brook)

Last Known Status:  Alive

First/last seen:  Shady Brook

Featured in:

Date of birth:  April 1976

Profession:  None

Known relations:

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