Claude Ferucil

Claude Ferucil is a demon spirit--one of The Old Ones, who are described as the "true pagan gods of our world."


Long before recorded history, the demon Claude Ferucil decided to come to our world against the wishes of The Old Ones with the desire to selfishly feed off the souls of humans.  He came up with a plan:  to possess those with creative talents such as drawing, painting, music composition, and writing, and help those individuals to achieve greatness.  In exchange, Ferucil would allow himself to feed off the joy people feel upon experiencing his created works.

Ferucil came to our world and bound  to an object:  a prism.  His first victim was a young boy who became a painter.  From that point forward, Ferucil lived lifetime after lifetime over the centuries, assisting some of our greatest-known artists and writers to achieve immortality.  The process of possession drained the human hosts of life, and all those who fell victim to Ferucil lived short but meaningful, lives.


In 2011, Claude Ferucil possessed a young and quirky filmmaker.  With his help, Ferucil produced a number of independent, black-and-white films in the style of classic Hollywood B-movies.  He approached the struggling owner of a small theater in Concord, New Hampshire, Todd Wickerman, in the hopes of showcasing his films at that venue.  Ferucil promised that his films would draw in an audience, and, after some convincing, Wickerman agreed.  Ferucil followed through with his word, and the films became a huge success.  Wickerman was too thrilled by his new-found profits to discover that Ferucil was killing the theater's employees one-by-one and infusing their souls within each of his films.  And all the while, Ferucil fed upon the joy audiences experienced upon watching his films.

For descriptions of Claude Ferucil's films, please see the article on the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater.

The Filmmaker

Following the release of each new film, Claude Ferucil had to take the life of another of the theater's employees in order to fuel the creation of his next one.

First, Ferucil murdered Paul Williamson by hanging him from the theater stage.  Then, he smashed Lucy Williamson's head against a restroom mirror and slit her wrists.  Next, he stabbed a tied-up Heather Wickerman on the theater stage.

After this, theater owner Todd Wickerman confronted Ferucil about his actions.  Ferucil confessed to the murders but told Todd that he should remain silent if he ever wanted to see his daughter again.  Todd complied but cracked Feruci's prism into five pieces in anger, which weakened Ferucil.

Though his powers were reduced, Ferucil next took the lives of Jeremy Rebus, by crushing him under several fallen arcade machines, and Todd Wickerman, by burning him in a fire while he was passed out drunk.

As a result of the murders, the theater was closed.  Police blamed the murders on the late Todd Wickerman, whose death Ferucil had made to look like suicide.

His host dying as a result of his diminished power, Ferucil needed to find a new host to possess.  That's when he remembered film-goer Henry Auberon, who faithfully attended the release of each of Ferucil's new films with his daughter, Brianna.  One day in 2011 prior to the theater's closing, Henry visited Ferucil in the theater and confided in him that he was dying of cancer.  Henry told Ferucil that he and his daughter, an artist named Brianna, loved Ferucil's films and were loyal fans.

And so Ferucil formulated a plan to lure Brianna Auberon to the theater in the hopes of possessing her to create art.  Upon her father's death, Ferucil captured his soul and infused it alongside Todd Wickerman's in the film Primal AtmosFear.  The plan finally came to fruition upon the film's completion in December, when Ferucil invited Brianna to the theater under the guise of showcasing his latest film.

Unfortunately for Ferucil, Brianna proved smarter than he anticipated; she managed to free the souls of both the theater's employees and her own father and banish Ferucil from our world by destroying the prism that bound him to it.

Upon returning to the realm of The Old Ones, elder demon Eve expressed disdain over Claude Ferucil's actions over the centuries and, as punishment, trapped him in a prison of his own making for all eternity--one of his own films.

Claude Ferucil

Name:  Claude Ferucil

Age:  ???

Status:  Trapped

First/last seen:  The Filmmaker

Featured in:

Date of birth:  ???

Profession:  Filmmaker

Known relations:

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