The Carson Stiles Gateway Theater

The Carson Stiles Gateway Theater was a family-owned establishment that showcased both live shows and movies.  It is currently closed.


The Carson Stiles Gateway Theater was built in 1904.  It's original owner, Carson Stiles, showcased weekly live shows at the theater, which were met with critical and financial success.

The theater closed in 1931 after Stiles passed away, but it was bought again in 1953 and renovated.  For several decades, the theater was showcased as a museum, until it closed due to lack of funding in 1989.

In 1995, the theater was purchased by Todd Wickerman, who began to use it for live performances once again.

Movies & Shows

Under Todd Wickerman's ownership, the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater showcased both a) the films of independent filmmaker Claude Ferucil, which were created in the style of classic Hollywood B-movies; and b) a live performance of the play You Stole Him From Me, which was written by and starred local talents Lucy and Paul Williamson under the pseudonyms Melanie Gustonson and Eric Salvis, respectively.  Descriptions follow.

  • A Detective Story - A film noir tale of Detective Dick Rome's investigation of a murder after getting hired by a suspicious femme fatale named Tiffany.

  • The Count - A horror story in which maiden Aurora is kidnapped by the evil nosferatu Count Grimbald.

  • The Fuzzies - A twisted cartoon about a group of fuzzy, bunny-like creatures that live in a small village and like to eat children.

  • Aliens from Mars! - A sci-fi spoof about a war between humans and Martians, led by Captain Tim Killem on the U.S.C. Atlas.

  • Primal AtmosFear - An action thriller about a new carnivorous animal species, the Nissassa Silenciosa, that is terrifying forests and killing campers.

  • You Stole Him From Me - A live stage play about couple Josh and Sarah, who were torn apart by a raved love affair.

The Filmmaker

In June 2011, the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater closed after a series of gruesome murders involving all its employees.

Carson Stiles Gateway Theater

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