Brianna Auberon

Brianna Auberon is a B-movie fan who works as a nurse.  In her spare time, she enjoys sketching.


Brianna Auberon was born in July 1988 to Sandra and Henry Auberon in Detroit, Michigan.  She was their second child, the younger sister of Gerard.  Ever since Brianna was a child, she was both shy and introverted.  As a result, her family was always important to her, and she felt close with them.  They were her refuge after coming home from school every day, where, despite straight As, she was frequently the victim of racial discrimination and bullying by her peers.  When Brianna was not spending time with her family, she could be found sketching and painting with dreams of becoming an artist one day.

Growing up, Brianna always felt a special connection with her father, and they enjoyed going to theaters to watch B-movies together.  Since Henry had always watched B-movies with his own father, he figured it would be a great tradition to share with his daughter.  It became a bonding experience for the two.  Together, they laughed, cried, and groaned at the pleasant cheesiness of the films, and sometimes mutual silence was enough, with each enjoying the other's company.

In 1992, Brianna and her family were forced to move from Detroit, Michigan to Concord, New Hampshire as a result of her father's job.

As a young adult, Brianna dispensed with her childhood dreams and decided it practical to enter into nursing school.  She graduated with honors in 2010.

Shortly thereafter, Brianna's father was diagnosed with lung cancer.  He died in 2011, and Brianna transfered to oncology, where she began to work overtime to support both herself and her mother so they wouldn't have to sell their home.  Brianna convinced herself that she was happy with her life, taking care of others and desperately trying to keep her family together; but in secret, she suffered with extreme depression and loneliness.  She was unable to come to terms with the death of her father, and the sense of control that she had over her job and her family was the only thing that kept Brianna going.

The Filmmaker

In December 2011, after receiving an invitation to the grand reopening of the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater, one of the venues Brianna would regularly attend with her father to watch B-movies, Brianna's hopes were high that she could finally reconnect with her brother, Gerard, who had pulled away following their father's death.  But after claiming that the front doors were locked, Gerard left unexpectedly, and Brianna entered the theater alone.

Brianna was unwittingly the perfect candidate for demon Claude Ferucil, who masqueraded as a young, quirky filmmaker that Brianna and her father idolized.  His intention was to posses Brianna in the hopes of extending his own life in our world.  As he attempted to carry out his plans, Brianna learned that Ferucil had previously stolen the souls of the theater's former employees and trapped them inside his films.  Brianna felt the internal drive to save all of them--perhaps because she couldn't save her father or her family from falling apart--and dedicated herself to stopping Ferucil.

Over the course of her adventure, Brianna discovered that Claude Ferucil had also stolen the soul of her father and used it to lure Brianna to the theater.  After a long and arduous journey, Brianna managed to free the souls of both the theater's employees and her own father and banish Ferucil from ever returning to our world.

Ultimately, Brianna realized that she had to make a cease control and move on with her life or stay forever stuck in the past.  In the end, she chose to move forward and finally come to terms with her father's passing.

Post-The Filmmaker

After the events of the theater, Brianna traveled over to her brother's apartment to see how he was doing, only to find the apartment door ajar and the unit itself in shambles, as though the result of a struggle.

Brianna Auberon

Name:  Brianna Auberon

Alias:  Bri

Age:  23 (at the end of The Filmmaker)

Last Known Status:  Alive

First/last seen:  The Filmmaker

Featured in:

Date of birth:  July 1988

Profession:  Nurse

Known relations:

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