A list of all unique books, documents, and articles that have been discovered and/or referenced.

GUIDE:  LS - Lifestream; SB - Shady Brook; FM - The Filmmaker; SWP - Stonewall Penitentiary; SotW - Summit of the Wolf

  • Auburn Hair - Jake Torrent's first novel. SB, FM
  • The Flowing Dress in the Wind - A romantic period drama written by Jake Torrent.  It was his third novel.  LS, SB
  • Herbal Mysticism - A Wiccan book that contains a list of magick spells, including one titled “Spell of Revealing.”  LS
  • John Edward Duval's Diary - The obsessed ramblings of Stonewall Penitentiary's second warden.  SWP
  • The Little Pixie Who Freed the Sun - A novel written by Ori Kee Haget.  SB, SotW
  • The Lone Stranger's Call - Jake Torrent's second novel.  SB
  • My Escape from Horror - An autobiography written by Kate Ekan that was published as fiction.  FM, SotW
  • Myths & Legends - A textbook that contains chapters on a) the supernatural realm known as the Lifestream. and b) souls, spirits, and possession.  LS, FM
  • Prairieville Gazette - A small New Hampshire newspaper.  LS
  • Robert Thompson's Diary & Memoir - The personal musings of Shady Brook's founder.  SB
  • Runes of the Ages - A textbook that features a catalog of occult gemstones, including the Almas Moqaddas.  LS
  • The Sweater - Jake Torrent's fourth, unfinished novel.  SB
  • Trenton Times - A city newspaper from Trenton, Oklahoma.  SB

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