Becca Ronni

Becca Ronni was a woman who lived in Trenton, Oklahoma.  She was selfish, manipulative, melodramatic, and cunning.


Becca was born in May 1979 in Los Angeles, California to Judd and Mary Ronni, a movie director and school teacher, respectively.  Becca was an only child and very close with both of her parents...until one day, when Becca was seven and walked in on her father having an affair with one of the actresses from his movies.  Judd's attitude changed from the warm, loving father Becca had come to know to a cold and heartless man. He told Becca that if she told her mom what happened, he would leave them both penniless and ruin them through his tabloid connections.  Becca hated her father from that day forward.  Things got worse when Judd began to taunt Becca by having affairs out in the open while Becca's mother was at work, as if daring Becca to say something about it.  Becca held her tongue as her mother obliviously kissed Judd when she came back from work each evening, and Becca counted down the days until she wouldn't have to live there anymore.

When Becca was seventeen, she moved into a small apartment and worked as a server.  There, she discovered that her boss sexually harassed the waitresses on an ongoing basis, offering them extra income if they "performed favors" for him.  Becca instantly thought of her father and assumed that all men were like this.  It did not take long for Becca, who was quite an attractive young woman, to quickly gain her boss's attention.  Despite her reservations, Becca gave into temptation and regularly "satisfied" her boss, quickly learning how to gain the upper hand in their off-the-books relationship in exchange for money.

In 2000, Becca ran into Frank Chapmond, a wealthy agent that her father had introduced at one of his premiere parties years earlier.  Becca instantly saw dollar signs and immediately quit her job as a server.  The two were married one month later, at Becca's insistence.  Their relationship was one of mutual convenience; Becca enjoyed Frank's money, and Frank did not hesitate to show off his attractive new possession.  While married, Becca regularly flew around the country to sleep with wealthy men that she met on the Internet in exchange for extra money.  She learned to enjoy the chase and lured them with different characters she would invent, each with their own sultry personalities and lofty professions--doctors, politicians, and lawyers.  Over time, Becca amassed a small wealth, but it was never enough--especially given Becca's expensive tastes.  When one relationship would become tiresome, Becca would simply move on to the next.  Becca's business trips were always funded by Frank, without hesitation.  Whether Frank was aware of Becca's activities or not Becca never knew, nor did she care.

Shady Brook

In 2005, author Jake Torrent uncovered evidence that Becca Ronni was having an affair with Shady Brook mayor Michael Whiteman, who is married to Tanya Whiteman.

Stonewall Penitentiary

In 2009, one of the men with whom Becca had an affair was D-list actor Louis Algar, who Becca met at a party for one of her husband's movies. She instantly viewed Louis as a pawn and knew that he, too, would provide for her financially if she pretended to fall in love with him. Over the following year, Becca successfully wooed the clueless actor, until one night when Becca's husband, Frank, discovered the two of them together.  Frank was furious--not from jealousy but because Louis was currently shooting a movie for him, and if the press found out, it would ruin Frank.  Frank exploded at Becca and threatened to divorce her.

Becca would not stand for that.  She did not want to lose the privileges that being Frank's wife offered her.  And so, knowing that Louis was easily fooled, Becca posed her problem to the man, who came up with a simple solution:  Becca should murder her husband and make it look like an accident.  When the police came to investigate, Louis would provide Becca with an airtight alibi, claiming that they were together the night of her husband's murder.  Becca was thrilled and carried out the act without remorse in May 2011:  while her husband was taking his nightly bath, she stepped into the bathroom and threw her curling iron into the tub.  The plan worked flawlessly.  Police deemed the death an accident, and Becca received all the benefits of being Frank's widow--including his entire fortune, of which Becca gave Louis a cut.

Over the following months, Becca's conscience began to eat at her...for while she had always used men, she had never before taken a life.  Wracked with guilt one night, Becca discovered a website called, which claimed to offer an anonymous way for one to confess to crimes they've committed.  She posted on the site and, in December 2011, was kidnapped by Sonny Peyton and brought to the abandoned Stonewall Penitentiary, where she was murdered in much the same way as her husband:  electrocuted and later found in water.

Becca Ronni

Name:  Becca Ronni

Age:  33 (at the end of Stonewall Penitentiary)

Last Known Status:  Deceased

First seen:  Shady Brook

Last seen:  Stonewall Penitentiary

Featured in:

Date of birth:  May 1979

Profession:  Server

Known relations:

  • Frank Chapmond - husband (deceased)
  • Judd Ronni - father (deceased)
  • Louis Algar - lover (deceased)
  • Mary Ronni - mother (deceased)
  • Michael Whiteman - former lover

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