Anthony Clave

Anthony Clave was one of the residents of Shady Brook.  He was the former owner of the home that author Jake Torrent later bought.


Anthony Clave was born in 1968 in the town of Trenton, Oklahoma.  A solitary, quirky man with high levels of anxiety, Anthony was never the most social of people and seldom communicated with anyone besides his parents and brother Travis but nevertheless managed to meet and fall in love with the woman who would later become his wife, Sandra Stewart.

The two lived happily together and, in 1987, had twin daughters, Samantha and Astor.  Shortly thereafter, Sandra died in a car accident, and Anthony moved with his girls to the small town of Shady Brook.

The residents of Shady Brook were very helpful in assisting Anthony with raising his twin girls, and Anthony himself quickly grew close to the group.  When they finally revealed their true nature as worshipers of The Old Ones and pressured Anthony to join their cause, he reluctantly complied.  But after his daughters Samantha and Astor were assigned to marry residents Tim Richardson and Danny Holt, respectively, to carry on the Thompson family line, Anthony became troubled--for his daughters knew nothing of the town's secrets.

Despite his trepidation, Anthony continued to support the town and take part in its rituals.  But one day in 2005, after her marriage to Danny Holt, Astor got pregnant.  Shortly thereafter, Samantha uncovered the town's plans to sacrifice Astor's baby to The Old Ones in exchange for immortality and became livid.  She told her sister about everything she learned, but Astor was enticed by the promise of immortality and sided with the town.  Samantha next confronted her father, but Anthony Clave was too frightened to stand up for his children.  And so, feeling trapped by the town--her father and sister included--and unable to get outside help, Samantha, still betrothed to Tim Richardson, shot her sister Astor in the stomach with a gun she stole from town sheriff Lee Card and then took her own life.

Anthony grieved the loss of his daughters and took it upon himself to finally bring to light the town's dark secrets.  He aligned himself with Chief, a Native American who lived in the mountains near town, and plotted to obtain proof of the town's pagan activities.  Anthony managed to obtain this proof, but before he could act upon it he was murdered by Sheriff Card, who made the death look like suicide.

Anthony's brother, Travis, was informed of Anthony's passing but never quite believed the story that Sheriff Card provided him.  Travis became convinced that Anthony was murdered but did not have the resources to pursue the matter.

Shady Brook

In 2005, Jake Torrent, alongside his blind father Wayne, moved into the late Anthony Clave's house in Shady Brook.  A few days later, Jake spoke with Anthony's brother, Travis, who warned Jake that Anthony would not have killed himself as the town would suggest.  Soon afterward, Jake discovered a tape recorder with a message from Clave describing the town's secrets, which led to Jake's firsthand discovery of the town's connections to The Old Ones.

Anthony Clave

Name:  Anthony Clave

Age:  37 (at time of death)

Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  Shady Brook

Featured in:

Date of birth:  October 1968

Profession:  Inventor

Known relations:

  • Astor Clave - daughter (deceased)
  • Samantha Clave - daughter (deceased)
  • Sandra Stewart - wife (deceased)
  • Travis Clave - brother

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