Almas Moqaddas

The Almas Moqaddas, which loosely translates to “sacred diamond,” is an ancient, occult gem that is pinkish in hue. It glows with a mysterious inner light and is warm to the touch. The gem must not be touched by skin or it will inflict immediate death upon its holder. It is the key to opening the Lifestream and is currently safeguarded by the Brotherhood of Singhaa.


In 1994, one of the Brotherhood of Singhaa’s blood members, Grandl Issa, betrayed the organization and stole the Almas Moqaddas, after which he, thanks in part to the unwitting assistance of Father Randolph Holton, successfully managed to open the gateway to the Lifestream.


Three months later, the Brotherhood of Singhaa successfully recovered the Almas Moqaddas. Though they labeled Grandl Issa as a traitor, they never managed to track him down.

Almas Moqaddas

First/last seen:  Lifestream

Featured in:

Function:  Opens the Lifestream

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