Summit of the Wolf

A young girl sets out on a personal journey to the fabled Summit of the Wolf, where she must uncover her tragic past.


Ophelia Kethagee lies in a coma at Tristan General Hospital.  Her parents, Peter and Deana, insist that she fell down the stairs, but nurse Brianna Auberon suspects this may not be true.  What really happened to Ophelia?  Will she wake up?  And what could she be experiencing right now, while she lay comatose?


Summit of the Wolf's story takes place in July 2012.


Ophelia's Experience

Ophelia, a pixie of the Kethagee tribe, wakes up in the world of Renea, where she is greeted by a goddess named Adena, who is the spitting image of Ophelia's real-life mother, Deana.  Ophelia asks Adena why she is here, and Adena responds by informing Ophelia that she must travel across the land to the fabled Summit of the Wolf.  Only then can she find the answer she seeks.

On her journey, Ophelia experiences many adventures and meets many people, including the cion Roluk and the pixie Ilea, who she befriends.  Ultimately, Ophelia reaches her destination...but at high cost.

Ophelia's experience is allegorical to the tragic events of her life and symbolic of her loss of innocence due to sexual abuse from her father, Peter.  Over the course of her experience, Ophelia becomes empowered and comes to terms with what happened.  Once she wakes, she feels ready to face the truth and speak out against her abuser, transitioning from victim to survivor.

The Real World

Ophelia Kethagee lies in a coma at Tristan General Hospital, and Doctor Dryden Simms asks nurse Brianna Auberon to see to her care.  Ophelia's parents, Peter and Deana, insist that Ophelia fell down the stairs in the middle of the night while trying to get a glass of water, but Doctor Simms disbelieves them and asks Brianna, also suspicious, to look into it.  After questioning Ophelia's parents, Brianna comes to believe that they may have had something to do with Ophelia's injury.

Meanwhile, a new patient, Kate Ekan, is brought into ICU after an attempted suicide, and Brianna is assigned to her, as well.  Brianna befriends Kate, and the two bond over shared life experiences.  Brianna sees Kate transform from hopeless to hopeful and fervently believes that Kate is on the road to recovery...until coming upon Kate's dead body shortly after she met with one of her former neighbors from Shady Brook, Tim Richardson.  According to Doctor Simms, Kate definitively committed suicide, and Tim could not have done it; but Brianna does not believe this.

Before Brianna can do anything more for Kate, Ophelia wakes up from her coma and confesses to having suffered from sexual abuse by her father.  Brianna contacts the proper authorities, who protect Ophelia from further harm.


Three months after his arrest, Peter Kethagee is transferred to a newly-reopened Stonewall Penitentiary, where he is assigned to be cellmate to Sonny Peyton.

Meanwhile, Brianna Auberon takes an extended leave from her job at Tristan General Hospital in order to travel to Shady Brook, Oklahoma in search of the truth behind Kate Ekan's apparent suicide.

Elsewhere, Ophelia Kethagee lies in a bed in her new home, having just been adopted by Sally Gropner.  Ophelia says goodnight to her new mother and falls into a peaceful sleep.

In 2019, an older Ophelia Kethagee stops at a roadside carnival with friends.

Summit of the Wolf

Storycentric World Title #05

Release Date:  April 2020

Genre:  Adventure


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