Stonewall Penitentiary

Seven Suspects.  One killer.


William Thane was dreaming of his son, Jason, when he awoke with a start to find himself naked on the floor of a dirty old prison cell.  He quickly discovered that he, along with six others, was trapped in an abandoned prison, held captive by a sociopath obsessed with justice.  To make matters worse, it did not take him long to discover that one among the group was the killer!


Stonewall Penitentiary's story takes place in December 2011.


In the middle of a dream about his son, Jason, William Thane woke up to find himself locked inside a cell in an old, abandoned prison named Stonewall Penitentiary.  A voice coming from the cell next to him revealed herself to be Jessie Bartlett, a teen girl.  Working together, the two managed to escape their cells.  They traveled to the nearby cafeteria together to discover four others, who woke up under similar circumstances:  Grayson Wilford, Gerard Auberon, Sonny Peyton, and Louis Algar.  Shortly after the meeting, a television in the corner of the room turned on to reveal a masked figure, who told the group that the six were brought to this location because they were all responsible for the death of another, a crime that went unanswered for each individual.  The group was warned that they had until 6:00 AM to escape the prison, but that they would be hunted down one-by-one in the interim.  The group quickly formulated a plan:  they would split up; while Grayson and Gerard tried to find an exit, Will and Jessie would make their way to the basement and find a way to turn the prison lights back on.

Will and Jessie went to the basement and successfully managed to restore power to the prison in the electrical room.  On their way back, they heard noises coming from a far corridor.  Investigating, they discovered a seventh captive:  Becca Ronni.  After everyone regrouped in the cafeteria, they made a startling revelation:  that the masked figure referred to the group as six individuals.  As there were now seven, the logical conclusion was that one among the group was actually their captor!  This news was not received well and led to suspicion and separation.

As Will explored the prison trying to find a way out, the group's captor followed through with his/her threat:  first Louis Algar and then Becca Ronni were found murdered.  After Sonny Peyton's apparent fall from a rooftop, the remaining individuals decided to regroup and be open with one another about their pasts.  In the reception hall, they took turns confessing to a death each was responsible for, either directly or indirectly...all except for Will, who refused to tell the others what he had done.

Shortly after another murder, that of Gerard Auberon, Will decided to open up to Jessie and confess to what he had done.  He revealed that he was indirectly responsible for the death of his eight-year-old son, Jason.  The boy had died of an asthma attack, and Will not only forgot to refill the prescription but was also the cause of the attack in the first place.  Jessie lent a sympathetic ear, and the two decided that they could trust one another.  As the only suspect thought to be left at the time was Grayson Wilford, Will was convinced that he must be the killer.

When an attack was made on Jessie's life, Will told her to go and hide, and he vowed to track down Grayson.  He did so and fatally shot Grayson with a gun Will had found earlier in his explorations.  Despite this, however, Will encountered their captor face-to-face.  The killer was revealed to be Sonny Peyton, who had faked his own death!  Sonny revealed himself to be the great-great-grandson of the prison's former warden, John Edward Duval.  Sonny was responsible for everything that had happened over the course of the evening, and it was not the first time Sonny had carried out such actions.

Will barely managed to escape Sonny's clutches and knocked him out with a baseball bat.  Searching Sonny's unconscious form, Will managed to find a cell phone, which he promptly used to call the police.  The police arrived and arrested Peyton, ensuring that Will and Jessie would be safe from then on.  The experience helped Will to emotionally let go of his past and see a bright future for the first time in a long while.


In an old cathedral somewhere in the Vatican, a bishop announced to his brothers and sisters that, in light of the hardships soon to come, the Brotherhood of Singhaa was to welcome their newest Holy Father, Randolph Holton.

Meanwhile, after days of police debriefings, William Thane and Jessie Bartlett decided to drive back to their home state of California together.  Along the way, they stopped for dinner at a local diner in the town of Shady Brook.

Stonewall Penitentiary

Storycentric World Title #04

Release Date:  May 2018

Genre:  Adventure


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