The Filmmaker

A young cinephile explores a haunted theater and comes to terms with the death of her father.


The Carson Stiles Gateway Theater was once the hotspot of town, featuring its own series of low-budget B-movies produced by renowned filmmaker Claude Ferucil.

Unfortunately, the theater closed several months ago after a series of gruesome murders.  This came as a huge disappointment to Brianna, a huge B-movie buff who faithfully attended every new showing with her recently-passed father.

Imagine Brianna’s surprise then, when she received a letter in the mail inviting her to the theater’s grand re-opening.  Little did she realize, however, that she was in for a bit more than she bargained for...


The Filmmaker's story takes place in December 2011.


One December morning, cinephile Brianna Auberon received an invitation in the mail for two to the grand re-opening of the Carson Stiles Gateway Theater, which closed in June after a series of gruesome murders.  The event was to feature the premier showing of renowned filmmaker Claude Ferucil's new B-movie, Primal AtmosFear.  The theater, alongside Ferucil's films, held personal meaning for Brianna, who used to attend regular showings there with her father, Henry, prior to his passing from cancer shortly after the theater's closure.  Though several months had passed since his death, Brianna found herself unable and unwilling to let go.

On the night of the premier, Brianna drove to the theater and met her brother, Gerard, outside.  When Gerard attempted to open the front doors to the theater, he found them to be locked and decided to leave, deeming the invitation a "prank."  After his departure, however, Brianna tried the same doors and found them to be open.  She stepped inside and found herself standing alongside her idol, Claude Ferucil.  The quirky filmmaker informed her that she was not attending a public premier but instead a personal showing of his latest film, which he was inspired to make by Brianna's father, who visited the filmmaker just days before his death.  Honored, Brianna thanked Ferucil but was told that, before the film could start, she needed to assist him in locating five pieces to a shattered prism--an heirloom given to Ferucil by his mother that was of great personal value.

Though Brianna found the request odd, she assisted Claude Ferucil in locating the five pieces and restoring the prism.  The moment she did, however, Claude Ferucil revealed his true colors.  He laughed maniacally, and Brianna, suddenly weakened, passed out.

When she awoke, Brianna found herself face-to-face with a real life ghost--the theater's former owner, Todd Wickerman.  The ghost informed Brianna that Claude Ferucil was, in reality, a demon spirit that sustains its life by sucking the joy out of the people who watch his films.  For his own amusement, he killed the theater employees and captured their souls, forever sealing one inside each of his films.  Wickerman tasked Brianna with finding a way to free the souls of the theater employees and stop Ferucil once and for all.  To stop Ferucil, Brianna would have to locate his source of power--the prism Brianna had previously restored--and fully destroy it.

Over the course of her journey exploring the theater, Brianna found and talked with several other ghosts:  Todd's daughter Heather, Jeremy Rebus, and Lucy and Paul Williamson.  She also discovered an ancient text, Myths & Legends, which outlined the rules governing spirits such as Claude Ferucil.  According to the book, the only way for Brianna to free the souls of the theater employees was to find objects that were of personal meaning to each of them in life, and, after entering into the "spirit realm," use those objects to infuse their trapped souls.  The text stated that the only way to stop Claude Ferucil was to destroy the object that bound his soul to our world, which Brianna deduced was the prism, which Ferucil was previously so desperate to restore.

It took some time, but eventually Brianna learned what mattered to each ghost most in life:  money for Todd, love letters to Jeremy for Heather, video games for Jeremy, Lucy's perfume for Paul, and Paul's comb for Lucy.  After gathering these items, Brianna found the film reels to each of Claude Ferucil's five films:  A Detective Story, The Count, The Fuzzies, Aliens from Mars!, and Primal AtmosFear.  Brianna discovered that she was able to enter inside each film--she was clearly inside the "spirit realm!"  After entering each film, Brianna found one soul in each, and she used the item she gathered to free it from Ferucil's prison.  Inside Primal AtmosFear, she also found the soul of her father, who Ferucil trapped, as well.  She used her own locket, which was given to her by her father, to infuse his soul.

Upon infusing each of their souls, Brianna experienced visual flashbacks of the murder of each of the theater's employees.  As each flashback progressed, Brianna began to feel weaker and weaker.

After infusing all of the theater employees' souls, Brianna made her way to the theater's boiler room, where she discovered the human remains of demon Claude Ferucil, along with one final film reel.  Brianna entered into the last film and, after a series of trials, learned the back-story of Claude Ferucil.  Ferucil revealed to Brianna that he has traveled throughout time, possessing one human host after another in order to help them achieve "greatness."  Brianna was shocked to learn the true reason for her invitation to the theater that night:  for Ferucil to shed his existing host and possess her!

Brianna confronted the demon in his own realm and, after a long battle, managed to use his own prism's power against him and destroyed it, forever banishing him from our world.  In so doing, she freed the souls of the theater's employees, as well as her father.  After saying goodbye to the grateful ghosts, including Henry, Brianna exited the theater and resumed her life, finally learning to let go of the past and accept the passing of her father.


In another realm, the demon Claude Ferucil was confronted by Eve, who he referred to as "mother."  As punishment for his actions, Eve banished Ferucil from ever returning to the human world and trapped Ferucil in one of his own films for all eternity.

Meanwhile, after exiting the theater, Brianna Auberon drove over to her brother Gerard's apartment, hoping to reconnect with him, as they had been distant ever since her father's death.  When she arrived, however, she found his apartment door to be open and his apartment empty, along with signs of a struggle.

The Filmmaker

Storycentric World Title #03

Release Date:  December 2016

Genre:  Gamebook


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