Shady Brook

A humble author moves to a small country town with a dark secret.


Author Jake Torrent, alongside his blind father Wayne, moves to the small, peaceful country town of Shady Brook.  At first, everything seems idyllic.  His neighbor, Tim, is always willing to lend a hand, and the friendly Kate Ekan invites him to dinner with her family.

But soon, Jake learns that his home’s previous occupant committed suicide, and mysterious things begin to occur.  When another also commits suicide, Jake starts to suspect foul play.  Could this town take part in a conspiracy to cover up a murder?

As Jake investigates, he gets more than he bargained for:  a town secret so terrifying that there is no turning back...


Shady Brook's story takes place in September 2005.


Upon the passing of his mother, author Jake Torrent purchased a home, sight unseen, in the small town of Shady Brook.  He moved there one Monday morning along with his blind father, Wayne.  Jake was curious to find a locked safe in his home's master bedroom, though Jake could not figure out any way to unlock it.  After settling in, Jake quickly got to know the town's residents and was welcomed by most of them with kindness.  In particular, he met neighbor Kate Ekan, who invited Jake to dinner with her husband Nick and infant daughter Amy, whose first birthday party was on Friday.

During his first night in Shady Brook, Jake was awoken by Chief, a Native American who lived in the mountains near town.  Chief had broken into Jake's home to warn the author that the town is not safe.  He cautioned Jake to leave before it is too late.  Jake, startled, ordered Chief to leave and went back to sleep, deciding to deal with the situation in the morning.

On Tuesday, Jake was startled to discover that Chief committed suicide following his visit.  Given the implications of Chief's warning, however, Jake questioned the suicide and began to investigate the situation himself.  After thoroughly searching Chief's cabin, Jake found the combination to the safe in his own home.  Opening it, Jake found a blank piece of paper with the message "The Truth Shall Set You Free" written atop it.  Also inside the safe was a niche that Jake could not find any way to open.

Jake questioned the town residents about Chief's death, but none of them suspected foul play.  Later that day, Jake learned that Chief, alongside the former owner of Jake's home, the late Anthony Clave, attempted to reveal a dark secret involving the members of town.  This caused Jake to trust the residents of Shady Brook less and less--with the exception of Kate Ekan, with whom Jake continued to grow close.  In the evening, Jake discovered a hidden message on the piece of paper he found in the safe--a riddle, which Jake took it upon himself to try to solve.

On Wednesday, two visitors drove into town when their truck broke down:  Jeffrey Stanton and his pregnant fiancée, Julie.  The two decided to spend the night at the local motel while Jake helped local mechanic Tim Richardson to fix their truck.  The town befriended the couple quickly and pushed for them to move to town once their child was born.  That night, after Nick Ekan got into a scuffle with fellow resident Curly Ford, Kate confessed to Jake that she was physically abused by her husband.

On Thursday, the Stantons mysteriously vanished from their motel room, and Jake learned from one of the town's residents, Aaron Mann, that there was a secret town meeting to be held at midnight.  Shortly thereafter, Jake found his father dead at home.  While Jake mourned for his loss, he dedicated himself to uncovering the town's secrets and decided to intrude upon the town's midnight meeting.

At the meeting, Jake discovered something shocking:  all the town's members were taking part in a pagan ritual orgy, and Julie Stanton was tied in chains and forced to take part in it.  Terrified, Jake made his way back home and managed to open the niche in the safe, where he found a tape recording made by his home's former owner, Anthony Clave.  The recording warned that proof of the town's secrets could be found in the caves near town.

Jake went to the caves and dug up the remains of several babies.  Before he could leave, Jake was confronted by several of the town's citizens, including its religious leader, Ethan Morrow, who revealed himself to be Robert Thompson, the town's founder.  Thompson confessed to Jake that the town worships The Old Ones, the true pagan gods of this world, and that the town members all sacrifice their firstborn children to them in exchange for immortality.  The next sacrifice would take place tomorrow, when Nick and an unwilling Kate would kill their daughter, Amy, at the end of her birthday party.  Jake was offered the option of joining the town and marrying citizen Sue Ann Whiteman.  If he refused, he would be killed.  Before Jake could act, he was knocked out.

Jake awoke Friday evening in a jail cell upon getting violated by Sue Ann Whiteman in an attempt to conceive a child.  After Sue Ann left, Jake managed to escape from his cell and run to the Ekan home just in time to save Amy from this dangerous cult.  Jake got into a fistfight with Nick Ekan, who died from his wounds.  But before Jake could save Amy, he was murdered via a knife in the back by Tim Richardson.

While Jake could not save his own life, he did create a sizable distraction, which allowed Kate Ekan to sneak away with her daughter, Amy, and steal Jake's car.


Kate Ekan drove away from the town of Shady Brook as fast as she could while her daughter, Amy, slept in the backseat.  At first, Kate contemplated starting a new life and leaving the atrocities of town behind her, but she quickly found that her conscience would not allow her.  So instead, Kate dedicated herself to exposing the town for what it truly is.  Little did Kate realize at the time that she was being watched by a young girl with blonde hair.

Shady Brook

Storycentric World Title #02

Release Date:  August 2016

Genre:  Gamebook


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