Keme "Chief" Lokey

Keme Lokey was a Native American who lived in the mountains near the small town of Shady Brook.  He was known to residents only as "Chief."


Keme Lokey moved to his home near Shady Brook before the town itself existed.  He was a simple man of few words, both stoic and stubborn.  When the town was established in 1983, Keme decided to remain in his home but not involve himself with the affairs of its citizens, who referred to him only as "Chief."

When town member Anthony Clave came to visit Keme one day in desperation, however, Keme broke his own rule and formed a friendship with the man.  Anthony informed Keme of the town's pagan rituals, and Keme agreed to assist Anthony in stopping them.  After Anthony's death, Keme decided to keep his mouth shut but keep a watchful eye on town.

Shady Brook

When author Jake Torrent moved to town, Keme decided to warn the young man of the town's dangers.  So, on Jake's first night in his new home, Keme broke into his home and told him that the town was not safe.  Unfortunately, Jake was not sure what to make of the message, and Keme's actions were witnessed by Jake's neighbor, Tim Richardson.  Considering Keme to be a threat to the town's peace and safety, Tim reached out to Sheriff Lee Card, who murdered Keme and made his death look like a suicide.

Keme Lokey

Name:  Keme Lokey

Alias:  "Chief"

Age:  58 (at time of death)

Status:  Deceased

First/last seen:  Shady Brook

Featured in:

Date of birth:  January 1947

Profession:  None

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