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About Storycentric Worlds

Storycentric Worlds is an ongoing series of narrative text and adventure games that take place in the same fictitious universe.  Developed by independent studio Unimatrix Productions, each game tells a standalone story but is also part of a larger metastory that continually unfolds over the course of several games.

There are two types of Storycentric Worlds games:  gamebooks and adventures.

Gamebooks are reminiscent of interactive fiction but without the need for a traditional text parser.

Adventures offer a more traditional gaming experience with an emphasis on visuals and cinematic sequences.

Our games exist in a variety of genres but share common themes.  While plots are standalone, there is a larger, overarching storyline, and characters cross over between titles.  This allows players to enjoy any game as its own story, without requiring any prior knowledge of the series, while also providing a deeper experience for those who decide to play the entire series from beginning to end.

With Storycentric Worlds, the sky’s the limit!

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